No way on 8a. Church of Ireland regressing on Homosexuality?

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Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, the episcopal seat of the pre-Reformation and Church of Ireland archbishops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the course of the weekend, a resolution before the Church of Ireland Synod, which meets on Thursday, was brought to my attention. Resolution 8a (PDF) according to the a group of LGB Church of Ireland will make LGB members and unmarried cohabiting couples second class citizens of the church.

By stating that faithfulness within marriage is the only ‘normative’ context for sex, Resolution 8A imposes a condition that people in faithful same-gender relationships cannot comply with. The implication that members of the Church of Ireland in relationships other than marriage are in breach of the Catechism gives legitimacy, for the first time, to excluding lay people in same-gender relationships from Holy Communion.

At the conference on homosexuality in March, some clergy said they refused the Sacrament to people in faithful same-gender relationships. The Bishops have done nothing to challenge such behaviour yet claim the right to lecture us about our relationships with the people we love.

Resolution 8A provides a pretext to launch witch-hunts against gay clergy in liberal Dioceses. This has happened in the Anglican Church in Australia since similar motions were passed by their General Synod in 2004.

Although Resolution 8A has been drafted to say all things to all people, once an official statement of policy is passed, the intentions of its drafters are irrelevant. History is littered with motions and legislation that functioned in ways contrary to the wishes of their drafters.

Nine years ago, our Bishops promised to start listening to us. This year, they see fit to table high-handed motions at General Synod while kicking the long-promised listening process into touch for another year. Most people would find the idea of beginning a consultation process after passing official policies odd, to say the least.

These Resolutions should have been brought through the normal democratic procedures of the Church of Ireland, but were not. They have been sprung upon members of General Synod allowing no time for wider debate in the Church. By doing so, those Bishops disrespect our Church’s democracy. Putting off this debate for a year or two to allow real listening will hardly kill us.

You can sign the Open Letter here and of course do check out the full

For me reading the resolutions, it does read more like old-fashioned Roman Catholic teaching and not the welcoming teaching I found within the Church of Ireland when I started to attend services in Cork.

This resolution means events like the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) Service on Sunday 13th in St Anne’s at 11am very important within the Church and hopefully can be used as fight back against this resolution.

Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

7 thoughts on “No way on 8a. Church of Ireland regressing on Homosexuality?”

  1. I am in a committed Gay relationship by Civil Union.

    After 40 years of marriage which I believed was the correct and proper process having been brought up and Confirmed an Anglican in Auckland New Zealand,I found myself constantly feeling “different” and not having an answer to my emotional turmoil.

    I had some time apart from my wife and during that time I attended both a structured Anglican Church and also a liberal Anglican Church. It was at that time that I recognised before God that my deepest feelings were for a same sex relationship.

    My same sex partner and I met in Church; we believe our meeting was providential and blessed by God.

    We have 6 children between us and 7 grandchildren. Our families including my partner;s 84 year old parents who are lifelong staunch Baptist, are accepting that our union is right for us both.

    We now live a blessed life filled with happiness in ourselves and before others.

    Please don’t take the Church backward. Science, medicine and philosophers as well as the great deciple, John, recognise that all men are not born “the same”.

    In God we trust for a modern, liberal, honest decision from your synod.

    Bleesings from New Zealand
    Warwick Bainbridge & Peter Hayeard

    1. Warwick and Pater,,

      Thank you so much for your comment and sharing your story, it is very touching and true of many LGBT Christians. I hope all our wishes come true and this resolution is not passed.

      Yours in Faith

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