The Flower of Identity

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In Luxembourg as part of the training with the Anna Lindh Foundation we had to write a list of things that we think identify us. One suggestion was to draw a flower and on each petal write one thing. I of course am useless at drawing so decided to write a list.

So how do I see myself?

The first things that came to my mind was European, the next was Irish and after that Gay came into my mind. Then the fact that I was Male reared its head. After that I was stumped.

Now I didnt want to seem superficial so I tried really hard to come up with more, so Political came to mind. Then Adventerous and Outgoing popped up. Religous also came to mind as did Blogger After that it was tough going.

Even now two weeks after the training I find it hard to come up with more. Ones that do are Stubborn, Caring, and Smart.

How to others see me?

I decided to see how others saw me, so I asked on twitter, facebook and MSN about people saw me. I got the following back:

  • Friendly
  • Caring
  • Up Beat
  • Outgoing
  • Helpful
  • Headstrong
  • Opinionated
  • Political
  • Intelligent
  • Someone who stands up for what they Believe in
  • A good friend
  • Sexy (I am not making it up!!)
  • Nice Guy
  • Listener
  • Values debate and diversity
  • Principled
  • Respectful
  • Smart
  • Gay

Why do this?

After asking a friend, a conversation ensued about why I was doing this and was their a difference in how I saw myself and how others saw me. To me the big difference was no one mentioned nationality. Which was strange cause if was the first thing I thought of when asked the question about myself as it forms part of who I am and therefore how I act. That was the huge difference.

In Luxembourg after we wrote this out we all went to another room and sat on the floor. One of the trainers Xavi called out different categories about how we saw ourselves and for one of them I was one of two people standing. That category was “Sexual Orientation”. To me started off the questioning that led to this blog post, am I placing too much emphasis on it. The fact that someone else mentioned it, kind of puts my mind at rest.

At the same time I was overwhelmed at the response given to me. I simplfied where I could what my friends said down to one word where possible. It is strange when your friends can come up with more ways of describing you then you can.

But thats Identity thats Personality!

One thing I noticed even while doing this was how fluid Identity and Personality are. To me they are not mutually exclusive. This excercise proves that in most ways except in the area of nationality which I have already dealt with.

So is nationality what actual divides us from stangers, as we don’t see it as part our friends?

Do try this yourself and see personally how you describe yourself, draw it as a flower or a list. It will surprise you.

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Time to Learn about Climate Change

Remember round 2 of the blogging competition I was in that I blogged about? Well I have been selected! They were looking for 81 bloggers from around Europe so it will be interested to see in who else gets selected.

The competition will be a bit different for me this time round, we will all be given cameras (I need to sort out my shakey hand) and the number of posts per month has increased to 3.

I am really looking forward to going to Copenhagen and learning more about Climate Change and the COP15 conference.

So I will be off to Copenhagen at the end of September for the launch event, I can’t wait!

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Snailing on my Croton.
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So I have finally updated my blogroll! I decided to split it into different sections refelecting the different type of blogs I read. If your blog is there and you think its in the wrong section or if you think your blog is missing let me know in the comments and I will add or change it or whatever!

Oh and yes blogging will return to normal this week.

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Lets Keep Th!nk going!

Image of Th!nk about it  from Twitter
Image of Th!nk about it

I have a post up on the Th!nk blog (yes its still going) asking people to keep it going. I am not sure how its going to be received by most Th!nkers now that the competition element in that part of the site is gone.

Hopefully some people will get back to blogging on it and make it into a Euro style Irishelection which would be class and might invigorate the Euro blogosphere. Maybe the EJC will open it up a bit and allow others to join it?

Anyways let see what happens!

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Blogger Training?

Until this week I didn’t know there was such a thing as blogger training (that wasn’t aimed at companies and such) but a friend send me information about the Hyperlink Project from The Euromed Anna Lindh Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures. Part of this project is “the ALF Euromed Bloggers Training on Intercultural Dialogue”. This will take place on the sidelines of the campaign Restore Trust – Rebuild Bridges which was launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Alliance of Civilizations to encourage a culture of peace and coexistence in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

Only 20 bloggers from the Euromed region (which is 43 countries) and today I received my invitation to Phase one of the project today! It takes place in July , in Luxembourg.

What is involved in the training?

The training will be delivered by two highly professional trainers, one from the north and one from the south of the region. The methodology of the training will try to combine  between plenary informative presentations, tools and games used in non-formal education on intercultural dialogue, and working groups to design the online campaign. The training will also include a Cultural Night where the participants will have the opportunity to discover each others cultures more closely. There will be also a Blog Souk where the participants can present there blogs and there blogging experiences and how intercultural dialogue is treated in their local blogs.

