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Michael McDowell - Elected Count 25
Michael McDowell – Elected Count 26

Candidates: 30
Seats: 3
Total Valid Poll: 36,293
Quota: 9,074
Elected Candidates: 3
Remaining Candidates: 30
Status: Complete
Current Count:

As predicted by many, Ronán Mullen has topped the poll in the NUI Panel with 7,632 votes. He was followed by Michael McDowell who got 5,661.

Ronán Mullen - Elected Count 25
Ronán Mullen – Elected Count 26

There will be a battle for the 3rd seat as Páidraig Ó’Céidigh got 2,475, while Alice Mary Higgins is on 2,055. There is a smattering of candidates on or around the 1,000 mark and these will be the deciders or who knows, one may leapfrog into 3rd!

Harmon is proving the most attractive in terms of transfers so far. She could mount a challenge, only 700 votes separate her from the 3rd place candidate O’Cédaigh on Count 14

Alice Mary Higgins - Elected Count 28
Alice Mary Higgins – Elected Count 28

We are on Count 24 now and Ó’Ceidigh remains nearly 300 votes of Higgins who is nearly 400 ahead of Harmon. With Begg and O’Malley Dunlop left to transfer it is going to be another close one. Can Higgins overtake?

After Count 25 Ronán Mullen is only 58 votes off quota and with 3,232 votes to be transferred from David Begg, there is a strong likely-hood that he will be elected on the next count. The battle for 3rd has taken an interesting turn as Higgins has passed Ó’Céidigh and now leads him 4,636 to 4,513, can she maintain that lead?

On Count 26 we finally get 2 people elected. Both Michael McDowell and Ronán Mullen exceed the quota following the elimination of David Begg. Higgins is has extended her lead over Ó’Cédigh to 346. With a surplus of 330 from McDowell and 293 from Mullen, Higgins will be hopeful that the majority of Harmon’s 4,567 will see her over the line.

In Count 27 she received 6 less transfers then Ó’Céidigh, so it all came down to Harmon’s votes. In the final count over half of Harmon’s transfers went to Higgins as expected ensuring her election. She received 2,428 votes while Ó’Cédigh recieved 560.

nui count 28


  • McDowell, Michael (Count 26)
  • Mullen, Ronán (Count 26)
  • Higgins, Mary Alice (Count 28)


  • Molloy, Michael Sean (Count 1)
  • Golden-Bannon, Ross (Count 2)
  • Beades, Jerry (Count 3)
  • Field, Luke (Count 4)
  • Devine, Karen (Count 5)
  • McGreal, Darragh (Count 6)
  • Dineed, Owen Joseph (Count 7)
  • D’Alton, Paul (Count 8)
  • Higgins, John (Count 9)
  • Monahan, Paddy (Count 10)
  • Johnston, Barry (Count 11)
  • Hunt, Carol (Count 12)
  • Darker, Marie (Count 13)
  • Flannery, Pearce (Count 14)
  • Burke, Deirdre (Count 15)
  • Coineen, Enda O (Count 16)
  • Price, Brendan (Count 17)
  • Hayden, Aideen (Count 18)
  • Rose, Kieran (Count 19)
  • Hearne, Rory (Count 20)
  • Kenneally, Christy (Count 21)
  • Daly, Martin Khare (Count 22)
  • Murphy, Eddie (Count 23)
  • O’Malley Dunlop, Ellen (Count 24)
  • Begg, David (Count 25)
  • Harmon, Laura (Count 27)

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