My Europe Week – Celebrating Europe Day Online

Europe Tower
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So what started off in the comments on my post about Europe Day and continued on twitter and email has come to fruition. I give to you, My Europe Week! It takes place from the 3rd to 9th of May.

My Europe Week is a way of celebrating Europe Day online. By running for a week we incorporate both the Council of Europe’s Europe Day on May 5th (marking its foundation) and the EU’s Europe Day on May 9th (the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration).

My Europe is chance for you to say what you want from Europe. If you want more or less. If you think things should be done differently. We want to know where do you want your Europe to go! You can write about any subject relating to Europe and how you want it to develop or how it is already!

To take part simply blog about it and then let us know through this form that you have blogged. If you dont blog, you can submit a post through the form!

Please spread the word, we want as many people as possible to take part! Keep an eye on the blog for updates and of course the actual posts come My Europe Week!

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Eurovision Blogging has a new home

MOSCOW - MAY 16: Alexander Rybak of Norway is ...
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Some people have noticed a lack of blogging about Eurovision lately, and there are many reasons for that, college, work, etc. Well never fear, as I am back on the Eurovision blogging trail.

I have joined as a blogger and I will be doing the majority of my blogging on Eurovision over there, but I will continue to post my previews and (dire) predictions here.

So head over to and check it out.

Make sure you check out the Norway v Sweden video! Its amazing!

PS The Eurovision CD is out on May 7th!

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Its All Gone Quiet….

Little things seem nothing, but they give peac...
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So I arrive in Barcelona and the blogging goes quiet…. Whats the deal you ask?

Well Anna Lindh Foundation have set up a group blog where a bunch of us are blogging our experiences at the Forum. There are some cracking blog posts over there so do check it out.

Tonight I met with some of the members of the Irish Network of Anna Lindh and I hope to get to know them better back in Ireland and get working with them a bit as well as with the Foundation.

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Hello from Barcelona!!!

Political Map of the Mediterranean Basin
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Good afternoon from a warm Barcelona. I have reached my destination (unlike my luggage) and I am ensconced in my hotel room waiting for things to start across the road at the CCIB.

I may have neglected to inform you why I’m actually here. Well apart from blogging over on Conference Blog (shhh its not live yet! 😉 ) I will be giving my thoughts on the blogger trainer i did last year.

From the Programme

Intercultural Dialogue 2.0.
Xavier Baro (ALF Bloggers Network)
Room (127) – 5 March at 18:00
The session will focus on the presentation of the new Intercultural Dialogue Tool Kit developed by the ALF for training bloggers. The main aim of the Tool Kit is to engage social media as innovative tool to promote Intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The workshop will
introduce the manual, have a short practical phase and
present some results of the first training course. Other four
bloggers who participated in the pilot training course will
attend the workshop and give a vision from their side:
Carmel Vaisman (Israel), Ahmed Youssry (Egypt), Stephen
Spillane (Ireland), Majd Beltaji (Palestine).

It should be fun.

Its now time to head for the Opening Ceremony which will be happening in half an hour!

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FIRST awards
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Well what a way to start the day, I found out that this blog has been nominated for the Best Political Blog at the 2010 Irish Blog Awards. I am chuffed.

There are 36 other great blogs in nominated in the category, so I am not expecting great things, but it is nice to be nominated! It has set me up nicely for today. Thank you who ever nominated me. I am very grateful!

See the full nominations list on

of course, big thanks to Damien who organises this every year and best of luck to all 1074 blogs nominated!

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New Year, New Look!

newspapers (Tehrān)
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So 2010 swings around. The EU Presidency is taken over by Spain, and I give the site a bit of a lick of paint!

I decided to change the style a bit and make it a bit like newspaper. (one that isn’t updated very often!)

So what do you make of it? Its a change, one I’m getting used to!

Don’t forget to check out the Spanish Presidency’s website and best of luck for 2010, may it be the year of your dreams.

