#Seanad16 – Cultural and Educational Panel

Fintan Warfield - Elected Count 1, Sinn Fein
Fintan Warfield – Elected Count 1, Sinn Fein

Candidates: 24
Seats: 5
Total Valid Poll: 1123000
Quota: 187,167
At least 2 Candidates to be elected from each sub-panel
Elected Candidates: 5
Status: Complete
Parties: FF 2, FG 2, SF 1


The first candidate elected to Seanad Eireann was Sinn Fein’s Fintan Warfield topped the poll with 200,000 vote on the Cultural and

Keith Swanick, Elected Count 18, FF
Keith Swanick – Elected Count 19, Fianna Fail

Educational Panel. This bodes well for the Sinn Fein Candidates on the other panels as their vote management looks very well handled.

Fianna Fail’s Keith Swanick took the 2nd seat on this panel on Count 18. Lorraine Clifford-Lee finished 5th and was electing with reaching the Quota. She finished 4,000 voteas ahead of Independent Joe Conway.

On Count 21 following the elimination of Senator Jim D’Arcy. Former Fine Gael TD Kieren O’Donnell

Kieran O'Donnell - Elected Count 21 -  Fine Gael
Kieran O’Donnell – Elected Count 21 – Fine Gael

was elected when he reached the Quota. Gabrielle McFadden was also elected with reaching quota on this count. She finished ahead of Clifford taking the 4th seat.

Thats the first panel down. Only four more to go. Next Panel is the Agricultural Panel, which starts tomorrow


  • Warfield, Fintan (Count 1) SF
  • Swanick, Keith (Count 19) FF
  • O’Donnell, Kieran (Count 21) FG
  • Gabrielle McFadden - Elected without reach quota, Fine Gael
    Gabrielle McFadden – Elected without reach quota, Fine Gael

    McFadden, Gabrielle (without reaching quota) FG

  • Clifford-Lee, Lorraine, (without reaching quota) FF


  • O’Connor, Claire (2nd Count) FF
  • O Laoi, Seosamh (3rd Count) FG
  • Carey, Declan (4th Count) IND
  • Crowley, Liam (5th Count) FF
  • MacBride, Seán (6th Count) FF
  • O’Higgins, Adrian (7th Count) FF
  • Burke, Deirdre (8th Count) IND
  • Lorrain Clifford Lee - Elected without reaching quota, Fianna Fail
    Lorrain Clifford Lee – Elected without reaching quota, Fianna Fail

    Ó Ceallaigh, Seosamh (9th Count) IND

  • Collins, Michael (10th Count) FF
  • Howard, Mary (11th Count) FG
  • Brabazon, Tom (12th Count) FF
  • Finucane, Jim (13th Count) FG
  • Cuffe, Jennifer (14th Count) FF
  • Connolly, John (15th Count) FF
  • Dermody, Anne Marie (16th Count) FG
  • Walsh, Seamus (17th Count) FF
  • Byrne, Malcome (18th Count) FF
  • D’Arcy, Jim (20th Count) FG
  • Conway, Joe (not elected) Ind

For details on vote share and other details see Adrian Kavanagh’s blog, for the election results see SeanadCount.ie

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