Ireland for Europe still in the Red!

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I got an email today from Ireland for Europe. I really wasn’t expecting to be getting an email from them.

It turns out that Ireland for Europe are still in existence as they are in a debt of about €150,000. They are blaming the spending of the no side for this.

So to tackle this they are organising an event. An €160 a head one!! I dont see many people signing up for this one!

I reproduce the email below.

Dear friend,Under the leadership of Pat Cox, Ireland for Europe ran a very successful Lisbon campaign and we collected significant funds through various fund raising activities. However, with the late escalation of the ‘No’ campaign we found it necessary to intensify our campaign efforts during the last two weeks and this has resulted in a campaign deficit of circa €150,000. We are addressing this with various activities.

One significant fund raising activity we are planning is a pre St.Patricks Day Gala Dinner on the 16th March 2010  to which we would hope to attract a wide range of people and the civic society groupings who have clearly benefited from the resounding Yes vote. Plans are at an early stage but we do plan to have a keynote speaker and suitable entertainment. Apart from being a fund raising event with tables of ten at €1600 per table (€160 per head), we plan that it will be a great Social evening celebrating the outcome of the referendum.

We would be grateful if you would note the date and event in your Diary and help us make a great success of the evening by selling tables for the Dinner. Fionnuala Keane (  will be coordinating table/ticket sales and she will be pleased to advise you as required.  We will confirm programme details shortly but kindly reserve your table now!

Ireland for Europe was the coming together of Groups from throughout the country in a focused and concerted effort to do what was right for Ireland. You might feel that your participation in this final event will help bring to a conclusion this great National effort and to harness the energy for continuing engagement.

Best Regards,

Pat Cox, DirectorBrigid Laffan, Chairperson

Brendan Halligan, National Campaign Coordinator


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happy new year 2010
Image by mugley via Flickr

What a year! 2009 is approaching its end and its been and up and down year for me.


What a year for me and blogging! It started off great being selected for the first Th!nk about it competition and then that led to other cool projects, again involving European Journalism Centre and the Anna Lindh Foundation. I of course moved the blog .com and its bein great doing that. I have gotten involved with bloggingportal, irishelection and sluggerotoole at various points through out the year. I have met and been contacted by lots of cool people through all this.


Its been an up and down year with work. Loosing my job, like so many others, was a bit of a wake up call, and thankfully I landed on my feet. I know am back in college and have a part-time job. Things really did turn out for the better.


What a year to be involved in Politcs. The Local and European elections were great fun, as was the preceding the Ard Fheis. I learned a lot during the campiagns and look forward to putting that to good use in the coming General Election, whenever that will be. The second Lisbon Referendum was also a great opportunity. Getting involved with Generation Yes, Ireland For Europe and Bloggers for Europe, let to more learning and of course meeting lots of people. It was a great experience. It also got me published in local newspapers!

Personal Life

While 2009 was a great year, it saw a number of deaths for me too. This year I lost a favourite teacher from school, Paddy Mulcahy, and a good friend of mine, Brian Finn. Its right to remember them at this time of year. This year, brought lots of opportunities in my personal life, and I am glad I took them!


So what will next year bring? Who knows, but im looking forward to it!

All thats left to do now, is to wish you all a Happy New Year and best of luck for 2010!

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67% YES!!

I am delighted, I am ecstatic, I am over the moon!!! The result today is unbelievable. At the start of the campaign, I said it could be a 60-40 yes vote if we worked hard. Last week I would have said 55-45 would be the best we could hope for! To see the result today was just amazing.

Thank you everyone who voted Yes. Thank you to everyone in all the Yes Groups who campaigned. Thank you to everyone who campaigned with me. Thank You to those on the other side who could hold a reasoned debate (thats you Gregg!)

With Lisbon overwith we can start to move on now. Europe can work better (after the Poles and Czechs ratify of course) and maybe we can get things working here (but that may take a General Election).

See RTÉ for the full results

I am gald its all over. Now life can get back to normal!

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Tomorrow’s Count

Well the voting is underway and polling stations will be open untill 10pm tonight so do go out and vote.

Tomorrow all the real fun begins with the counting of votes. The Irishelection crew will be keeping track of all the counts across the country on the liveblog

I will be tallying in Cork South Central and maybe North Central so keep an eye on the liveblog for up to date results!

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Highest Poster in Ireland?

A friend sent me this photo of what we believe is the highest poster in Ireland on Lisbon. It is located at the Top of Coom 1045 feet above sea level, on the Cork Kerry Border in the Muscraí Gaeltacht.

