Creighton warns Yes side of Complancency

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In an article in the Sunday Business Post (€) Europe Minister Lucinda Creighton has warned the Yes side on being complacent about a “Yes” vote in the upcoming referendum. In the opinion article Minister Creighton draws a parallel between recent polls showing 60% in favour of the Treaty now and those which showed a larger majority in favour of the first Lisbon Treaty referendum.

Minister Creighton has committed the Government to playing an active role in the referendum campaign and she does not want to see a repeat of past mistakes in campaigns.

She also calls on”All citizens who have a stake in Ireland’s economic recovery must campaign for a Yes vote. ” She acknowledges that while referendum campaigns are “off-putting for ‘normal’ people (ie non-politicians!)” she points out that “the very point of a referendum is that it is about mobilising and engaging every single citizen on the extremely important question of amending our Constitution”.

Minister Creighton also calls on the Government to go further in facilitating people to vote in this referendum, calling for it to be held on a weekend and over two days which is the norm in continental Europe.

How much of this will happen is anyone’s guess. But her comments are right and should be heeded by the Government and those hoping for a Yes vote. Responsibility for the hoped response rest with both equally. The Government must ensure that those who want to vote are able to and are well informed. And those who want a Yes vote must ensure that they inform others of why a yes vote is important, why Ireland should sign up to this treaty.


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