What the Frack? YFG to discuss Hydraulic fracturing at National Conference

Young Fine Gael is holding its National Conference in Tullamore, Co. Offaly between the 17th-19th February. One of the motions that has been accepted for debate is on Fracking or to be more exact Hydraulic fracturing which is way to extract Gas from shale.

The motion from UCD YFG reads as follows

YFG approves of the process of fracking as can it can prove a viable energy source in Ireland for the foreseeable future

Clare County Council recently banned the process while in Leitrim and Fermanagh Hydraulic fracturing is being considered as a viable way of extracting gas that has been discovered.

Fracking though is quite divisive and already protest meetings have been held on the issue.

Australian firm Tamboran claims that there is 40 years worth of Gas in the North West of Ireland while opponents claim that that the Shannon Basin will be polluted which would have serious knock on effects for a lot of habitats down stream.

It will be an interesting debate in Tullamore.

The other motion that has been released so far are:

  • YFG proposes that an incentive for young farmers be introduced by increasing the number of training places in agricultural colleges – Laois YFG

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