New Blogs!

I haven’t done a post like this in a bit, but two friends recently started blogging so I think its the right time for a post like it!

So the first blog is Checking the Pulse on the Irish Care Sector. This is a blog by a friend Con who is a Nurse. It will be an interesting blog which is following a all the health related news in Ireland. A one to watch!

The next blog is John’s Notion of A Blog. This blog by, you guessed it, John an art student in CCAD. He has some interesting stuff up on a few artists. Could be an interesting old blog if you have a passing interest in art like myself!

I might do this again soon, so if you know of new blogs, or have recently started one let me know in the comments or email Stephen[at]stephenspillane[dot]com

Lisbon Art


This is artwork is by an Irish Artist who has licensed the work to Generation Yes Cork for use during the Yes Campaign. I like it.

Wowsa, Look at these!

Wayword Angel - Deviant Art banner

I recently offered to a budding artist friend to advertise on my site, she sent me the above banner which is amazing in its own right! So do check her out and her gallery to see what she is capable of doing!

Definately worth checking out if you are a final fantasy fan!

Commission Price list (very reasonable IMO) Click the links to see examples!
Coloured model/action sheets of your own original character = 20 euros – 25 USD
uncoloured model sheets = 15 euros – 18 USD
Detailed coloured pieces = 30 euros
Comics! Featuring you and your friends or your original characters! = 10 euros – 12USD*
*This comic price applies to one page short comics only. If you wish to work on a longer comic with me it will be 10 euro per page, or if it’s a long project, a different agreement can be made.
Simple Linearts = 7 euros – 8USD

So thats enough art for me!

Halloween Parade!

A friend of mine dropped in a leaflet today to me at work and I said I’d post it here and see what interest she got from it! She dosent know I’m posting it online but what the heck!

Cork Community Art Link (who helped out at Cork Pride) are hosting “The Third Dragon of Shandon Halloween Parade” and are looking for people to take part in a wide area of parts. Including: giant puppet, prop, masks, costume and and lantern making, performance, music and organisation!

Contact: Cork Community Art Link 107 Shandon street, Cork

021 – 4212914 artlink[at]iolfree [dot]ie

There is an after party planned I believe also so should be a great night! 😀