Election Day reading

Its polling day! The polls are now open so if you haven’t decided who to vote for read some of these posts:

A vote for Labour is a vote for Fianna Fáil – Mulley.net

How to vote to hurt Fianna Fail without helping Sinn Fein. – jasonomahony.ie

Why Vote Fine Gael – StephenSpillane.com

(I’ll update this post as the day goes on)

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Tomorrow, Please Vote Fine Gael number 1.

The upcoming elections give the people of Ireland a chance to say enough is enough. Enough of this Government that wasted the boom, enough of Government that has not delivered, enough of a Government that is ensuring Ireland is one of the last European countries to recover from this Global Recession. As a young unemployed person, I want to see Fianna Fáil out as quickly as possible.

A vote for Fine Gael tomorrow, is only the only the start in getting Fianna Fáil out. To hit Fianna Fáil you need to hit them where it hurts, at the ballot box. That is where Fianna Fáil get there power, from control of local authorities and appointments made through them. June 5th is the starting place.

A vote for Fine Gael will help ensure that Fianna Fáil will not be in the next Government. Labour, if the maths are right, they will go into power with Fianna Fáil like they have done in the past.

Fine Gael is committed to improving Ireland. It is committed to getting people back to work. It is committed to getting rid of waste in the civil service and especially the health service, so that it is efficient and serves the people it is there for.

In the last 12 months the Governments have had two major opportunities to bring the public finances into order and on both occasions missed opportunities to bring about much needed change. But these elections will not change that straight away. We have to wait for a General Election for that.

A vote for Senator Paschal Donohoe in Dublin Central and George Lee in Dublin South will bring the possibility of a General Election closer then you think. Senator Donohoe has shown that is committed to Dublin Central though his work inside and outside the Oireachtas. He has worked hard and will continue to work hard in the Dáil for Dublin Central and Ireland. George Lee brings a wealth of economic experience to Fine Gael and to the Dáil if elected in Dublin South. George consistently warned about the way our economy was headed during the boom years by paying attention to what outside reports were saying, unlike the Government.

Fine Gael has represented Ireland well in the European Parliament. As the largest Irish Party, it has represented us in the European Peoples Party – European Democrats (EPP-ED) grouping in the Parliament. Fine Gael has used its position in the group to ensure Ireland’s position. The five Irish MEP’s are held in high regard both within the Grouping and across the Parliament. Gay Mitchell in Dublin, Mairead McGuinneas and John Paul Phelan in East, Jim Higgins and Joe O’Reilly in North-West and Colm Burke and Sean Kelly in South represent a mix of youth and experience from both within politics and in outside bodies. They are committed to representing us to ensure they get the best for Ireland.

The local elections see a large number of young candidates running for election. From Simon Harris in Greystones to Sinead Shepard in Cobh and many more across the country Fine Gael have encouraged young people to stand up and take part in their communities and play a positive role. This is an opportunity that should be open to all, but Fine Gael actually live up to rhetoric and actually support young people and helps them to make changes in their locality.

Fine Gael is committed to ensuring there is something to leave our younger generations. To encourage them to pick up the mantel, to help in getting Fianna Fáil out of power to ensure there is a bright future ahead.

Tomorrow you can help start that change! Vote Fine Gael

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Cork Evening Echo Poll

The Cork Evening Echo Poll has a poll today conducted by Lansdowne Market Research. The poll has the following party support figures.

  • Fianna Fail – 9%
  • Fine Gael – 23%
  • Labour – 20%
  • Green Party – 4%
  • Sinn Fein – 6%
  • Socialists – 0%
  • Independent/Libertas – 16%
  • No Party/Vote for Personality – 23%
  • Don’t Know – 13%

As you can see Fianna Fail have only 9% of the party support. The personality vote at 23% is quite high and quite typical of Irish Politics. A good lot of that vote will go to Fianna Fail so they will not fair that badly in the the polls as the topline figures suggest.

Im not sure why Libertas was classed with Independent unless it is part of a national poll or a series of further regional polls.

