Boycott Hungary?

Logo of the EU-ACP Joint AssemblyAn interesting possibility has arisen from ALDE MEP’s. They want to move a meeting of the EU-African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Joint Parliamentary Assembly to Brussels according to Euractiv (original in French and English) thereby boycotting Hunagary. This is seen as a democratic protest against the recent media law in Hungary. This law has met with opposition from within and without Hungary.

The idea of this boycott came after Belgian MEP Louis Michel, co-chair of the EU-ACP assembly, called a special meeting after receiving a letter from Luxembourg colleague Charles Goerens MEP, who wrote that the law ”violates democratic principles recognised by EU member states”.

The ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly brings together MEPs and elected representatives from the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries that have signed the Cotonou Agreement.

MPs from the ACP states meet their European counterparts for two plenary sessions a year, focusing on democracy and human rights. The 2011 meetings are scheduled for 16-18 May in Budapest and 21-23 November in Sierra Leone.

This is an interesting tactic by the liberal MEPs and is a constructive way to voice criticism of Hungary’s media. If the meeting is moved it will mean some loss of face for the Hungarian Government.

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Register for TH!NK3!

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I got this via Email from the European Journalism Centre. I took part in Th!nk1 and Th!nk2 (though didn’t finish it). Do check it out.

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) invites you to apply for the third round of our acclaimed blogging competition, TH!NK3: Developing World.

TH!NK3 will bring together some 100 bloggers, journalists, issue experts and students from the 27 EU member states, as well as neighbourhood countries and beyond, to exchange ideas and debate sustainable development and global cooperation topics. The blogging competition will run from 24 March to 31 August and begins with a launch event in Brussels, 22-23 March. The awards include opportunities to travel and report from Asia and Africa. The big prize is a trip to the UN headquarters in New York in September 2010, at the time of the Millenium Development Goals summit. All trips are sponsored by the EJC or our partners.

The previous two editions of our competition, TH!NK2: Climate Change and  TH!NK1: European Elections 2009, received hundreds of thousands of visitors and got the attention of major mainstream media. TH!NK2: Climate Change won the European Public Affairs Award for the “Best Web 2.0 Campaign of the Year” in 2009.

To participate in the competition, please go to, where you can read more about TH!NK3 and fill out the application form.

The EJC is an independent, international, non-profit institute dedicated to the highest standards in journalism. For the TH!NK3 launch event, we have received additional support from the European Commission.

Best of luck if you enter! I can guarentee it is worth it! I won’t be entering due to the fact I am too busy with college and Anna Lindh Foundation stuff.

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Euroblog Round up #1

So as an editor over on I have great access to a huge number of blogs and can help choose what goes on the front page. Unfortunately not everything I would like can go on the front page (there are others there also) I will do a regularish posting like this one to publicise some of the other things going on in the euroblogosophere, whether on the front page or not! Dont expect this daily or weekly mind you! Its only when I have time!

New Commission

The Common Agriculture Blog thinks the new Agricultural Commissioner could get a hard ride through the Parliament

Public Affairs 2.0 have a great PDF of all the biographical details of the new Commission

Climate Change

Eberhard Rhein calls on the EU to cut emmissions by 30%

The CTA blog also tells us that the EU and ACP countries are working together at the Copenhagen Summit

3e Intelligence look at the pros and cons of a  EU Border Carbon Tax

European Council

Ralf Grahn highlights the not so transparent European Council, even though it is now an institution of the EU.


The CTA blog informs us that imports from the EAC countries will now be taxed due to a delay in signing an Economic Partnership Agreement

Human Rights

Jaanika Erne on Ideas on Europe tells us a bit about Human Rights day which was yesterday.

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Aged 16-18? Win a trip to Africa!

Thanks to Eoin Ryan MEP for highlighting this on twitter. Vist to see how you could win a trip to Africa. One person from Ireland has to win! Check it out! Best of luck if you enter!

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In agreement with…. Kevin Myers

Okay so I can see me getting into a spot of bother with this post, but I seam to be heading more right wing in my old age (I turn an old 23 this year 😛 ). But anyway, Kevin Myers got into a spot of bother this week (not a new thing for him) over a colum he wrote for Indo on July 10th entitled “Africa is giving nothing to anyone — apart from AIDS” he raises some good points about population in Africa and how many people can an overstretched continent support? While I might some share some of his exacts thoughts on this issue I think it is something we should be able to share our views on without being called ‘racist’ or have Immigrant Council of Ireland make complaint about views.

Myer’s column on Friday was also interesting and takes another look at the Olympics, completely ignoring the Tibetan issue (which I am still slightly torn over) but is worth a read. “Corrupt, from the starting blocks to the finishing line” does paint a goodpicture of a country that has hosted the Olympic games.

After every Olympics, the hosts resemble Belgium 1918: broken, beaten, shattered — their economies ruined, their cities devastated, their sons slain on this Olympian field. The voices rise, querulously declaring, never again: NEVER AGAIN!

He has a point… Im beginning to feel sorry for China

Morning Briefing, 21st February

Dia Duit!

Well between the Govt. delaying the Civil Union Bill 2006 and the Polish President making homophobic remarks in Ireland (RTÉ) I’m really pissed off!

The UK are to make an announcement on withdrawal of troops from Iraq (RTÉ) It is thought likely that Mr Blair will make any announcement in an oral statement to the House of Commons following his regular weekly appearance at Prime Minister’s Questions. I hope he does pull ’em out

At 5:00pm this evening the Seanad will debate the Mental Capacity and Guardianship Bill 2007, please if you know a senator ask them to vote for it.

