Can you predict the 31st Dáil?

Whitebox have an interesting prediction competition for the next Dáil. Fullhouse is an interesting tool to try and guess who will be elected in each constituency.

There is talks of prizes, but I would have done it anyway!

I have managed to finish off my prediction have come up with the following results:

  • Fine Gael 75
  • Labour 40
  • Fianna Fail 31
  • Sinn Fein 10
  • Independents 6
  • United Left Alliance 4

There are some interesting stats also on the website on various things. One of those is the non-incumbent TD to be elected. This currently is Sinn Fein’s Padraig MacLochlainn in Donegal North East. It also has the TD most likely to lose their seat, that currently is Fianna Fail’s Peter Power in Limerick City.

Its an interesting idea. What is your prediction?

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Bailing out the Banks

2 euro coins
Image by Landahlauts via Flickr

So last night it finally happened. We formalised the bailout. We are taking an €85 billion loan. We will be paying an interest rate of about 5.8%. We will be loaning money to ourselves.

Yes, you read that last line right.

€17.5 billion will be coming for the National Pension Reserve Fund and the other cash on hand funds.

Who’s fault is this? The Banks.

€35 billion of this is for them. €50 billion is to cover state deficits. They are there because we gave the banks money!

It is a disgrace.

Links of Interest:

A difficult but essential deal –

€85bn rescue package – Unwelcome return to penal times –

At least we know the grim reality –

Announcement of joint EU – IMF Programme for Ireland –

It’s All about Money –

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Euroblog round-up #2

Sweden 2009
Image via Wikipedia

Heres another round up of issues making the rounds in the eurobloggerosphere at the moment, with thanks to

Swedish Presidency

The Swedish Presidency of the European Council is coming an end, and Spain gets ready to share the reins. A number of blogs look back at the 6 months of the Swedish Presidency.

Mats Engström calls the Presidency “Effective” but it wasn’t exciting. (then again name one that was!)

The Swedish Europe Minister (and Commissioner Designate), Cecilia Malmström, updates us on the last few weeks of work that are still ahead.

Grahnlaw thinks it was an effective and professional presidency.

EU Institutions

Grahnlaw highlights the issue of the 18 “ghost MEPs”

Brussels Sunshine highlights the issue of the preception of corruption in the EU.

Climate Change

Lots and lots of climate change blog posts appearing as the Copenhagen conference continues.

Graham Watson MEP (ALDE) is updating us on the goings on in Copenhagen.

Dr. Sean tells us of the (confusing) stance taken by the Czech ODS.

The German Marshall Fund Blog highlights why some countires like Kyoto and are clinging to it.

The Open Europe tells us a bit more about who is gaining from the EU’s ETS scheme.

The German Marshall Fund Blog tells us about the confusion at the talks.

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Euroblog Round up #1

So as an editor over on I have great access to a huge number of blogs and can help choose what goes on the front page. Unfortunately not everything I would like can go on the front page (there are others there also) I will do a regularish posting like this one to publicise some of the other things going on in the euroblogosophere, whether on the front page or not! Dont expect this daily or weekly mind you! Its only when I have time!

New Commission

The Common Agriculture Blog thinks the new Agricultural Commissioner could get a hard ride through the Parliament

Public Affairs 2.0 have a great PDF of all the biographical details of the new Commission

Climate Change

Eberhard Rhein calls on the EU to cut emmissions by 30%

The CTA blog also tells us that the EU and ACP countries are working together at the Copenhagen Summit

3e Intelligence look at the pros and cons of a  EU Border Carbon Tax

European Council

Ralf Grahn highlights the not so transparent European Council, even though it is now an institution of the EU.


The CTA blog informs us that imports from the EAC countries will now be taxed due to a delay in signing an Economic Partnership Agreement

Human Rights

Jaanika Erne on Ideas on Europe tells us a bit about Human Rights day which was yesterday.

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New Blogs!

I haven’t done a post like this in a bit, but two friends recently started blogging so I think its the right time for a post like it!

So the first blog is Checking the Pulse on the Irish Care Sector. This is a blog by a friend Con who is a Nurse. It will be an interesting blog which is following a all the health related news in Ireland. A one to watch!

The next blog is John’s Notion of A Blog. This blog by, you guessed it, John an art student in CCAD. He has some interesting stuff up on a few artists. Could be an interesting old blog if you have a passing interest in art like myself!