I am surprised that the Socialists  are on 0% as Mick Barry is quite popular on the North Side (or so I thought). This poll of course is for both city and county.

One of the good things is that the intention to vote is running at 80% with 93% of respondents being aware of the elections (for both Europe and Locals).

The main issues highlighted in the poll are Cost of Living (74%), Healthcare (67%) and Job Security (67%). Something we can all agree on.

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Diary of A Serial Canvasser – Part 2

Cork City Hall is illuminated at night, reflec...
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So last since Part 1, I’ve been a very bad canvasser and have only been out two nights. They were April 30th and May 1st. For all of last week I took a break from canvassing as I was sick. But Im all good now and ready to get back into this week!

Back to my last two nights on the cavass though. On the Thursday I was canvassing for Emmet O’Halloran in Ballyphehane, on the road where my Grandmother lives, so I knew a lot of people on the road and even got to canvass my own Grandmother! It was a revealing canvass though as we discovered a lot of former Fianna Fail voters would be voting Labour before Fine Gael. But overall we got a good response with people looking for change and seeing Fine Gael as the alternative.

On Friday I was canvassing for Cllr. Brian Birmingham the current Lord Mayor of Cork. We were canvassing near the Lough in the Cork South West Ward, which is very close to my own home (I live on the border of the constituency). I go caught on quite a few doors discussing Fine Gael and the candidates. Quite a lot of people in the area had a connection to Brian or to Fine Gael so it was an interesting canvass.

This week sees me back to normal:

  • Monday: Emmet O’Halloran – South Central John Buttimer (South West)
  • Tuesday: OFF (Scouts & Eurovision)
  • Wednesday: John Buttimer – South West
  • Thursday: Emmet O’Halloran – South Central (the Evening Echo will be with us too!)
  • Friday: Either Laura McGonigle (South East) or Brian Birmingham (South West). Havent decided yet.

A fun week ahead!

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9 Days Left to Register to Vote

voting day in a small town
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Thanks to Generation Yes on twitter for the reminder that there is only 9 working days remaining to get registered to Vote for the June 5th elections, Local, European and Byelection. Check if you are registered on ChecktheRegister.ie.

Remeber EU Citizens are entitled to vote in the Local and European Elections. Non-EU residents may be eligible to vote in Local Elections depending in their situation.

If you are not registered to vote and have never voted before fill out the RFA2 form (PDF). If you have changed address and have voted before then fill out the RFA3 form.

Do use your vote on June 5th and make a difference to how your locality and your Europe is shaped!

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Diary of a Serial Canvasser – Part One

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I mentioned before how busy I was with canvassing and with tomorrow marking 5 weeks to election day I decided to start a bit of a diary on how the canvass is going.

Lets start with last Wednesday. I went canvassing for Cllr. John Buttimer (South West Ward) in Deenrock in Togher. I would know a few people in the area here through being involved in the Scouts in Togher. It was a mix of a canvass. Some areas of the estate were very much against politicians in general and other parts were very positive towards Fine Gael.  We had a large team out and got a large area canvassed.

Thursday saw no canvassing due to weather.

Last Friday then saw me in Blackrock with Cllr. Laura McGonigle (South East Ward). What a different world compared to Wednesday night. Big houses and a good reaction nearly on every door. A big issue here was dog shit, I kid you not. A good canvass and lots done.

Monday saw me canvassing my own road with Emmet O’Halloran (South Central Ward). This is only the second time I have ever canvassed my own road. The last time was for Jerry Buttimer during the General Election. We got a great response and the majority of the nieghbours were nice to me when they recognised me (They don’t often see me wearing glasses). A great canvass really and very positive towards Fine Gael and Emmet.

Tuesday sees me scouting

Last night I was back in South West Ward with Cllr John Buttimer in the College Road area. We had a good canvass despite the weather, but we had to finish early due to the weather and the match. There are a lot of students in the area and complaints about them featured on many doors. On one road I managed to knock on the door of the Chair of the residents association. That was an interesting conversation I tell you, but she didnt complain about students!

