#SE11: Labour Panel

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The Seanad elections are continuing today and the count for the Labour Panel took place yesterday and concluded last night. There was 21 candidates for 11 seats. 4 candidates had to be elected on each sub-panel.

The following were elected:

  1. Maurice Cummins (FG) 1st Count (outside panel)
  2. Healy-Eames, Fidelma (FG) 4th Count (inside panel)
  3. Maloney, Maire (Lab) 6th Count (outside panel)
  4. Cullinane, David (SF) 9th Count (inside panel)
  5. Mulcahy, Tony (FG) 13th Count (inside panel)
  6. Keane, Cait (FG) 13th Count (inside panel)
  7. Brennan, Terry (FG) 14th Count (outside panel)
  8. O’Brien, Darragh (FF) 17th Count (inside panel)
  9. Leydon, Terry (FF) 17th Count (outside panel)
  10. O’Sullivan, Ned (FF) 17th Count (outside panel)
  11. Whelan, John (Lab) 17th Count (inside panel)

So on this panel, Fine Gael managed the vote well and got 5 out of the 11 seats. Its a pity that this is probably the only panel that this will happen on. If there is to be another Seanad Election, FG have to look at this result carefully.

Fianna Fail managed to only get 3 and lost the seat of Donie Cassidy. He lost out on the last seat to Labour’s John Whelan who managed to hang in there until the end and take the seat. The Martin list again managed to get one person elected, that being Darragh O’Brien. FF seem to have a problem in getting women elected, but that might change with Panels featuring Avril Power and Mary White coming up.

Sinn Fein will be delighted with the election of David Cullinane and Labour can be very happy with their two seats.

Standing of the Parties after three panels:

  • FG 11
  • FF 9
  • Lab 5
  • SF 2


#SE11: Cultural and Education Panel

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The count for the Cultural and Educational Panel came to a close yesterday evening with 5 candidates elected. They were in the following order:

  1. Clune, Deridre (FG)  10th Count (inside panel)
  2. Ó’Murchú, Labhras (FF) 13th Count (outside panel)
  3. Byrne, Thomas (FF) 13th Count (inside panel)
  4. Gilroy, John (Lab) 14th Count (inside panel)
  5. Mullins , Michael (FG) 14th Count (outside panel)

Mullins was elected without reaching the quota.

Personally I am delighted to see that Clune was elected to the Seanad. Nationally she is a very good politician and hopefully may be a useful example in why we should keep the Seanad.

The result was also good for Micheal Martin’s list, with Thomas Byrne being on that list and being elected, but he was out polled by Labhras who was not on the list. It will be interesting to see if the other panels follow suit.

Today the Agricultural panel is being counted and that will finish shortly. That will be followed by the Labour panel.

Check out SeanadCount.ie for results and Labour.ie’s primer for the panels.

#SE11: Cultural and Educational Count 1 Result

Number of candidates: 17

Number of seats: 5

Total poll: 1065

Quota:  178


BOYHAN, Victor 44 (44,000)

BYRNE, Thomas 129 (129,000)

CLUNE, Deirdre 103 (103,000)

DELANEY, Conor 16 (16,000

GILROY, John 157 (157,000)

HOGAN, Nichola 27 (27,000)

IRISH, Anne-Maria 25 (25,000)

KENNDY, Pat 32 (32,000)

McCARTIN,  John 68 (68,000)

MULLINS, Michael 78 (78,000)

O’DEA, Jim 11 (11,000)

Ó MURCHÚ, Labhrás 104 (104,000)

ORMONDE, Ann 66 (66,000)

QUINLAN, Hilary 47 (47,000)

QUINN, Liam 23 (23,000)

TORMEY, Bill 49 (49,000)

WALSH, Séamus 86 (86,000)

Non-transferrable value not effective 0 (0)

Loss of value owing to disregard of fractions 0 (0)

Total 1,065 (1,065,000)

The second count will be the distrubtion of O’Deas (FG) votes (11).

#SE11: Count 1 Tally Results.

Here are the first tally results for the Cultural and Education Panel:

1. Gilroy Lab 157
2. Byrne FF 129
3. O Murchu FF 105
4. Clune FG 103
5. Walsh FF 85
6. Mullins FG 77
7. McCartin FG 68
8. Ormonde FF 66
9. Tormey FG 49
10. Quinlan FG 47
11. Boyhan IND 44
12. Kennedy FG 32
13. Hogan FG 27
14. Irish FG 25
15. Quinn FG 23
16. Delaney FG 16
17. O’Dea FG 11

See previous post for the background. Still waiting on the official result.

Also, Molly Buckley (FG) is on the Admin Panel and not Cultural and Educational

#SE11: Culture and Educational Panel

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The sorting of ballots for the Vocational Panels for elections to Seanad Eireann has been completed in Leinster House. It is expected that the first count will get underway at around 2:15pm.

From the sorting of votes we know the following:

  • 1073 ballots recieved
  • 4 rejected
  • Valid poll 1069

The first panel to be counted will be the Culture and Educational. This is a 5 seat panel and there are 18 candidates. This is split as 13 on the external panel and 5 on internal panel. At least 2 candidates must be elected from each.

