2008 – A year in Blog Posts Part 3 (Jul – Dec)

I am down to reviewing one blog at this point so going to deal with July to December in one go. They were quiet months so it should be ok! Check out part one and part two if you missed them!

Europe, Fine Gael and religion are the topics

# Euro Vote ’09
Voter Registration Campaign for the European Elections
# Me and Religion
I ditch Atheism for B’ahaí
# Ditching The Euro
Should be abandon the Euro? I think not
# Fine Gael – Right of Centre, Left of Centre of Just Centre?
I try to define where FG are politically

US Elections come to the fore and I think Ireland needs an Abortion Act

# What Ireland Needs: An Abortion Act
Well it does
# TK Maxx a Rip Off?!?!
Im non-plussed by TK Maxx
Palin gets the Nod

News of an Eary budget breaks, Progressive Democrats near the end and Prop 8 hits the headlines.

# “Government has finally woken up to the scale of the crisis facing the economy”
My reaction to the announcement of the early budget
# “Progressive Democrats is no longer politically viable”
PD’s begine their slow death
# Being a Gay Conservative
An Article I wrote for UCC LGBT
# A possible solution?
A possible solution to Lisbon
# Who else is running?
3rd party and independent candidates in the US.

US election heated up and the Budget

# I didn’t realise how much of an idiot Biden actualy is until now!
Biden is an idiot….
# Not in a Million Years!
My intial reaction to the Budget
# Do the Government want to fall? – Newsvine
I toy with Newsvine and write this
# Budget – Still not happy…
Still not happy to this day

A busy month for blogging!

# Ireland South: A look ahead
Looking ahead at the elections
# I Love Cork OpenCoffee Club
My first OpenCoffee Club meeting
# A reason to Love Cork
A post on what happened one weekend.
# Leave My Bank Alone!
I dont want IL&P to be merged

Another busy month for blogging. Here are some interesting posts.

# World AIDS Day – Respect and Protect
World AIDS Day Post
# Don’t Eat The Pork
Pork recall
# Three Magic Words
How I met my boyfriend and told him I loved him.
# I’m in Shock
Im in a blogging competition
# There is something that might get me to vote yes

In Lisbon Vs Nice, Lisbon wins
# Am I a Geek or a Nerd?
# I am a Fan!
Some things I like
# Some tips for new bloggers
They might come in handy
# Did we get it wrong on the Pope?
I think so

Well 2008 has been an interesting year and it lookd 2009 will be off to a great start. May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads this blog and links to it. And best wishes for 2009!

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2008 – A year in Blog Posts Part 2 (Apr – Jun)

Part two of my review of year. This time covering from April to June. Part one is here if you missed it.

April saw my sister visiting in me Germany and me facing a domestic God test. On this blog Lisbon, Eurovision and the UK Locals dominated as well as a few recurring themes.

German Blog
# Bye Sis!
My sister visits me
# Good Parenting Skills?
The boys test my patience
# When the language barrier gets annoying
A reason to learn German
# Domestic God Test: The result
Looking after the boys for an entire weekend on my own
# Spitzname

This Blog
# How Germany NOT the US Screwed up the invasion of Iraq
# Why I love David Norris
He Cracks me up at times
# Gay Intolerance of ConservativesGay Pride… Revisited.
More thoughts on gay pride
# Fathers Response to Gay Kids
Heartening responses from fathers with gay kids – from PFLAG
# How MEP’s Work
An interesting site that will come in useful next year with the europeans coming up!

May saw me return to Ireland and start canvassing. Cowen took over as leader of Ireland inc. and eurovision didnt happen on the blog as planned!