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happy new year 2010
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What a year! 2009 is approaching its end and its been and up and down year for me.


What a year for me and blogging! It started off great being selected for the first Th!nk about it competition and then that led to other cool projects, again involving European Journalism Centre and the Anna Lindh Foundation. I of course moved the blog .com and its bein great doing that. I have gotten involved with bloggingportal, irishelection and sluggerotoole at various points through out the year. I have met and been contacted by lots of cool people through all this.


Its been an up and down year with work. Loosing my job, like so many others, was a bit of a wake up call, and thankfully I landed on my feet. I know am back in college and have a part-time job. Things really did turn out for the better.


What a year to be involved in Politcs. The Local and European elections were great fun, as was the preceding the Ard Fheis. I learned a lot during the campiagns and look forward to putting that to good use in the coming General Election, whenever that will be. The second Lisbon Referendum was also a great opportunity. Getting involved with Generation Yes, Ireland For Europe and Bloggers for Europe, let to more learning and of course meeting lots of people. It was a great experience. It also got me published in local newspapers!

Personal Life

While 2009 was a great year, it saw a number of deaths for me too. This year I lost a favourite teacher from school, Paddy Mulcahy, and a good friend of mine, Brian Finn. Its right to remember them at this time of year. This year, brought lots of opportunities in my personal life, and I am glad I took them!


So what will next year bring? Who knows, but im looking forward to it!

All thats left to do now, is to wish you all a Happy New Year and best of luck for 2010!

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Euroblog Round up #1

So as an editor over on I have great access to a huge number of blogs and can help choose what goes on the front page. Unfortunately not everything I would like can go on the front page (there are others there also) I will do a regularish posting like this one to publicise some of the other things going on in the euroblogosophere, whether on the front page or not! Dont expect this daily or weekly mind you! Its only when I have time!

New Commission

The Common Agriculture Blog thinks the new Agricultural Commissioner could get a hard ride through the Parliament

Public Affairs 2.0 have a great PDF of all the biographical details of the new Commission

Climate Change

Eberhard Rhein calls on the EU to cut emmissions by 30%

The CTA blog also tells us that the EU and ACP countries are working together at the Copenhagen Summit

3e Intelligence look at the pros and cons of a  EU Border Carbon Tax

European Council

Ralf Grahn highlights the not so transparent European Council, even though it is now an institution of the EU.


The CTA blog informs us that imports from the EAC countries will now be taxed due to a delay in signing an Economic Partnership Agreement

Human Rights

Jaanika Erne on Ideas on Europe tells us a bit about Human Rights day which was yesterday.

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Copenhagen – Some thoughts

God Morgen ud Kobenhavn! Good Morning form Copenhagen!!!

So today is the day I leave Copenhagen from the Think about it #2 launch event. It has been a great few days where I have learned an awful lot and made new friends. There are 92 bloggers form 40 countries re[resenting every continent in the world at the event and I am really looking forward to the blogging.

Yesterday was really interesting. We visited the Dyssekilde eco-village outside Copenhagen and got to interview the some of the residents. I filmed my interview so expect that to be up soon, when I sort out the editing.

On Monday, we had a range of talks from a number of people involved. From those organising the COP15 talks in December to the EU Commission and NGO’s.

There is a live blog of the Confernce on the Monday here so I am not going to repeat it and Alda of the Iceland Weather Report Blog has a great post about the event also!

My first post for the blog is up if you want to check it out! Its on China and Hu Jintao’s speech yesterday

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Lisbon slowly taking over my life

Between trying to write a speech for the European Symposium next Tuesday as well as attending various meetings and events in the lead up to the Lisbon Referendum. As well as organising Generation Yes Events in Cork, I haven’t really had a lot of time for blogging.

On top of that I am going back to college!! Its crazy! I am afraid this old blog here is going to be slightly abondoned as I concentrate my blogging efforts over on but if anything non-Lisbon comes my way, it will be posted here.

Please bear with me and service will be returned to normal after the election!

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