The Political Gay is back!

So today I started back blogging I decided to revive the blog as with the elections and referendum this year (and a supplementry budget on April 7th) there is stuff out there to be blogged about and this way I can expand my readership! ūüėČ

It will mainly be posts about the Local and European Elections, but after that I will switch to the re-run of the Lisbon Treaty. It is hoped that it will be a weekly post, but that might change closer to election day.

So check out the blog, or subscribe to the RSS Feed!

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RT√Č exclude FG from Late Late Show on False Premise of Gender Balance

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I received a PR about the Late Late Show from Fine Gael this evening and read it with some surprise. The Fine Gael leader in the Seanad had been asked to appear in a three person panel debate about Seanad Eireann on tonight’s show. Unfortunately the Party’s Leader of the Seanad, Frances Fitzgerald, could not appear on the show as she was unavailable.

The Party then nominated Senator Paschal Donohoe to be its representative on the panel, but he was rejected “grounds of gender balance”. RT√Č were determined not to allow Senator Paschal Donohoe to appear on the show and his place was allocated to Senator Alex White of the Labour Party, a MALE Senator. So that was obviously a false premise.

Fine Gael were offered a place on a four-person panel, but again the party representative was rejected. So I won’t be watching the Late Late Show tonight

Fine Gael Press Release

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