Eurovision 2018 – Jury Vote Order

Here is the order that the Jury spokespersons will announce the 12 points from their respective jury. 43 juries will give their results, starting with last years hosts Ukraine and ending with this years hosts Portugal. Ireland will be number 17. Following the jury result we will find out the combined televote result which has given us some great viewing since the change.

Here is the full order

1. Ukraine – Nataliia Zhyzhchenko – Lead singer of 2017 interval act ONUKA
2. Azerbaijan – Asadov Tural – TV presenter
3. Belarus – NAVIBAND – Belarusian Eurovision 2017 participant
4. San Marino – John Kennedy O’Connor – Eurovision historian
5. The Netherlands – OG3NE – Dutch 2017 participant
6. F.Y.R. Macedonia – Jana Burcheska – Macedonian 2017 participant
7. Malta – Lara Azzopardi – Actress and TV presenter
8. Georgia – Tako Gachechiladze – Georgian 2017 participant
9. Spain – Nieves Alvarez – TV presenter and model
10. Austria – Kati Bellowitsch – Radio and TV presenter
11. Denmark – Ulla Essendrop – TV presenter
12. United Kingdom – Mel Giedroyc – TV presenter
13. Sweden – Felix Sandman – Runner-up in Swedish national selection
14. Latvia – Dagmāra Legante – TV presenter and comedian
15. Albania – Andri Xhahu – Radio journalist
16. Croatia – Uršula Tolj – Presenter
17. Ireland – NIcky Byrne – Irish 2016 participant
18. Romania – Sonia Argint-Ionescu – TV presenter
19. Czech Republic – Radka Rosická – Presenter and fashion model
20. Iceland – Edda Sif Pálsdóttir – TV presenter and sports reporter
21. Moldova – Julieta Ardovan – TV journalist
22. Belgium – Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis – TV host
23. Norway – Aleksander Walmann & JOWST – Norwegian 2017 participant
24. France – Élodie Gossuin – TV and radio presenter
25. Italy – Giulia Valentina Palermo – Presenter
26. Australia – Ricardo Goncalves – SBS World News presenter
27. Estonia – Ott Evestus – Singer
28. Serbia – Dragana Kosjerina – Show host and presenter
29. Cyprus – Hovig – Cypriot 2017 participant
30. Armenia – Arsen Grigoryan – Actor and singer
31. Bulgaria – Joanna Dragneva – Bulgarian 2008 participant
32. Greece – Olyna (Olympia) Xenopoulou – Radio and TV presenter, actress
33. Hungary – Bence Forró – TV presenter
34. Montenegro – Natasa Sotra – Director of Science and Children Programme
35. Germany – Barbara Schöneberger – TV presenter
36. Finland – ABREU – Singer
37. Russia – Alsou – Russian 2000 participant and Eurovision 2009 

38. Switzerland – Leticia Carvalho – Teacher and singer
39. Israel – Lucy Ayoub – Journalist and TV presenter
40. Poland – Marcelina Zawadzka – Presenter, model and journalist
41. Lithuania – Eglė Daugėlaitė – Presenter and journalist
42. Slovenia – Amaya – Slovenian 2011 participant (as Maja Keuc)
43. Portugal – Pedro Ricardo Pacheco Fernandes – Television presenter

The show gets under way tonight at 8pm on RTÉ One and BBC One!

A Busy Summer – Freaks N’Gleeks

Poster of Freaks N'Gleeks

I know this blog has been very quiet over the last few months. There are various reasons for this. Mainly I have been involved in a few things which have kept me busy and of course work is there also.

One of the things that has kept me really busy in Freaks N’Gleeks (formerly Cork Glee Club). We are a bunch of friends who have come together and put on a show revolving around dancing and singing. Its great fun. With Freaks N’Gleeks I have danced in Cork and Waterford and last Wednesday we qualified for the Semi-finals of Chambers Got Xtra Talent. Heres a video of our performance! We danced to “Take it Off” by Kei$ha and “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. We are currently working on something for the Semi’s! Should be fun!

