#Seanad16 – University of Dublin (TCD)

David Norris - Elected Count 1
David Norris – Elected Count 1

Candidates: 16
Seats: 3
Total Valid Poll: 10,6064
Quota: 4,017
Elected Candidates: 3
Remaining Candidates: 0
Status: Complete
A tally has been completed of the ballots and David Norris looks set to be elected on the first count with 25.1% of the vote. Ivana Bacik is second with

Ivana Bacik - Elected Count 13
Ivana Bacik – Elected Count 13

17.6%, but there is a real dog fight for the 3rd seat. Lynn Ruane (8.8%), Averil Power (8.5%) and Sean Barrett (8.3%) will be fighting till the end of that seat.

1:50am and the first count finally comes in! David Norris has topped the poll with 4,070. Ivana Bacik is over halfway to her goal on 2,853 votes. While the fight is really on for the 3rd seat. Lynn Ruane leads the pack with 1,378, Averil Power is close behind on 1,356 and Sean Barrett is on 1,317.

Lynn Ruane - Elected Count 15
Lynn Ruane – Elected Count 15

Thomas Clonan is 1,131 and if transfers go his way, he could mount a challenge!

With nearly 3,959 votes cast for the other 10 candidates, it is all to play for.

Power does not seeming to do well on the early transfers, with Ruane and Barrett doing a lot better. Will this continue across the counts?

On Count 8 Sean Barrett managed to leap both Power and Ruane, but is only 7 votes ahead of Ruane and 43 votes a head of power. Still all to play for.

On Count 10 Ruane is back in 3rd and is now 27 votes ahead of Barrett. Power is 22 behind, if she doesn’t catch up, she will be the decider.

Barrett is back in 3rd on the 11th Count, leading Ruane by 11 votes. Power has fallen further behind and will certainly be the king maker at this point, unless she make up the 162 gap between her and Ruane to challenge Barrett.

tcd count 11

On Count 12 Lynn Ruane yet again lept ahead of Barrett. She leads by 31 votes so her transfers will be crucial as we near the end of the count. Looks like Power will be the ond to decide it..

tcd count 12

Ivana Bacik was elected on the 13th count on Clonan’s transfers. These transfers also put Barrett ahead of Ruane by 22 votes. Both Bacik’s surplus of 127 and Power’s votes when eliminated will be crucial.

tcd count 13

And we are into the final count. The surplus from Bacik favourer Barrett and now leads by 46, but with Power’s 2,176 votes to be distributed, it could change yet again!

tcd count 14

On the final count, Barrett received 671 transfers from power but Ruane got 833 putting here 117 votes ahead of the outing senator. An amazing finish to the count!

tcd count 15

The University Times have a liveblog up on their site, check it out!


  • Norris, David (Count 1)
  • Bacik, Ivana (Count 13)
  • Ruane, Lynn (Count 15)


  • Cox, Maeve (Count 2)
  • Meehan, Eoin (Count 3)
  • Davitt, Edward (Count 4)
  • Cunningham, Kevin (Count 5)
  • Brennan, Sabrina (Count 6)
  • Melly, Sean (Count 7)
  • Tinney, Ethna (Count 8)
  • Priestley, William (Count 9)
  • Staines, Anthony (Count 10)
  • Coghlan, Oisin (Count 11)
  • Power, Averil (Count 14)

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