#Seanad16 – Administrative Panel

Mark Daly - Elected Count 1, Fianna Fail
Mark Daly – Elected Count 1, Fianna Fail
Niall Ó Donnghaile - Elected Count 1, Sinn Fein
Niall Ó Donnghaile – Elected Count 1, Sinn Fein

Candidates: 17
Seats: 7
Total Valid Poll: 1,124,000
Quota: 140,501
At least 3 Candidates to be elected from each sub-panel
Elected Candidates: 9
State of the Parties: FF 2, FG 2,SF 1, Lab 1, Ind 1

In change Fianna Fail’s Mark Daly topped the poll in the Administration Panel. He recieved 184 1st preference votes, putting him well over the quota. The trick now will be for Fianna Fail to get two more elected, Diarmuid Wilson and Mary Fitzpatrick will be ones to watch. Diarmuid Wilson was elected on the final count as he reached the quota following the elimination of Independent Candidated Thomas Welby.

Sinn Feins Niall Ó Donnghaile was also elected on first count continuing to show their excellent vote management in this election. He received 150 1st preferences. His transfers did favour Independent candidates.

For Labour Kevin Humphreys will be hoping to deprive Fianna Fail of their 3rd seat. He got 99 votes on the first count. Humphreys was elected 13th count after all the Fine Gael candidates were eliminated, ensuring that Fianna Fail only got two seats.

Fine Gaels Maura Hopkins got 177 votes on the 1st count, which is the highest vote received by a Fine Gael candidate in these elections. Fine Gael do look to get a second seat on this panel, more then likely Martin Conway who is on 73. Following the elimination of Paudie Coffey, Maura Hopkins was elected on the 10th count. Martin Conway will join her in the Seanad after he was elected on 12th count following the elimination of Tom Seahan.

For the independents though Thomas Welby polled well the panels may go against him and see someone else elected. This will be one to watch as the count continues. John Dolan was elected on the last count by the virtue of being the only candidate left on the ‘outside’ panel, as Welby was ahead of him throughout the count.


  • Daly, Mark (FF) Count 1
  • Ó Donnghaile, Niall (SF) Count 1
  • Hopkins, Maura (FG) Count 10
  • Conway, Martin (FG) Count 12
  • Humphreys, Kevin (Lab) Count 13
  • Wilson, Diarmuid (FF) Count 15
  • Dolan, John (Ind) Count 15


  • Roche Mary (Ind) Count 3
  • O’Grady, Rosalenn (Ind) Count 4
  • Irwin, Jonathan (Ind) Count 5
  • Dempsey, Lorraine (Ind) Count 6
  • Power, Sean (FF) Count 7
  • Coghlan, Eamonn (FG) Count 8
  • Coffey, Paudie (FG) Count 9
  • Sheahan, Tom (FG) Count 11
  • Welby, Thomas J. (Ind) Count 13
  • Fitzpatrick, Mary (FF) Not Elected.

Check out Adrian Kavanagh’s Blog for some perspectives and see SeanadCount.ie for the results as they come in.

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Current Seanad Standings

FF: 14
FG: 13
SF: 7
Ind: 4
Lab: 4
GP: 1



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