It looks like its going to be really fun and interesting.

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New Blogs- Easter Sunday Special

I havent done one of these in awhile so what better way to bring in back then on Easter Sunday. Since i moved the blog, my blog roll has grown immensely and here are some of the brilliant new blogs added to that list.

TheWonderFullWorldof Joe

I’ve linked to Joe’s blog a few times since he started blogging and he is a new blogger. He seams to like tennis, but there are a few non-tennis posts in there too. Hes a good friend of mine so I am hoping he enjoys the blogging

Irish Opinions Blog

This is a new group blog from an old college friend of mine. Its a politics blog, and he seams to have a few things on that I missed, like the abolition of the Forum of Europe


Subrosa is a Scottish blog, with a good interest in politics. I dont subscribe to many scottish blogs so maybe, I might find a few through this. Its an excellent blog and has some interesting things on it that I didnt know such as JK Rowling stepping down as Patron of the MS Society Scotland due to disagreements with the English Office

Improve Ireland

I like the idea of this blog. It sets out ideas in a few sectors on how we can improve Ireland. There are some good ideas in there and I hope they continue the blog and things havent been updated there in awhile!

Happy Easter all!

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Think: Some Random Thoughts

Press/BloggerSo we are at the half way point of the EU Blogging Contest “Think About It” and I must say I am enjoying it. The first month was hard for me, but I got back into the swing of it last month.

This month sees a change of focus. From now on we have to blog purely about the European Parliament to stay in the competition. We can still blog about European issues but they wont count towards the competition or our one post a month requirment.

This month they are starting to invite Guest Bloggers to the contest to blog, they are looking for suggestions. If you want to guest blog on it let me know via comment of email and I will suggest you!

One thing I noticed last night and this morning was by how much my RSS Reader was flooded with post from Think09 as people rushed to get a post in before the deadline. Why do you people leave it so late?

If anyone is interested this is the winning post for March. Its one I missed, but I miss alot of them.

Also rumour hits me that there will be an after party for those that last the next two months! Am excited! Now more blogging!

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The Political Gay is back!

So today I started back blogging I decided to revive the blog as with the elections and referendum this year (and a supplementry budget on April 7th) there is stuff out there to be blogged about and this way I can expand my readership! 😉

It will mainly be posts about the Local and European Elections, but after that I will switch to the re-run of the Lisbon Treaty. It is hoped that it will be a weekly post, but that might change closer to election day.

So check out the blog, or subscribe to the RSS Feed!

PS: If you are subscribed to @Stevemyopinion you will receive updates via that aswell!

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4th Think Post!

So yea I just stuck up my fourth post on the Think About It Blog. This one is on how I got involved in Politics and I have given it an EU slant. It was inspired by a converstaion at Cork OpenCoffee so do please check it out and rate. I have reprinted the first paragraph as a teaser:

I am a rare one, I mean among my peers, that not only am I interested in politics but I am actively involved in politics. The EU and European Politics has played a large role in this, especially in me becoming aware of politics, both nationally in Ireland and in the EU of 15 member states as it was then.

Read the rest and let me know what you think!

Im doing the Trócaire 24hr Fast

From 7pm on Friday the 6th of March untill 7pm on Saturday the 7th of March, no food will pass my lips. I am doing the 24 hour fast in aid of Trócaire. It will be an interesting expeirence for me as I dont think I have done a 24 hour fast before. I have done 12 hour fasts before in hospital in stuff. So why am I blogging about this? Maily to alert you all to the fact that I will be fasting and that I will be blogging and tweeting during it to keep you all updated on my progress. My sister is doing the fast as well.

Just to give you an idea of what the money raised can do.

€20 can provide an olive tree to a family in Palestine to replace one destroyed in during to conflict. This will allow the family to earn an income.

€35 would provide seeds and trees for a family left impoverished in Uganda by the recent conflict.

€60 would help a widow from the conflict in Uganda to set up her own business

€100 would buy enough rice to feed a family in India for a whole year

€200 would proved eight people with 30 hours of literacy training each. There are 876 million illiterate adults in the world and this one of the main factors that keep people poor.

If you want to sponsor me you can do in person, or if you would like you can sponsor me online and donate via a website with a Credit or Debit Card! Donate here. Also I plan to be at Open Coffee on Friday (I think its on this week) and I hope to be at it!

On the day follow my tweets which will have the hash tag #24fast. You can follow me on twitter

(Im actually hungry at the thought of Fasting, this will be hard!)

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