Highest poster in Ireland?
Highest poster in Ireland

Is there any that beat it?

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20 Reasons to Vote Yes to Lisbon

I got sent this list the other day, but due to events I am only posting it now. They are under a few caetgories and are linked!

I’m voting YES because Lisbon will give more power to the MEPs that I elect. (Articles 14 and 294)- More info:

I’m voting YES because I like the idea that when all of our governments meet and discuss things that affect me, they should do it in the open (Article 16.8)- More info:

I’m voting YES because the citizens’ Initiative means that the things that I care about are put on the agenda- and I don’t have to wait for the politicians to act (Article 11.4) – More info:

I’m voting YES because the chair of the council having 2 ½ year rather than a 6 month term is just common sense as far as I can see (Article 15.5)- More info:

I’m voting YES because I believe that the European Union should be a community built on values, as well as an economic trading block. And the promotion of democracy and human rights are pretty good values. (Article 3)- More info:

The Charter of Fundamental Rights gives me rights on a European level, as well as having them in the Irish constitution. And I like rights. Vote YES (Article 6)- More info: – More info:

I don’t always like the TD’s- but I definitely like them having more say about European legislation (Article 12 and Protocol 1 Article 4). Vote YES – More info:


I’m voting YES because I can’t believe that human trafficking still happens, and I want to use my vote to stop it (Articles 79, 83 & 87) – More info:

I’m voting YES because I’ve seen the effects of drug smuggling on this country, and I know that stopping the smugglers is the best way to deal with it. (Article 83) – More info:

Energy and Climate Change:

I’m voting YES because anyone with half a brain can see that countries HAVE TO work together if we are serious about fighting climate change (Article 191) – More info:

I’m voting YES because I think that if we negotiate our gas deals together, we get a better price- and heating my house doesn’t cost so much (article 194) – More info:

I’m voting YES because I want to support Irish Universities and Innovation- and the new European Research area will do just that (Articles 179 and 180) – More info:

EU In the World:

I’m voting YES because I was proud to see the EU saving lives on our peacekeeping mission in Chad- and if another crisis occurs, I’ll be proud to see them do it again (Articles 42, 43 and 214) – More info:

I’m voting YES because the Palestinian ambassador to the EU said that a more “politically effective” EU would support peace in her country. And I am for peace in the Middle East (Article 18) – More info:

I’m voting YES because the new High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy will be a voice for peace and justice in the world (Article 18). Vote YES – More info:


I know that for a small state like ours, having our own Commissioner is really important. Vote YES. (December Council Decision) – More info:

I’m voting YES because giving sport a legal basis in the EU matters, as it means more funding for local sports teams and facilities. (Article 165) Vote Yes. – More info:

Cóir want me to vote NO. As do Sinn Féin, UKIP, and a whole load of other crazy people. I know they don’t care about the same things I do. Vote YES – More info:

I’m not conveniently ignoring the fact that the legally binding guarantees are legally binding. Vote YES – More info:

I suffer from a terrible bullshit allergy. Vote YES (article 5 what the EU can/cannot do) – More info:

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Power To the People: Lisbon and Democracy

Generation Yes have produced a great video on Democracy in the EU under the Lisbon Treaty. Check it out!

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Lisbon Art


This is artwork is by an Irish Artist who has licensed the work to Generation Yes Cork for use during the Yes Campaign. I like it.

Are You Registered To Vote?

Second round of the French presidential electi...
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The deadline to register on the electoral register for the October 2nd referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is fast approaching. You have until September 15th to register. So head on over to to make sure you are registered and down. If you arent on the register download form RFA2 (PDF), fill in and send to the Franchise Department in your local council by 5:00pm on September 15th you will be included on the register. That is to say it must be in the office by that time, so do it by Friday to ensure you get on the register.

Dont let others use your vote! Make sure you are registered and vote!

  • The First Web-Roundup of Lisbon II is here!! (
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The Cork Democratic Party

Coat of arms of Cork
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A few parties are using the Lisbon II Referendum Campaign to launch themselves. One of these is the Cork Democratic Party.

Its not very often you come across a political party in Ireland based around a place, so this is an interesting development in itself. It will be quite interesting to find out what they stand for, because all I know at the moment is that they are opposed to the Lisbon Treaty.

I am kind of hoping that they are a secessionist grouping (Cork leaving the republic I mean), because that would liven up political discourse down here!

I wont go into what they are claiming about Lisbon, but they have big signs up on the Sarsfield Road roundabout, if anyone wants to check it out.

If you know anything about them let me know!

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