German Blog
# Deutsch, Francais unt/et/and English
Fun with languages
# Last 9 days…
Preparing to leave Germany
# So Long Farewell!
# I’m Home!
My first post back in Ireland
# I Never Knew I Meant So Much To People
The reaction I got to being home

This Blog
# Not a good night, A Great Night!!!
My reaction to UK Local Election Results
# The Next Taoiseach of Ireland: Brian Cowen
A look ahead to Government under Cowen
# New Cabinet: Who’s Up? Who’s Down? Who hasn’t Moved?
I take a look at the reshuffle
# Back on the Canvass
Out canvassing for the Lisbon treaty

In June I lost interest in my other blog and I eventually stopped updating it. So from now on its just posts from this blog. So in June we voted no to Lisbon and Lisbon fairly dominates my posts.

# Question: Are we Neutral?
My view on Irish Neutrality
# The Myths of the “No Side”
I try to dispel some myths
# What Better Deal?
I take issue with a Sinn Fein ad
# Lisbon Round II? No Thanks!
My intial reaction to the No Vcte
# “no alternative to a new referendum”
Venting again

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2008 – A year in Blog Posts Part 1 (Jan – Mar)

The Cologne Cathedral at the Rhine river is a ...Image via Wikipedia2008 has been a great year for me. I left this island for a short spell in Germany and various other things have happened since then. So to celebrate that I am looking through the archives off this blog and my recently closed German blog and posting what I think are interesting posts from the last 12 months. The first part is looking at January to March. I was hoping to do this in one post but it will be a bit long if I do. More during the week!

January was a great month for me as I arrived in Germany and settled in. I also made a few predictions.

German Blog
# Contact Made and Day 1
The end of my first day as an au pair.
# Day 5: Sick no longer, getting into the Routine and Karneval!
Title sums it up.
#Karneval and Karneval Songs
Some music
# Karneval nearly sorted and an update!
How to get ready for Karneval
# Touristy things and whats happening this weekend
Some interesting things around Koeln
# Kölle Alaaf (Long live Cologne!) and Photos!
Last post before Karneval

This Blog
# US Election 2008
I predicted a democratic win, but thought it would be Clinton.
# Election Results: Hessen (Hesse) unt Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
Some election results
# Treaty of Lisbon Reasons for a Yes Vote. Part 1
I tried to convince people early and from Germany
# Treaty of Lisbon Part 2: Making the EU more democratic
More on Lisbon
# My first post about Eurovision: Dustin the Turkey to represent Ireland
My first post about Eurovision and the turkey…

Hungover for half the month over Karneval. Eurovision, US Primaries, Kosovo, and of course Lisbon dominated. I also started EU Links for a bit.

German Blog
# Karneval: photos
Links to photos from an amazing weekend!
# German Txt Spk
A post on Texting in German.
# Mark Twain: The Awful German Language
This should be compulsory reading for all students of German.

This Blog
# Treaty of Lisbon Episode 3: Efficient and modern institutions
# Interesting Facebook Groups
What it says on the tin
# Eurovision: Dustin suffers backlash
Phil Coulter, Frank McNamara and Shay Healy don’t think we should send Dustin.
# Newropeans, A new pan European Political Party
A look at Newropeans
# Kosovo declares itself independent as an EU Colony
Well in my opinion anyway
# Please don’t use Lisbon to punish the Government!
A plea that went unheeded?
# Treaty of Lisbon Episode IV: The Charter of Fundamental Rights
More on Lisbon
# Dustin wins Eurosong
my first listen to the song, I didnt like it!
# Anti-Depressents: My Views and Experience
My reaction to a BBC story
# The Irish Conservative Homosexual Agenda
I forgot I wrote this post. Some thoughts on what Conservative Gays want.

Eurovision fever took hold on this blog and I weathered a hurrican in Germany!