Tonight sees me back in South Central Ward with Emmet and tomorrow night I am out with the Lord Mayor Cllr Brian Birmingham in South West Ward.

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Canvassing a tiring business, but worth it!

Last night I was out canvassing in Cork South Central ward for Emmett O’Halloran. We were canvassing in the Turners Cross area of the ward. In my years of canvassing, I have rarely come across a reaction as I did last night. Apart from one or two “plague on all your houses” voters, the majority were very positive when they saw “Fine Gael” on the leaflet or knew of Emmett and were willing to support him.

Cork South Central is a competitive ward. It is a five seater. So far there are two Fianna Fail candidates (Sean Martin and Tom O’Driscoll), two Fine Gael candidates (Emmett O’Halloran and Billy MaGill), three independents (Mick Finn and Pauie Dineen, also I believe someone conected to Con O’Connell is going to run), one Labour Candidate (Lorraine Kingston), one Green Candidate (Mary Ryder) and one Sinn Fein Candidate (Fiona Kerins). That is 10 candidates for five seats. It will be an interesting election.

I myself will be out canvassing two nights a week for Emmett and say I get a great buzz from it! Even when you get stuck on doors!

Last night now I got caught on two doors. One was about the heath levy and one was about pensions and taxes, something the local elections have no baring on, but people are worried about these issues it would seem.

Next week we are starting in my area of Ballphehane. It will be fun!

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The party is over, now the work begins

So I am home from the Fine Gael Ard Fheis and what an Ard Fheis it was. Enda’s speech was as Yellow Roman Candles describes it “as good as it gets” for Enda, but it was the reaction to the speech which is what made it.

Mairead McGuiness MEP did a great job as compere of the evening and making sure that everything went in order and making sure that everyone was entertained. Micheal Ring TD did a fantastic job in getting us all going and got a standing ovation for his speech. But of course all the attention was on Enda’s speech.

When I read Enda’s speech before hand, I wasnt so sure of the ending (see here). The reaction in the hall was something else. On two occasions the hall went mental The first was the line “One of my first acts as Taoiseach”. That line had the hall on its feet! And Enda was not expecting that. I don’t think anyone expects a standing ovation in the middle of a speech. Enda soldiered on and the reaction got better and better and when it came to the “Yes we Will” line people were jumping out of their seats to shout it. Of all the (Young) Fine Gael Conferences and Ard Fheisenna I have attended, I have never seen such a reaction to a speech.

The time for speechs is over now. Now is the time for hard work, for knocking on doors, for asking for number ones. Now is the time for Fine Gael members, to get behind their candidates, new and old. And get out there and get them elected. Fine Gael have a hard task in trying to increase our number of MEP’s. Sen. JP Phelan in East, Sean Kelly in South and Sen Joe O’Reilly in North West, will all be a welcome additions to our current MEPs.

So can we do well? Yes We Will! IF we put our shoulders to the wheel and explain our points and get our message across, then we will do it!

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Election Time

Well tomorrow marks nine weeks to polling day so from next week I am out canvassing two nights a week for a candidate in Cork South Central. He is a candidate who I am getting quite a few google search hits for.

His name? Emmet O’Halloran. We had a meeting tonight with Ken White the Director of Elections for Cork City and he told what we need to do and how to deal with people on the door. Granted, I have experience in this from the General Election in 2007 and he kept referring to Jerry Buttimer (now Senator) campaign and I got all nostalgic! I can’t wait to get out on a proper canvass, where we tell the candidate what to do, not the other way round!

Whats great about the local elections is that I can walk to all the canvasses! Cork South Central goes from South Parish in the inner city out to the South Link Road! I don’t drive so its great! It also means a high likelihood of knowing the person answering the door.

Tonight really has me excited about the Local Election something I hadn’t been before as I was concentrating on the Europeans mainly due to the thinkaboutit blog, but it will be great to be out and about again!

Cork South Central look out for me! Here I come!

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