Morning Briefing, 7th March

Dia Duit!

Rinne mé dearmad ar Seachtain na Gaeilge atá ar suil an seachatin seo! Tá dhá bebo agus myspace amhain or an idirlion!

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An nuacht ar an maidin seo!

Northern Ireland goes goes to the polls today in a very decisive election. (CNN, Breakingnews, RTÉ, BBC, France 24) The Polls are open until 10pm tonight with the counting begining tomorrow. 250 candidates are contesting 108 seats. The election is by PRSTV, so transfers are critical for the last seats in each constituency, just like down here in the south!

Trocaire is to challenge the ban on its advertising (Breakingnews). This will be an interesting challenge, first time id say a charity has been forced to pull its ads!

Commonwealth troops serving in the Britsih Armed Forces are to form their own union. (BBC) They seam to be very dissatisfied with their treatment in the army.

The Dáil has passed rushed legislation to outlaw the soliciting children for sex. (RTÉ, Breakingnews). The Bill will go through the Seanad today and then onto the President of signature.

UK MP’s will have a free vote today on house of Lord’s Reform after two days of debate (BBC). There is a range of option on the table. The choices before MPs are: all elected; 80% elected and 20% appointed; 60% elected and 40% appointed; half and half; 40% elected and 60% appointed; 20% elected and 80% appointed; all appointed. Its is expected that a mixture will be the preffered option.

bhuel sinn é!


Blood Ban Bebo!

Further from my last post on the blood ban, Steven Conlon, USI LGBTRO, has set up a bebo profile on the blood ban campaign. I think its an excellent idea to get the message out to Irish students as they make up a huge number of users on bebo! So add it as your friend and try and make it on the 1st of March at TCD front square!


I see bebo and facebook are after launching badges! here are mine

Steve Spillane's Facebook profile

Have fun with em!

Morning Briefing, 26th January

Dia Duit ar an maidin fuar!

An nuacht ar an lá seo.

A conference is taking place in Spain on the EU Constitution (BBC). Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain are sending ministers and Germany, Ireland and Portugal are sending observers. Im not sure what outcome it will have as only 17 member states are attending.

The UN will announce its plan for Kosovo today (BBC). Hopefully it will safe gaurd

In a historic step the Prime Minister of Vietnam has met with the Pope (CNN)

Kofi Annan has returned home to Ghana (CNN) after his ten year stint as head of the United Nations. He is thinking of entering agriculture

No more .um sites (CNN)awww, but there are talks of getting rid of .su sites also.

The US has unveiled an non-lethal ray gun!(CNN) i thinks its a cool idea. It makes u think ur going to catch fire, wo wont run from that!

And finally in UCC RAG week is over and nominations for the Student Union Elections open next wednesday. I am intending to seek a nomination to run for Welfare officer in the SU. check out my website its still under construction so check back. But i do have a Bebo, MySpace and Facebook profiles

Excellent video from MSNBC

Found the above on a friends bebo!!! Tis excellent!

Blog Awards Open!

Well nominations are open for the Irish Blog Awards!

Click here for the nominations page

dont forget there is also a bebo competition and the more entries the better the prize!

Click here to nominate a bebo page

Best of luck to everyone.

Dont forget its on March 3rd in the Alexandria Hoitel in Dublin!

PS: You can nominate me!!! 😛

Irish Blog Awards – Bebo Page Nominations open!

Nominations are open click here for more info see the awards bebo page

Morning Briefing, 29th December

Maidin Maith!

An nuacht ar an maidin seo.

The Irish Blog Awards have announced a bebo profile competition! Check out the bebo page for more info! Pandering to the masses eh?

Today is the day that documents from 30 years ago are declassified and have a few interesting ones.

Such as the UK wanting to make the North independent to avoid bloodshed
. For some reason i think that wouldnt have worked.

They also report on death threats made to JFK when he was going to visit Ireland! My god man! i thought he was loved here. One of our own who went to the US and made it big.

RTÉ reports on Sinn Fein’s National Exec meeting on policing today on weather or not to call an ard fheis to decide on it. Just get on with it like

CNN reports on the breaking up of the Canadian ice shelf. We’re buggered!

Neways thats all i have time for at the mo! Time to get up and do some work!


Graffiti on the Wall – Palestine

Found these on the The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign bebo page and I had to share them.

Bansky is fantastic

Bebo Groups

i was going through various groups on bebo and i decided to publise some of them like this one

Support Gay Men

I dont know why its only gay men but all LGBT people need support!

Then theres this one SHLE not sure what it stands for. But from the page

Lets Stop And Think People. Why Have All This Hate In The World When It Is So Much Easier And Healthier To Love.

Then there is the weird ones like this Concerned White People Against Homosexuals who i believe are probably closet cases!

on that site if found this profile Concerned Normal Ppl Against White Supremist Rednecks which is an excellent idea i think!!!

By clicking on a few other pages I found this one Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trasgeder, Queer, Intersex which claims to be the offical LGBTQI band on bebo.

If i find more interesting ones ill post em up!