Norris Tantalisingly Close To Nomination, Dana still in the race.

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With less then seven days to the close of nominations for the Irish Presidential Election. Senator David Norris has 17 nominations from Oireachtas members but he is going to find it very hard to get the final three signatures.

The 17 Oireachtas members who have nominted are as follows:

  1. Stephen Donnelly TD
  2. Catherine Murphy TD
  3. Maureen O’Sullivan TD
  4. Mick Wallace TD
  5. Joan Collins TD
  6. Joe Higgins TD
  7. Clare Daly TD
  8. John Halligan TD
  9. Richard Boyd Barrett TD
  10. Senator Katherine Zappone,
  11. Senator Mary Louise O’Donnell,
  12. Senator Mary Ann O’Brien,
  13. Senator John Crown,
  14. Senator Fiach Mac Conghail,
  15. SenatorSeán Barrett
  16. Senator Eamonn Coghlan
  17. Senator David Norris

Thomas Pringle TD and Seamus Healy TD have both confirmed that they will not be nominating Senator Norris. This leaves Shane Ross TD, Mattie McGrath TD (who had said he would nominate Dana), Micheal Lowry TD and Senator Michael Lowry. It is highly unlikely that he would manage to get signatures from three of these, but I am sure he will be trying very hard.

This leaves the Senator with the final option of getting a council nomination. Having received a nomination from Fingal County Council on Tuesday. It is expected that he would receive the support of Laois County Council and South Dublin County Council.

Dana Rosemary Scanlon is also on the hunt for a council nominations and his expected to receive the support of Roscommon, Longford and Donegal County Council.

Waterford City Council, Kilkenny Council and Carlow County Council are also due to meet before the close of nominations. Its going to be an interesting week!

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