The Civil Unions Bill 2006 also goes to a vote this evening after the continuation of the debate at 7:00p, tonight.

Trocaire has launched an online neworking site called ‘Just World’

Thats all i can find for now!


Nigeria – Update

After my last post on Nigeria, I’ve found two interesting blog posts over on FACT OR FICTION on the issue. One is a post on Nigeria’s human right obligations under the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The second is an open letter to the President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

USI LGBT have a page on their website about Nigeria, and what they are advocating to do, including contact details for the Nigerian Embassy in Dublin.

Organisations supporting the abandonment of this Bil:

Africa Action, United States

African Human Rights Organization, Cameroon

Alliance Rights, Nigeria

Center for Democracy and Development, Nigeria

Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche en Droits de l’Homme – Démocratie et Justice Transitionnelle, Democratic Republic of Congo

Civil Liberties Organization, Nigeria

Global Rights, United States

Human Rights Watch, United States

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, United States

International Commission of Jurists, Switzerland

International Service for Human Rights, Switzerland

Legal Defense and Assistance Project, Nigeria

National Black Justice Coalition, United States

Support Project in Nigeria, Nigeria

University of Pretoria – Centre for Human Rights, South Africa

*UPDATE* the proposed bill is a on the USI LGBT website (PDF)

Help or Colonialsim in a New From?

Via Al Jazeera

A Danish Artist as been offering poor Ugandans a way out of poverty by offering them animals in exchange for them changing their name to Hornselth.

Kristian von Hornsleth … is offering villagers of Buteyongera aid in the form of a pig or goat if they take on his name, is a commentary on the hypocrisies of society.

The Scheme is not a favourite of the Ugandan Government though.

Officials such as James Buturo, the ethics and integrity minister, have condemned the Uganda Village Project, which Hornsleth launched in June, as racist

“It’s a remark about hypocrisy, about Western and Third World relations, about aid against free trade,” Hornsleth said.

Their is a huge debate ongoing in the Ugandan media about this.

Ugandan newspapers have filled up with letters and columns, some praising, but many angrily condemning the “pig-for-name” project, as an insult to poor Ugandans.

On the ground its a different story

“We’re so grateful for these animals,” said Kabaalu Muyiwe Hornsleth, trudging through a field of banana plants towards her new goat tied to a tree in Buteyongera village, central Uganda. “Who cares about a name? We’re poor and he helped us.”

In response to claims that it was threatening the sovereignty of Uganda

George Sabadu, a 46 year-old Uganda, said: “Africans adopting European names for gifts – we’ve been doing that since colonial times. Why do you think I am called George?”

This is not a charity according to Horselth

“It’s not a donation, it’s a service. I don’t believe in aid, I believe in free trade.”

Im not sure myself about this but im for anything that helps people, help themselves, as im a firm beleiver in the old adage “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Ethiopia authorises military action

Ethiopia’s parliament has authorised military action in the event of an attack on the country by Somalia’s Union of Islamic Courts.

On Thursday the Ethiopian parliament passed a resolution to let the government take “all necessary” steps in response to what it said were plans for an invasion by the Islamic Courts movement.

Parliament approved the resolution by 311 votes to 90 against and 16 abstentions.

The resolution states that: “Parliament hereby authorises the government to take all necessary and legal steps to stave off a declaration of holy war and invasion by the Union of Islamic Courts against the country.”

Meles Zenawi, prime minister of Ethiopia, said his country had already suffered attacks by groups working closely with Eritrea and the Islamic Courts forces in Somalia.

He said: “The jihadists in the Union of Islamic Courts, in collaboration with Eritrea, have already invaded Ethiopia by smuggling in rebel groups whom they trained and armed … to destabilise and create upheaval in the country.”

Ethiopian troops killed

On Thursday the Islamic Courts claimed to have blown up an Ethiopian military truck near Baidoa in Somalia, the headquarters of the country’s transitional government.

Fighters targeted a government convoy, possibly with a remote-controlled bomb, blowing up one of the vehicles, close to a camp where Ethiopians were training troops loyal to the transitional government.

Sheikh Mukhta Robow, deputy defence chief for the Union of Islamic Courts, said: “In praise of Allah, our holy warriors succeeded and destroyed a truck carrying troops. I’m not sure how many were killed, but all who were on board were blown up.”

Sources have said around 20 Ethiopian troops were killed in the attack, but the claims could not be independently verified and one Somali government official denied the attack took place.

Later a suicide car bomb was also reported to have exploded at a government checkpoint outside Baidoa.

The attacks came a day after the Islamic Courts accused Ethiopia of shelling a Somali town.

Arms embargo

On Wednesday, the UN security council condemned what it called a “significant increase” in the flow of weapons to Somalia in violation of a 1992 arms embargo.

The Union of Islamic Courts and the Ethiopian-backed transitional government are vying for control of Somalia, and many analysts fear that it could escalate into a regional conflict.

Both Ethiopia and Eritrea have been accused of violating the 14-year-old arms embargo on Somalia.

The US is consulting the UN Security Council members on a resolution that would lift the arms embargo for a regional peacekeeping force to help promote dialogue between the transitional government and the UIC.

However, the Islamic Courts movement is opposed to foreign intervention in the country and has declared a holy war on Ethiopia over incursions into its territories.

Ethiopia says it just has a few hundred military trainers in Somalia but a report commissioned by the UN suggests between 6,000 and 8,000 Ethiopian troops are in or near Somalia’s border.

The report also said 2,000 troops from Eritrea are inside Somalia supporting the Islamic Courts.

Source Al Jazeera