Have we missed our chance on adoption?

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In a year that hopefully sill see a Civil Union bill passed in Ireland, Suzy highlights the new adoption Adoption Bill which EXCLUDES Same Sex Couples! Has the Gay community been so obsessed with the issue of Gay Marriage/Civil Unions that we have left this one fly under our noses?

The legislation will limit Adoption to Married Couples and Single Applicants of “good moral character”. I wonder will a gay person be able to adopt as a single person?

This legislation does not mention Civil Partnerships and the current draft of the Civil Partnership bill does not mention amending this legislation.

This is another fight on our hands so I think it is time that Ireland took the leap and got in line with Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, England and Wales, who all allow gay adoption!

Time to get contacting TD’s and Senators as this was passed to second stage in the Seanad lase week!

Please do contact your public representatives and let me know their response! I shall be doing the same. Let us not lose the fight over this due to focusing on Gay Civil unions!

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