A Permament Referendum Commission? How about an Election Commission?


No Jobs In The Lisbon Lisbon Treaty
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Today the suggestion has been made for a permanent Referendum Commission after everything that happened with the Children’s Right’s referendum, but is it really viable? Would an election commission be a better idea?

Apart from recent spate of referendums (4 in the last 12 months) we do not have that many referendums, so a permanent Referendum Commission is really out of the question, it would be a quango and we are supposed to be cutting them!

But would not an Election Commission or Electoral Commission be a better solution. So what would it do?

It could do the following:

  • take on the functions of the Standard’s in Public Office Commission (SIPO),
  • take on the roll of registering political parties from the Clerk of the Dáil,
  • take on the roll of registering nominating bodies from the Clerk of the Seanad,
  • take on the roll of maining the electoral register from local authorities,
  • take on the roll of the Referendum Commission during the referendum,
  • take responsibility for the running of all elections as well as the appointment of returning officers,
  • and take responsibility for educate the public on voting in all elections in the state.

Would that not be a better solution? Would that not be more useful? I doubt this will happen, but I think the Government should consider it at least!

The least the government should do is return the powers of the Referendum Commission it had before the first Nice Referendum! But I won’t hold my breath!!

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