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So George Lee has resigned from Fine Gael and from the Dáil. This isn’t good news for Fine Gael, George Lee or the people of Dublin South. Its not exactly good news of Fianna Fail either. Labour will probably win the seat in the next by-election.

My own feelings on his resignation is fairly well summed up by the cartoon over on Caricatures Ireland.

It takes more then nine months to make an impact on party policy, you can’t expect a party to defer to your judgement. You can give your opinion, but you can’t write the policy, its not your job.

So again Dublin South is without a representative  and they will have to vote again. Lee has thrown their trust back at them and damaged Fine Gael and himself in the process. There is no RTÉ job to go back to.

What happens next is anyone’s guess!

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Donegal South West – Bye-Election

So its looking like Pat “The Cope” Gallagher will be elected to the European Parliament at some point tonight or tomorrow morning which means he will not be voting on the motion of no confidence in the Dáil. It also means that there will be another bye-election this year. This time it takes place in Donegal South West.

Donegal South West is a 3 seat constituency. In the General Election in 2004 the results were like this (from Electionsireland.org)donegalsw

As you can see it was Sinn Fein that lost out to Fine Gael back in 2004. This time round Pearse Doherty is a Senator. He will be a high profile candidate for Sinn Fein and the obvious choice for the Bye-Election. Fianna Fail will find it impossible to hang on to the seat here in the bye-election unless they can parachute in a candidate. Same goes for Fine Gael and Labour. Though Labour have a candidate on the ground in Seamus Rodgers but he came no where near being elected having only 0.11 of a quota.

I think it is nearly a foregone conclusion baring some sort of celebrity candidate that Sinn Fein will win the Donegal South West bye-election.

Anyone disagree?

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Tomorrow, Please Vote Fine Gael number 1.

The upcoming elections give the people of Ireland a chance to say enough is enough. Enough of this Government that wasted the boom, enough of Government that has not delivered, enough of a Government that is ensuring Ireland is one of the last European countries to recover from this Global Recession. As a young unemployed person, I want to see Fianna Fáil out as quickly as possible.

A vote for Fine Gael tomorrow, is only the only the start in getting Fianna Fáil out. To hit Fianna Fáil you need to hit them where it hurts, at the ballot box. That is where Fianna Fáil get there power, from control of local authorities and appointments made through them. June 5th is the starting place.

A vote for Fine Gael will help ensure that Fianna Fáil will not be in the next Government. Labour, if the maths are right, they will go into power with Fianna Fáil like they have done in the past.

Fine Gael is committed to improving Ireland. It is committed to getting people back to work. It is committed to getting rid of waste in the civil service and especially the health service, so that it is efficient and serves the people it is there for.

In the last 12 months the Governments have had two major opportunities to bring the public finances into order and on both occasions missed opportunities to bring about much needed change. But these elections will not change that straight away. We have to wait for a General Election for that.

A vote for Senator Paschal Donohoe in Dublin Central and George Lee in Dublin South will bring the possibility of a General Election closer then you think. Senator Donohoe has shown that is committed to Dublin Central though his work inside and outside the Oireachtas. He has worked hard and will continue to work hard in the Dáil for Dublin Central and Ireland. George Lee brings a wealth of economic experience to Fine Gael and to the Dáil if elected in Dublin South. George consistently warned about the way our economy was headed during the boom years by paying attention to what outside reports were saying, unlike the Government.

Fine Gael has represented Ireland well in the European Parliament. As the largest Irish Party, it has represented us in the European Peoples Party – European Democrats (EPP-ED) grouping in the Parliament. Fine Gael has used its position in the group to ensure Ireland’s position. The five Irish MEP’s are held in high regard both within the Grouping and across the Parliament. Gay Mitchell in Dublin, Mairead McGuinneas and John Paul Phelan in East, Jim Higgins and Joe O’Reilly in North-West and Colm Burke and Sean Kelly in South represent a mix of youth and experience from both within politics and in outside bodies. They are committed to representing us to ensure they get the best for Ireland.

The local elections see a large number of young candidates running for election. From Simon Harris in Greystones to Sinead Shepard in Cobh and many more across the country Fine Gael have encouraged young people to stand up and take part in their communities and play a positive role. This is an opportunity that should be open to all, but Fine Gael actually live up to rhetoric and actually support young people and helps them to make changes in their locality.

Fine Gael is committed to ensuring there is something to leave our younger generations. To encourage them to pick up the mantel, to help in getting Fianna Fáil out of power to ensure there is a bright future ahead.

Tomorrow you can help start that change! Vote Fine Gael

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Dublin Central: Donohoe Vs Bacik?

Accroding to an opinion poll in tomorrows Sunday Independent for the Dublin Central the voting figures are as follows.

  • Paschal Donohoe (FG) 28%
  • Ivana Bacik (Lab) 20%
  • Maureen O Sullivan (Ind) 18%
  • Mauice Ahern (FF) 10%
  • Sinn fein (Not Selected) 3%
  • David Geary (Green) 2%
  • Malachy Stenson (SWP) 1%
  • Undecided 18%

Its less then four weeks to the election and it looks like Fianna Fail will be beaten into fourth place in the Dublin Central Byelection. The race for the seat is between Fine Gael Senator Pachal Donohoe and Labour Senator Ivana Bacik. There is only 8% sperating them so it will be an interesting battle. Sinn Fein will poll higher then 3% when they select a candidate, which they would really want to be doing at this point.

Maurice Ahern doesn’t seem to have a hope of winning this seat and it will be between Fine Gael and Labour on who wins the seat. The transfer are what will win it! June 6th will be an interesting day!

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George Lee’s Convention Speech

I found this  on my facebook home page and had to post it. Quite a good speech for a convention speech and very inspiring. He hits a few nails on the head. Watch it!

He even praises Enda! Go on Lee!

Vote Lee number 1!

“By George we got Lee”

So George Lee the now former Economics Editor of RTÉ will be standing for Fine Gael in the Dublin South By Election.

Personally I am delighted that George is running for us in Dublin. Hes name was mentioned to me on a number of occasions but I was told he turned us down. How wrong those people were!

George Lee is a man with his finger on the pulse of the Irish Economy. He warned us for years, and people ignored him. But he was right. I hope now he can help improve this country and help fix the mess that Fianna Fail have blindly walked us into. We can no longer ignore it!

It wont be an easy election. No by election is. So far there are six declared candidates for the constituency with Fianna Fail to decide tonight. They have to decide between Shay Brennan and Senator Maria Corrigan.

The other declared candidates are Labour Senator Alex White, Sinn Fein’s  party publicity officer, Shaun Tracey, the Green Party’s Elizabeth Davidson and Socialist Workers Party’s Malachy Steenson. There is also an independent candidate, Ross O’Mulllane who is basing his campaign on this idea. Not sure where that is going and it will work in practice.

Any way, Vote George Lee Number 1 in Dublin South!

(The title of this post came from a tweet by Senattor Jerry Buttimer)

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