Practical Reason to Vote Yes: Crime

Generation Yes have produced a fantastic youtube video giving a few practical reasons to vote yes on the Lisbon Treaty. This video gives a few reasons in the area of Crime, especially in the area of human trafficking and drug smuggling.

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Luxembourg in Video

Carmel has some videos from Luxembourg up on her blog, so I have robbed them in case you missed them! I of course am in them and the second video as me attempting Irish Dancing while under the influence. It really gives you a taste of what we got up to and why it was so much fun!

Part one: Presenting Our Online Identities Offline

Part Two: Intercultural Night

These videos reminded me of all the fun I had and what I learned! Thanks Carmel!

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Goodnight, Travel Well

This is the new video from the Killers. It has been made in conjunction with UNICEF, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and US Agency for International Development (USAID). It is a haunting video. Full PR under the video

Starting today, MTV audiences around the world will see a new music video that aims to raise awareness about sex trafficking. Featuring the rock band The Killers, the video is an exclusive collaboration between UNICEF, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and the US Agency for International Development.

The track, Goodnight, Travel Well, is from the album Day & Age. The video is the second in a series of music video collaborations that highlight the danger and impact of human trafficking.

The series launched last year with an award-winning film – produced by MTV EXIT that featured the Radiohead single All I Need.

Via UN Dispatch

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Foot of the Mountain

a-ha at Irving Plaza 1
Image by Whistling in the Dark via Flickr

I tweeted today asking if anyone else had heard A-ha’s (remember them?) new song. I was shocked to get tweets back saying they didnt know they had a song out. When I was in Germany I kept hearing the song so I assumed it was on release here, but I was wrong. Anyway here is the song. It sounds like a bit like Take That, or as one tweeter put it a “Nordic Take That”!

Anyway check out the song its called “Foot of the Mountain” and may be on release here soon.

What you think of it?

Political blogging will resume soon.

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Putting in Persepective: Aid vs Bailouts

This is from the UN Millennium Campaign and certainly puts things in perspective.

Lets hope they do something about it at the UN General Assembly’s high-level summit on the economic crisis, which is currently taking place.

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Cringe!! Th!nk Interview

So yea, I got sent the link of my th!nk interview! (Thanks Mantas!) So raather then let you people find it, here it is! The questions I am answering are:

1) what you think about the EP election results in your home country and 2) what have you learned from the project.


I never realised I sounded so Irish!! Really in my head I dont sound so Irish…

Tips for future interviews greatly received!

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Danny La Rue – RIP

One of Cork’s finest entertainers Danny La Rue died today. He was born in Cork. According to the statement on his website:

Danny La Rue – 1927 – 2009

Entertainer Danny La Rue has died at his home in Kent at the age of 81

La Rue’s spokeswoman told the PA News Agency that the star had died after suffering from prostate cancer.

“Danny died peacefully in his sleep just before midnight last night after a short illness,” she said.

His beloved companion Annie Galbraith was with him at their home in Kent.

Heres a few clips from youtube

Danny La Rue as Joan Collins

Danny La Rue

RIP Danny

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Eddie Izzard on the EU

The above is from one of Eddie Izzards DVD’s “Dressed to Kill” in it he describes the European Union as “the cutting edge of politics in the most extraordinary way” and he is so right. He accurately states that Britan needs to be in the driving seat, but also highlights a few issues with the complexity of the EU, especially when it comes to languages. This was recorded when we only had 15 member states, we now have 27! Even more languages to contend with!

PS: Eddie Izzard is one of my favourite comedians ever. And here is one of my favourite sketches from that DVD. Languages

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I have a friend who is big into singing and that and I never heard him sing. Last night he sent me a link  to one of his songs he just put on youtube and its one of my favourite songs by Phil Coulter. The song is Carrickfergus and all I can say is Ethan you do it justice! He has a career ahead of him!

(Yes I did promise to blog about it, but it deserves to be!)

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How desperate are you for a Job? NSFW??

Heres a fun video from a friend on Facebook. It may offend some readers..

No politics this weekend, its a bank holiday!