German Blog
# I slept throug Hurricane Emma
My mother was right! I did sleep through a hurricane!
# The Languages of Linie 9
The languages I heard everday
# EL-DE Haus
A visit to EL-DE Haus
# I’m Dreaming of a White… Easter?!?!?!?!
Features a cute picture of me sledding according to himself!
# I am now an expert on…. Volcanoes!
Helping with projects

This Blog
# SNAG Póst: AE Conradh um Athchóiriú (Conradh um Liospóin)
Seachtain na Gaeilge Post on Lisbon
# Gay Pride: Triumphalist or rembering a historical battle for human rights?
A look at gay pride
# Grand Prix Vorentscheid 2008 – Live Blogging Attempt
A fun way to watch a show in another language!
# Me Not Meth – New Campaign in Ca
A campaign on methamphetamine in California
# Lisbonne: douze points
Remarks by Margot Wallström
# To The Holy Catholic And Apostolic Church, I’m Leaving You
I tried out atheism for a bit
# Poem: My Name: Is Meth
A poem about the dangers of meth
# Eurovision Semi-Final One: Preview and Prediction
A look a semi final one

Stay tuned for the rest. All will be done by new years! 🙂

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The Nobel Prize in Physics 2008

The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2008 has been announced by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. This year the prize goes to Yoichiro Nambu (USA) “for the discovery of the mechanism of spontaneous broken symmetry in subatomic physics” and Makoto Kobayashi (JPN) and Toshihide Maskawa (JPN) “for the discovery of the origin of the broken symmetry which predicts the existence of at least three families of quarks in nature”.

I tried to read more about the stuff they discovered but got very confused. It is quantum physics not exactly my forte.

Press Release

Last years winners

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2008

It’s that time of the year again! The Nobel Prize for Medicine went to Harald zur Hausen (GER), for his discovery of “human papilloma viruses causing cervical cancer” and Françoise Barré-Sinoussi (FRA) and Luc Montagnier (FRA) for their discovery of “human immunodeficiency virus”.

Well we all know the impact of HIV and more recently the virus causing cervical cancer against which there is now a vaccine!

Press Release

Tomorrow sees Physics being announced, followed by Chemistry on Wednesday. Literature, Peace and Economics follow them each with there own day.

Last years winners

Apology, Eurovision

I wish to apologies to everyone for my complete absence of blogging during Eurovision. Gamma, gave out to me already. I know I normally blog a lot during Eurovision, but this year due to moving back home, going canvassing and generally going out to meet friends I didn’t have time to blog.

So what did I think of Eurovision?

I enjoyed the format this year, it was a pity that the second semi was stronger but that also made it more enjoyable.

Dustin was a fun entry but come on, we knew it wasn’t going to do well. At least he didn’t come last in the Semi and had more then one country voting for him!

I was really surprised at how badly Sweden did and how well Norway did!

The Ukraine ended up being my favourite but it was close between Ukraine, Denmark and Norway for my vote on Saturday, I eventually decided on “Shady Lady”! On Tuesday I voted for Norway.

For the third year in a row we gave the UK 8 points. I dont know why really.

Russia did deserve to win as they picked up points nearly from every country. Its not just the neighbours, but they help!

So how did I do on my predictions?

In the first Semi I said
Poland – Yup
Finland – Yup
Russia – Yup
Israel – Yup
San Marino – Nope
Norway – Yup
Andorra – Nope
Greece – Yup
Belgium – Nope
Armenia – Yup

7/10 delighted on that one. I missed Azerbaijan, who were really good. Bosnia & Herzegovina, who also surprised me and Romania.

In the Second Semi I said

Ukraine – Yup
Sweden – Yup (thank you juries)
Bulgaria – Nope
Denmark – Yup
Malta – Nope
Croatia – Yup
Latvia – Yup
Georgia – Yup
FYR Macedonia – Nope (damn you juries!)
Hungary – Nope

So again I got 7/10 not bad like! The juries saved Sweden but at the expense of FYR Macedonia who came in 10th in the Televoting. I missed out on Turkey, Iceland and Portugal.

Anyway thats enough rambling bout Eurovision for now!

