The Count 2011!


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Its all over. The candidates can lie in this morning as its now the turn of the political hacks who all across the country will be turning up to the count centres across the 43 constituencies to start tallying the Presidential Election.

The boxes will be opened at 9am when the votes will be sorted and tallied. Then the Votes for the presidential election will be sorted. Once sorted the votes will be counted and the result sent to Dublin. We wont have a first count result until all constituencies have reported. We then move on to the second count etc until a President is elected.

Once we have a President elected, the attention will then turn to the referendums. I am assuming they will do in numerical order with the 29th Amendment on Judges Pay (#JPREF) first followed by the 30th Amendment on Oireachtas Investigations (#OIREF).

After the referendum results have been announced the count in the Dublin West by-election will get under way and bring the counting to a close.

I myself will be in the Concert Hall in Cork City Hall helping out with the tallying in Cork South Central (#CSC) and Cork North Central (#CNC).

I will be posting updates on twitter! So keep an eye on the #aras11 and find your constituency tag here

The Forgotten Referendums?

With all the focus on the Presidential Election on October 27th, the two Referenda on the Constitution seem to have slipped under the radar. At home we received the the Referendum Commission’s booklet to the referenda and much like their website I was very disappointed in the the information given.
While they give the basic information on the actual changes to the Constitution as set out in the 29th Amendment to the Constitution, regarding Judges Pay, and the 30th Amendment to the Constitution, regarding Oireachtas Investigations, as they do not give much of the possible limitations or possible consequences to

the changes.

The media attention focused on the Presidential Election has allowed the Government to slip these amendments under the public noses and there seem to be no focus on getting to explain the need or the changes they wish to make.

One source I have found to be quite good is the’s guide to the Referenda which does a far better role then the traditional media or the Referendum Commission itself.

So take the advice of the Referendum Commission and be informed when you go to vote on October 27th and not just what you are voting on but why!

Judges Pay Referendum

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So it looks like we will be having another referendum in Ireland this year. Unfortunately its not the long awaited Children’s Right Referendum, but a referendum to remove Article 35.5 from Bunreacht na hEireann.

That article states

The remuneration of a judge shall not be reduced during his continuance in office.

This article was included to ensure that the Government of the day did not punish judges through their pay. While this may have been seen as an important safeguard in the 1930’s, is it still needed?

The reason that it is being put forward is that due to the austerity measures introduced and the new levies and taxes, they could not be applied to judges due to this article.

I have a feeling that this referendum will be like the Bail Referendum in 1996 (74.83% YES), and the Local Government Referendum in 1999 (77.83% YES).

I believe the yes vote will be of a similar margin if not higher as I cannot foresee their being a major No Campaign, unless of course some people in Law Library get involved, but I can’t see that happening.

So we have a boring campaign to look forward to I think. But out of curiosity, how will you vote?