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Techcrunch have started the voting in the Europas which according to them is

the tech innovation awards honouring the best tech companies and startups across the web and mobile scene from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The awards will be announced on the 9th of July in a ceremony in London. You can vote here in the categories.

I would like to bring your attention to a few of the nominess and ask you to vote for them.

Decisions for Heroes is nominated in the Best Social Innovation (which benefits society, EMEA) Category. Decisions for Heroes is an Irish start-up witha great future ahead of it!

Loudervoice is nominated in the Best Web Application Or Service (EMEA) Category. Loudervoice is a great review website and is on the up and up!

Best of luck to all those nominated!

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Vote for John

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseI had a post last month asking you to nominate @mcawilliams for a Shorty Award, well he is in the final for the personal category and needs your votes!

The format is the same. Tweet the following:

@shortyawards I vote for @mcawilliams in the Shorty Awards Finals for #personal because…he’s very personal

Also there is another Irish twitterer up for an award, @dongenland who is up for a green award. So while you are at it, tweet:

@shortyawards I vote for @doneganland in the Shorty Awards Finals for #green because…he’s green

I am not alone is asking you to do this, Darragh Doyle, Joe Scanlon and adland ireland along with many others ask you to do the same! So please do! Lets put Ireland on the twitter map! Get Voting

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Vote @Mcawilliams no. 1

I’ve done it, Damien’s done it, even Grandad has done it! Have you?

It’s simple. Just tweet @shortyawards I nominate @mcawilliams for a Shorty Award in #personal because… and give a reason.

Go on You know you want too.

Voting can also be done on the Shorty Awards site

@Mcawilliams rocks and is a sound engineer from Dublin. He runs ttqtd on twitter