Norris to re-enter Race for the Aras?

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The Sunday Independent is reporting that David Norris is to re-enter the race for the Presidency. After withdrawing from the race over the summer I am surprised at his re-entry to the race.

His reasons for re-enter seem to be because of the support being shown, but his reason for withdrawal has not changed.

Those who withdrew their support for Mr Norris have not changed their mind, though there are talks that some Fianna Fail TD’s and Senators may help to facilitate his nomination, but it will still be a tough one for him to raise the monies required to run an effective nationwide campaign.

So what do you think should Norris re-enter? Or does the cause of his withdrawal and other statements attributed to him mean he should sit this one out?


Author: Stephen

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3 thoughts on “Norris to re-enter Race for the Aras?”

  1. If he runs, rather than taking the seat in the Aras, he’ll be taking a bench in Mount Joy. Good, bad, or ugly, allegations about what he’s done in the past will be twisted and flung at such a rate that he’ll barely have time to reply with one of Joyce’s Noises! “frseeeeeeeefronnnng!” He’ll live out the rest of his days talking to the Guards and answering questions asking if molested a child in the last 24 hours.

    He can’t run. Not now. It would be suicide.

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