Th!nk4 Post: Will COP16 Succeed Where COP15 Failed?

This time last year the buzz was beginning to build around COP15 that took place in Copenhagen last year. This was going to be when Europe stood up to the rest of the world and set out its plan and hoped to get everyone else on board.

Did it work? Nope. Will COP 16 be any different is the big question.

We have witnessed 15 Conference’s of the Parties since the signing of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change since 1992. The only things that have come out of these meetings is the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and the Montreal Action Plan in 2005.

Kyoto is soon to run out. COP 16 will be another talking shop. But do we as a planet and a people have the time to wait? Can we leave things as they are till COP 17 in South Africa in 2011? or COP 18 in Qatar or South Korea? Can we as a race take that risk or will we have reached tipping point?

COP 16 attendees will have to prove themselves. I know prepatory meetings are currently under way in China, but can world leaders agree in Cancun between November 29 to December 10 to actually do something. To change how we act towards our environment. Can we protect our planet before its too late.

In a year where it is only now we have found a planet that could possible support life, Gliese 581g, it shows how few and far between this planet and the life we have is. We have been lucky as a race to make it this far. Are we going to be our own worst enemy and destroy our planet. Here is hoping COP 16 will be different and something will come from it.

Originally post on the Th!nk4  website

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Th!nk 4: Back to Climate Change

The European Journalism Centre is back with the next Th!nk About It Competition. This time it will be focusing again on the Climate Change issue in the run up to COP16 in Cancun, Mexico. Here are the details,

The EJC’s long-running TH!NK ABOUT IT blogging competition series gears up for its next evolution. As TH!NK3: Developing World’s final reporting trip prepares to take place in Kenya, a new phase of TH!NK is about to unfold.

TH!NK team invites YOU to participate in our new short-form competition which is now open. We’ll think of Climate Change and will focus on the COP16 climate negotiations in Cancun (Mexico). The TH!NK4: Climate Change competition closes 15 December, at 12 noon (GMT +1).

The new, improved, and even more transparent than before TH!NK4: Climate Change, does not require you to write a specific number of articles – but of course activity on the site improves your chances of being selected. The competition is open for everyone who signs up and provides a decent-quality text as his/her first post.

The Prizes include:
1x Macbook
2x FLIP HD camera
15x Special reporting trips to COP16 in Cancun (with support of EU)

Note: You need to blog in the first half of contest period in order to be eligible for reporting trips to Cancun.

You can sign up HERE to participate in this competition.

I have applied so hopefully I will be blogging alot about COP16.

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Cabinet Meetings: Under Water and on top of Mountains

A post from the Blog!

Last month the Maldives Government held a Cabinet meeting under waterto highlight the threat of global warming to the island nation. This month Nepal’s Government will hold a Cabinet meeting at the Mount Everest base-camp to highlight the threat to glaciers. While both of these events are being reported around the world, will they do anything in the lead up to the talks in Copenhagen?

While both events can be used to place moral pressure on other states to do something at the COP15 summit, I don’t very much if it will be a clincher to a deal. These events have great media potential and both Governments have created a brilliant media event around these meetings and have gotten headlines. But whats the point if they don’t produce a deal in December?

The Maldives will still be at risk of flooding and Nepal’s glaciers will still be in danger of melting even faster.

There is a lot of razzmatazz and drama being built up around the COP15 conference, for the benefit of the World’s media. Some of it is by poor countries, and more of it is by NGO’s in various countries. While in some cases this media around the conference us good as it raises the awareness around the conference and things we can do to lessen our impact on the environment. Will it have any effect on the Governments that represent us?

Will Merkel, Obama, Brown and Cowen become converted to the cause of what is actually needed due to the actions of the Maldives and Nepal Governments? I frankly don’t think so.

Something more needs to be done to convince them of the right path. But I fear it will take an environmental catastrophe for them to be convinced. I fear it will be too late then.

Time to Learn about Climate Change

Remember round 2 of the blogging competition I was in that I blogged about? Well I have been selected! They were looking for 81 bloggers from around Europe so it will be interested to see in who else gets selected.

The competition will be a bit different for me this time round, we will all be given cameras (I need to sort out my shakey hand) and the number of posts per month has increased to 3.

I am really looking forward to going to Copenhagen and learning more about Climate Change and the COP15 conference.

So I will be off to Copenhagen at the end of September for the launch event, I can’t wait!

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Lets Keep Th!nk going!

Image of Th!nk about it  from Twitter
Image of Th!nk about it

I have a post up on the Th!nk blog (yes its still going) asking people to keep it going. I am not sure how its going to be received by most Th!nkers now that the competition element in that part of the site is gone.

Hopefully some people will get back to blogging on it and make it into a Euro style Irishelection which would be class and might invigorate the Euro blogosphere. Maybe the EJC will open it up a bit and allow others to join it?

Anyways let see what happens!

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Th!nk Round 2 Open for Applications

Image of Th!nk about it  from Twitter
Image of Th!nk about it

The 2nd round of the Th!nk Blogging Competition is open for applications. They are looking for 81 bloggers from Europe as well as having guests from India, China, Brazil and the USA.

The focus of the competition this time round will be the COP15 Climate Change Confrence in Copenhagen, Denmark.

You can sign-up for Th!nk2 on the home page as well as finding out more about the competition.

PS: There is prizes and I have signed up.

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Normality – for a bit & Cologne & Rotterdam Memories

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So I am back in Ireland after my holidays. It was great so things shall return to normal on the blog. Well until the weekend as I’m off on Cub Pack Camp to Fota Scout Campsite in Co. Cork. So dont expect a lot over the next few days as I work the germanisms out of my system!! I found myself better at German this time round so even though I was there for only a week I could understand and speak more german then when i was there for five months!!! Crazy like!!

This morning was the weirdest thing ever though. Me and Elain got on the wrong train to Koln/Bonn Flugaehen. So we had to go back to the Hauptbahnhof. Who was on the platform but one of my friends, Helene, who I wasnt able to meet with due to other things. Why was she there? Cause she missed her train! Faith or what!!

It was seriously great to see everyone again also. Huge thanks to Elaine for putting me up and feeding me! Also to her kids (and cats!) who kept me entertained!! I made some new friends and it was certainly great to see my old friends from Cologne also!

Now for Rotterdam. I was named as one of the quality bloggers in the comnpetition, and I won an iPhone!! It was an amzing time and great to meet the other Th!nkers who had I had been interacting with on comments and stuff.

Th!nk will be continuing but its focus will be changing to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in the Autumn. I think it is a pity because there is a need for a group EU blog in my opinion, without the compertition. Maybe a few of us will get together and set one up? If anyone is interested let me know at Stephen[AT]stephenspillane[DOT]com.

Anyways, back to jobhunting and blogging until Friday!

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Cringe!! Th!nk Interview

So yea, I got sent the link of my th!nk interview! (Thanks Mantas!) So raather then let you people find it, here it is! The questions I am answering are:

1) what you think about the EP election results in your home country and 2) what have you learned from the project.


I never realised I sounded so Irish!! Really in my head I dont sound so Irish…

Tips for future interviews greatly received!

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Who will be on the Next Commission?

Jon Worth one of the Th!nk editors and a few others, Julien, Andreas and Joe have an excellent idea. Their are looking for ideas and possibilities for the next commission. So will represent your country?

I think Pat Cox will be the Irish Commissioner. Am I right? or is it there a better candidate?

Morning from Rotterdam!

Well I am holidays, well kind of! I am at the finale. We have a day lined up and a boat trip, its going to fun.

So far I have gotten to meet two of my favourite European Bloggers. Julien Frisch and Joesef