We also took part in Waterford Pride this month, which was great fun. The weekend before Pride we performed for the Prideathon to raise money for Pride. We also performed after the Pride Parade. We did “Can’t Be Tamed” by Miley Cyrus, “Africa” by Toto and “Waka, Waka” by Shakria. That was an interesting performance as the video will show!

Im looking forward to performing again!

In the mean time check out Freaks N’Gleeks page on Facebook!

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Who has picked so far? [Eurovision 2010]

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As I am in a sort of Eurovision mood I felt like looking at the countries who have so far selected there entries for the Eurovision. Seven countries have picked their representative. Ireland will pick its entry on March 5th.

While Bosnia Herzegovina have announced that Vukasin Brajic will represent the country in Oslo with the song ‘Munja i grom’ (Thunder and Lightning), the song will not be performed before March 7th. So we will have to wait a bit longer for it.

Finland has picked its entry and it has chosen Kuunkuiskaajat to represent them with the song “Työlki ellää”. Its very different from there song last year! Its more folk, then modern. It could do well, depending on what everyone else picks.

Albania has also picked its entry. They are going with Nuk Mundem Pa Ty by Juliana Pasha. It is a pop song and very like a lot of modern music. It has a catchy rhythm.

Iceland has also decided its entry. It is going with “Je ne sais quoi” by Hera Björk. This song brings me back a few years and reminds me of Eurovisions gone by. Quick tempo and up beat. I could dance to this quite easily.

Denmark, a country who’s entry I always like, has gone for Chanée and N’evergreen who will sing “In a Moment Like This”. Yet again Denmark doesn’t disappoint me. This is a beautiful duet by two fantastic singers. I really like it!

Switzerland have picked Michael von der Heide to sing “Il Pleut De L’Or” in Oslo. It is a pop song. Its not a song that grabs me and reminds me more of elevator music.

The host country, Norway, has also decided upon its entry. Norway went for “My Heart Is Yours” by Didrik Solli-Tangen. This is a lovely ballad. I thought the days of beautifully sing male ballads were gone with Johnny Logan but Norway is bucking the trend! Fair play!

A number of countries have picked the singer or song, but haven’t them up yet. They include Turkey (maNga), Georgia (Sopho Nizharadze), Bulgaria (Miro), Ukraine (Vasyl Lazarovich) and The Netherlands (“Ik ben verliefd, Shalalie”).

The running order draw takes place on March 22nd, so all entries will be known before that.

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Goodnight, Travel Well

This is the new video from the Killers. It has been made in conjunction with UNICEF, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and US Agency for International Development (USAID). It is a haunting video. Full PR under the video

Starting today, MTV audiences around the world will see a new music video that aims to raise awareness about sex trafficking. Featuring the rock band The Killers, the video is an exclusive collaboration between UNICEF, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and the US Agency for International Development.

The track, Goodnight, Travel Well, is from the album Day & Age. The video is the second in a series of music video collaborations that highlight the danger and impact of human trafficking.

The series launched last year with an award-winning film – produced by MTV EXIT that featured the Radiohead single All I Need.

Via UN Dispatch

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Foot of the Mountain

a-ha at Irving Plaza 1
Image by Whistling in the Dark via Flickr

I tweeted today asking if anyone else had heard A-ha’s (remember them?) new song. I was shocked to get tweets back saying they didnt know they had a song out. When I was in Germany I kept hearing the song so I assumed it was on release here, but I was wrong. Anyway here is the song. It sounds like a bit like Take That, or as one tweeter put it a “Nordic Take That”!

Anyway check out the song its called “Foot of the Mountain” and may be on release here soon.

What you think of it?

Political blogging will resume soon.

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I have a friend who is big into singing and that and I never heard him sing. Last night he sent me a link  to one of his songs he just put on youtube and its one of my favourite songs by Phil Coulter. The song is Carrickfergus and all I can say is Ethan you do it justice! He has a career ahead of him!

(Yes I did promise to blog about it, but it deserves to be!)

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