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Its that time again to make sure that you are on the register to vote in the Referendum on the 30th Amendment to the Constitution (the Fiscal Compact) on May 31st. The deadline for the applying to be added to the supplementary register is Monday May 14th.

Local authorities are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the register of electors. The current register came into force on 15 February 2012.   People can check with their local authority directly or on to see if they are registered to vote in the forthcoming referendum. For those who are not registered, application forms (RFA 2) are available from your local authority and can be downloaded from

There is also a narrow window of opportunity that will arise for those voters who are eligible for, but not already included in, the postal or special voters lists, and who are thinking of applying for inclusion in the supplements to those lists.The latest date for receipt of such applications, if the persons applying wish to be postal or special voters, as appropriate, at the forthcoming referendum is two days after the Polling Day Order for the referendum is made by the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan.  The Minister has not yet made the Polling Day Order for the Referendum, but eligible voters who will be seeking to avail of this facility are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

The following are entitled to a postal vote:

Whole time members of the Defence Forces,

  • Garda Síochána,
  • Irish Diplomats serving abroad and their spouses/partners,
  • Persons living at home who are unable to go to a polling station to vote because of a physical illness or physical disability,
  • Persons whose occupations are likely to prevent them from voting at their local polling station on election day, including full-time students registered at home who are living elsewhere while attending an educational institution in the State.

So if you intend on voting in the Referendum make sure you are registered!

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