I might do this again soon, so if you know of new blogs, or have recently started one let me know in the comments or email Stephen[at]stephenspillane[dot]com

Monday Links – 17/8/09

L' Oceanographic
Image by Iabcstm via Flickr

A bit late in the day then normal but still at least its getting done!

A friend has started blogging and she takes a look at racism in Ireland

Jason O’Mahoney has the improved Spoofers Guide to the Lisbon treaty

Beruit is getting on the Map, the openstreet map that is. Cool idea

Joe points out that us Eurobloggers are suffering an identity crisis!

Welcome to NAMAland

Why we love google, twitter and texting, we are hardwired for it!

Top 20 Northern Ireland blogs

Bryan looks at Mexico and its haters in the States

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Monday Links – 10/08/09

Blue Lake Jetty
Image by Chris Gin via Flickr

Well its Monday, its been a hectic week at home for me, no travelling at least, so I have a few things for you to check out.

Tommy, of TrustTommy, had an excellent article in the Times of all places! Fair play!

Irish Web Awards Nominations are open!

Easkey, Co Sligo [pop. 250] went gay for a day!

Some cool cards on CurlyDena’s blog

Gamma has a video of Billy Connolly on Catholicism and Sarah Palin

“Are we European or becoming European?” asks The European Citizen

Joe has a fantastic post on Global Nomads and organising a wedding as one

Bock asks what has Irish Independence given us

Sara points out that I am a geek over a post on Dailyshite

Carmel has an excellent post on the LGBT Community in Israel since the recent killings in Tel Aviv

The North could have ended up in France?? What??

South Koreas Military is a bit odd, what are practising for?

Have a nice day!

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Monday Links – August Bank Holiday

Image by eliot. via Flickr

As I didn’t do a Monday links last week as I was in Luxembourg, for punishment I am doing one today on the Bank Holiday here in Ireland!

Kosmopolit has a post explaining EU Jargon. I have a post on that coming soon, maybe even today!

Bryan has a post on Islamophobia and the far right.It was nice to read that after coming home from the intercultural training in Luxembourg.

Sticking with interculturalism, there is an interesting article in the Copenhagen Post on interculturalism/multiculturalism.

Carmel has an amazing post on the training in Luxembourg

900,000 Irish people now on facebook and a few more stats from Mulley Communications

Subrosa is trying a positive news day today! A good idea me thinks, not sure if I will have time for it

Mulley is organising an Irish Talk like a Pirate Day

Kev launches Back Page Football today

Majd explains how settlements are created

and Silly Season is in full swing according to Iain Dale

Enjoy the Bank Holiday if you are in Ireland! (or anywhere else with a bank holiday today!)

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Monday Links – 20/7/09

One World
Image by Pensiero via Flickr

Another week and some more interesting stuff I have found over the past few days.

Another new Irish Party?

Only in Ireland is right

Vladimier has an interesting post on Homosexuality and Religion

Cranmer has links to a few interesting blogs on Religion

An interesting website for those interested in EU – Mediterranean relations – EuroJar (via EU-Med Relations)

Rebecca Storm is performing in UCC’s Quad at the end of the Month

I like this chart of the capitalist system (Im not a socialist or a commie mind, i just like old propaganda)

See how far your euro notes have travelled! One of mine came from Italy (but printed in Austria!), another from Germany!

Monday Links – 13/7/09

Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.  ~Je...
Image by *MizzEl* via Flickr

So yes, im back blogging. I took a bit of a break last week fo a number of reasons, but im back today and I am returning Monday Links! So here are some things to have a look over your morning coffee!

Iain Dale has a list of the top 20 UK bloggers who tweet. Its based on their followers, some interesting things there.

Joe has some interesting statistics on Micheal Jackson. Notice actually how the jokes have stopped and the music channels are constantly playing his songs. Its very annoying.

Archbishop Cranmer has an interesting article on House of Lords reform and taking the vote from the Bishops.

Julien Frisch has a letter to the newly elected MEP’s. The Final Draft Agenda for this weeks sitting of the European Parliament is availible

The Local have the story that Obama told Merkel she will win the German Federal Elections. For a change I hope he is right!

Joe of Citizen Europe has a new website! He has also started another blog

Bulmer’s Apples have gone out on strike

Simon on IrishElection thinks Blasphemy is a surrogate argument, and he may have a point

Anyways, enjoy the week!