Morning Briefing, December 18


Its one week to Christmas, hope you all have your Christmas shopping done, unlike me.

RTÉ have a story on how Circuses are to get grants from the Arts Council. are reminding people of when to post their letters and parcels as today is the last day for post to the UK also report that detectives have arrested a man in connection with the murder of 5 prostitutes in the UK

France 24 main story is the resuption of 6 party talks on North Korea.

Al Jazeera is running a report on how Muslims in Europe are being discriminated against.

Finally CNN leads with a story that reformists are leading in the polls in recent elections in Iran.

I hope to post up a picture of my house tomorrow as my Dad (hes like a 5-year old at Christmas, and the rest of us arent much better) has done a fantastic job at decorating the house!

Have a good day!