My Opinion – Year in Review

Well that is the visitor stats for My Opinion this year, and I must say its been the best year yet. I started off blogging back in March ’05 but its only in the last few months that I really got into blogging as can be seen in the graph!

2006 has been quite a year for me. Mainly down as my health, mentally and physically deteriorated. Between my tonsils and left eye (I’ve developed a blind spot) and my mental health difficulties (Panic Attacks nearly over them, hence all the posts on Mental Health!) I have had bright spots. My excellent parents, sister, extended family, friends and colleagues have all rallied around and given me excellent support and I love ye all!!! I’m leaving out one very important person, my rock, my Boyfriend. He was the bright spot of 2006 for me, and the year would have been terrible without him and his support. I’ve been with him for half the year now and, for the first time, I defiantly can say, that I know what it is to be loved and to love!

On this blog though I’ve continued with the old FG slant (obv like!) and started a new daily blog post, Morning Briefing, which I’m really enjoying. My interest in the Irish Language as been rekindled through various blogs and taking to people as Gaeilge and starting off my Morning Briefings with a bit of Irish!

Well 2006 will be a year that I will never forget for good and bad reasons! Heres to 2007!

Morning Briefing, 31st December

Well its the last day of 2006 and my final Morning briefing of the year 🙁 not that I’ve been doing them for very long, but I’d like to take this moment to wish all the readers of this blog the Best for 2007! Have a great night and be careful!!!!

An nuacht ar an maidin seo!

CNN reports on Kofi Annan’s Legacy saying he left a ‘mixed legacy’ reports on the destruction of prisoner files in the North before the Freedom of Information Act came in. I’m surprised that didn’t happen down here. Reminds me of an episode of Yes, Minister, the one where Sir Humphrey’s mistake is hushed up by saying the files were destroyed in a flood!

McDowell is spouting off again, saying the PD’s will be successful in the next election according to Who do you think will win the next election? Vote on Cllr Seamus Ryan’s Blog

Now its time for year 2006 round ups!

France 24: Retrospective 2006

BBC: Stories of 2006

Thats all i can find for the moment! so enjoy what is left of 2006!
Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit.