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On Morning Ireland this morning Fianna Fail TD Dara Callaery suggested that the Government had a series of referendums planned for next year. The question is what will these be on?

Two we know of. They are the long awaited Children’s Rights Referendum and of course a referendum to abolish Seanad Eireann. But what else can we expect?

I asked for suggestions on Facebook and Twitter. There was some interesting answers.

Most people wanted a Children’s Rights Referendum but some other ideas also.

A referendum on Abortion was suggested. This could be two ways, one to allow it, or two to bring Ireland into line with ECHR ruling in ABC V Ireland and the X Case.

Another suggestion was to reform the Presidency. Reduce the age limit and the term of office.

Also suggested was removing all mentions of God from the Constitution.

A look again at Oireachtas Investigative Powers was also suggested.

So what do you want a referendum on?

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3 thoughts on “The Next Referenda”

  1. Not to be pedant about the wording & to re-open a large debate, but there is no referenda needed about the X Case or the A, B & C vs. Ireland case. The Irish people, in various referenda have voted that the X Case interpretation should hold. That if a pregnant woman is at risk of suicide, abortion (at any stage) is legal in Ireland. The only referendum on that would be to remove it. No Government has ever published law on what that means. e.g. how suicidal do you have to be? Who can perform the abortion?, etc. The ABC v Ireland case was just the ECHR telling us to get our act together, and if we say that something is legal in theory, then it should be legal in practice.

    The other choice for an abortion referendum would be to legalise it.

    1. Rory, Sorry to be a pendant, but as pointed out in the blog post these are suggestions on Twitter and Facebook. Not exactly points of law. Just ideas of what people want referenda on.

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