Eurovision, Final Preview, no predictions

It 41 days to the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. The Final will take place on the 24th of May, just like the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. The new format this year sees only 5 automatic qualoifiers, the Big Four (France, Spain, Germany and the UK) and last years winner and this years hosts Serbia! So there is only 5 songs to be heard. As there is only 5, I wil post the Youtube Videos rather then just link to them

Lets go!

United Kingdom (BBC) respresented by Andy Abraham singing “Even If

A nice song, though is it enough to reverse the UK’s recent results? I dont think so. All in all, it is a nice song, may do well in the charts for Andy.

Germany (NDR) represented by No Angels singing “Disappear

Now I voted for this song in the German National Final. I love it and can be heard singing along with it on nights out. This will be the entry I will be supporting! Deustchland Über Alles! *Note to self: buy German flag for Eurovision Night!

France (France 3) represented by Sébastien Tellier singing “Divine

For the first time ever France has entered a song in English!!! When I first heard this song, I didnt like it, though they seamed to have done some work to it. It is a nice song, but it dosent stand out for me, but it does remind me of the beachboys strangely enough.

Spain (TVE) represented by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre singing “Baila el chiki chiki

If you though Dustin was bad, this worse, much worse! I have to agree with Perez Hilton when he calls it the “Stupidest Song Ever“. I’ll be cringing in horror when this one comes on! I would say nil points but neighbourly voting will see Andorra and Portugal voting for Spain.

Serbia (RTS) represented by Jelena Tomašević singing “Oro

Serbia follow up on lasts years winner with another lovely ballad. I like this song, but I think their are stronger ballads in the competition especially Poland. Can Serbia make it two in a row?

Lyrics – Lyrics and Translations
Songs and Running Order – Eurovision Website

Previous Posts:
Eurovision Semi-Final One: Preview and Prediction
Eurovision, Semi Final Two: Preview and Predictions

Dustin for Eurovision: The links

I got invited to the Facebook group supporting Dustin today so I decided to see what was on the ol’ web about it.

There is 92,000 results on google for “Dustin for Eurovision

Thers a bebo profile where he might Do the Flap Falps if people put him as their top friend!

Dustin is a 1-3 favourite to be the Winner of Eurosong according to Paddypower.com

Theres a Flickr Group

thats all the groups and that I can find, plenty of news stories and forum topics on it though. If anyone knows of a website or blog about Dustin’s entry please let me know!

Eurovision Entries confirmed so far..

So I have gone a little eurovision mad today… its only 155 days away!

but here are the confirmed entries to far..

  • Albania picked female singer Olta Boka for Belgrade. She sings the ballad Zemrën Lamë Peng (Youtube)
  • Andorra will be represented by Gisela. She will sing the up-tempo song Casanova. The song has been written and composed by Jordi Cubino (Youtube)
  • Armenian broadcaster ARMTV selected Sirusho as 2008 Eurovision Song Contest representative. Her song has not yet been chosen
  • Ruslan Alenko will represent Belarus with Hasta La Vista (Youtube)
  • Elvir Lakovic Laka will represent Bosnia & Herzegovina with the song Pokusaj
  • Evdokia Kadi will represent Cyprus with Femme Fatale (Youtube)
  • Czech Republic will be represented by Tereza Kerndlová with Have Some Fun (Youtube)
  • Israel will be represented by Pop Idol winner Boaz Mauda. The public will be able to pick his song for Belgrade out of five internally selected compositions
  • With the song Vodka, Morena will represent Malta at the upcoming contest (Youtube)
  • Dutch broadcaster NOS invited Hind to represent the Netherlands. She will select her own song for Belgrade at a later stage
  • With a song in Italian titled Era Stupendo, Paolo Meneguzzi represents Switzerland this year (Youtube)
  • Turkey will be represented by the band Mor ve Ötesi. A song has not been presented yet
  • Ani Lorak, superstar in Ukraine, will represent the country at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. No song has been picked yet

Enjoy the Youtube links! Thinks thats enough Eurovision for one day, dont you?