The candidates are as follows:

  • Nominated by outside bodies: Cllr Victor Boyhan, Dún Laoghaire (Ind); Cllr Molly Buckley, Offaly (FG); Cllr Conor Delaney, Tipperary (FG); Cllr Nicola Hogan, Offaly (FG); Cllr Anne-Maria Irish, Kilkenny (FG); Cllr Pat Kennedy, Limerick (Ind); Cllr John McCartin, Leitrim (FG); Cllr Michael Mullins, Galway (FG); Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú (FF); Cllr Jim O’Dea, Dublin (FG); Senator Ann Ormonde (FF); Cllr Hilary Quinlan Waterford (FG); Cllr Séamus Walsh, Co. Galway (FF).
  • Nominated by Oireachtas members: Thomas Byrne, Meath (FF); Deirdre Clune, Cork (FG); Cllr John Gilroy, Cork (Lab); Cllr Liam Quinn, Offaly (FG); Cllr Bill Tormey, Dublin (FG).

The quota will be 178,167.

Remeber each vote is multiplied by 1,000. Hence the figure being so high for the quota. I will be updating throughout the day both here and twitter! Follow either myself or #se11

Links of interest:

Coveney, Creighton and Europe

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A lot of people mentioned to me that were surprised that Simon Coveney was appointed Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food. To me it was no surprise, not only is Simon popular with farmers, in a Red C Poll for the Irish Farmers Journal Simon was the most popular candidate for Agriculture Minister, but he has European experience. The majroity of legislations, rules and payments relating to Agriculture comes from the European Union through the Common Agriculture Policy. This is where Simon will do an excellent job as Agriculture Minister. Why?
Easy, Its because he knows how the Europe Union works. Simon was an MEP from 2004 to 2007. He was a spokesperson for the European Peoples Party. He has experience with dealling with these issues in Europe. Also with CAP reform being a major issue, have a Minister with intimate knolwdege of how laws are passed by the EU and with contacts outside of the various Government, should mean that he may have a bit of sway in the EU.
Lucinda Creightons appointment as Minister for Europe was no surprise to anyone. Lucinda is a fromer board member of the Youth of European People’s Party, where she served as Vice President. Again this should work to her advantage. Lucinda will have a network of contacts within the EPP. This should help her to explain Ireland’s poistion to friendly ears and hopefullly get us a good deal. Its also more likely that she will turn up to more meetings than her preprocessor.
Here is hoping that these appointements will bear fruits for Ireland.

Fantasy Cabinet 2011

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Over on the Irish Times Blog Deaglán De Bréadún has a fantasy cabinet and is looking for suggestions for the new Fine Gael/Labour Government that will be appointed next Wednesday. Here is my go at it:

  • Taoiseach: Enda Kenny (FG)
  • Tainiste and Foreign Affairs: Eamonn Gilmore (Lab)
  • Finance: Michael Noonan (FG)
  • Enterprise: Joan Burton (Lab)
  • Public Sector Reform: Richard Bruton (FG)
  • Education: Ruairi Quinn (Lab)
  • Social Protection: Rosin Shorthall (Lab)
  • Agriculture: John Perry (FG)
  • Justice: Brendan Howlin (Lab)
  • Communications, Energy and the Marine: Leo Varadkar (FG)
  • Transport: Simon Coveney (FG)
  • Envoronment: Phil Hogan (FG)
  • Health: James O’Reilly (FG)
  • Tourism, Community, etc: Kathleen Lynch (Lab)
  • Defence: David Stanton (FG)
  • Attorney General: Alan Shatter (FG)
  • Chief Whip: Michael Ring (FG)
  • Ceann Comhairle: Dinny McGinley (FG)

What’s your guess?


Diary of a Canvasser: Its all over

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So that last week of the flew by and before I knew it I was voting an tallying the results! I had a very long weekend awaiting results, but for a change in a national election, the results had me and others shocked. We knew Fine Gael were going to do well, but we didnt think we were going to do *this* well.

It was amazing to see Fine Gael Candidates who I had met over the years topping the poll and others coming in closely with their team to show that Fine Gael really can manage the vote.

In Cork South Central I was delighted that Simon Coveney and Jerry Buttimer were elected to the 31st Dáil. I was disappointed that Deirdre Clune lost her seat, but we also knew that Michael McGrath of Fianna Fail was going to be a hard candidate to beat.

We have no time to rest on our laurels. Fianna Fail are going to be fighting back and we need to be ready for them for when the local elections come around in 2014.

I wonder who I will be canvassing for then!


Prayer to Enda

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Got this via text:

Our Enda, who art in Mayo. Hallowed be thy Fine Gael, Thy election won. Thy will be done in Dublin as it is in Carlow. Give us this day our weekly cheese and forgive us for Bertie, as we forgive Michael Lowry and Michael Noonan. And lead us not into Brussels, but deliver us from the IMF.



Preparing for the Count

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So tonight its all about the preparation for the tally tomorrow. I have to be in the concert hall in Cork City Hall.  I shall be doing the tally for Cork South Central but Cork North Central will be counted in the same hall. I will be trying to keep people updated on both counts on twitter. Keep an eye on the #tags #CNC and #CSC

Check out Mamanpoulet.com for more ways to follow the counts tomorrow.

Also there will be a first for a tally when the tally in Cork South Central will be updated online.

It may be a long day tomorrow, but let see what happens.

Also the RTÉ exit poll will be announced at 8am on Morning Ireland. That should give us an idea of how the counts will progress.