The Alternative Census

I got this via email from Today FM. I think its a great idea!

The Alternative Census

With census day fast approaching, Today FM has decided to run The Alternative Census.

While the official census is mandatory and asks boring questions about your education, employment, and religion, The Alternative Census is fun and asks all the questions that give us a picture of The Real Ireland. Questions like:

  • Age you lost your virginity?
  • Tayto, Walkers or King?
  • Have you ever smoked cannabis?
  • How often do you eat takeaway?

It only takes 4-5 minutes to complete and all responses are anonymous and confidential. If you’d like to take The Alternative Census, click here.

Not There Yet

Dublin Bus No 45A outside Dun Laoghaire DART s...
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I saw this short animation about transport in Ireland and I had to put it up. Its great. Anyone who has experience rush hour traffic in Dublin will get this t0tally. Enjoy!

Hat-tip: Padraig

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Eddie Izzard on the EU

The above is from one of Eddie Izzards DVD’s “Dressed to Kill” in it he describes the European Union as “the cutting edge of politics in the most extraordinary way” and he is so right. He accurately states that Britan needs to be in the driving seat, but also highlights a few issues with the complexity of the EU, especially when it comes to languages. This was recorded when we only had 15 member states, we now have 27! Even more languages to contend with!

PS: Eddie Izzard is one of my favourite comedians ever. And here is one of my favourite sketches from that DVD. Languages

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