FG Ard Fheis

The Fine Gael Ard Fheis will be taking place on the 3rd-4th of April in City West in Dublin and as I said on twitter last week, Bloggers will be given Media Accreditation. I have no information about who to contact specifically at the moment about it, but when I do I will post it. All I can suggest is calling the Fine Gael HQ at (01) 6198444 and asking them about it.

I found out via the National Youth Officer on Thursday Night as she was attending a YFG AGM in UCC (which I have a post in draft about which (hopefully) will be done by the by end of week)

i have booked the time off work for Ard Fheis so hopefully will be there!

(PS Blogging has been light as himself is up!)

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Cork Blogger Tweetup!

Are you a blogger or a tweeter in Cork? Then check out Joe’s blog as he is organising a little getogether next Thursday or Friday in the Thirsty Scholar.

Do come along!

Followers are Back!

Google, Inc.Image via Wikipedia

So yay, the followers count is back to where it was! I spent the last good few minutes trying to public follow all the blogs I follow and google/blogger sure dont make this easy! You have to change the settings for each blog individually. Either by visiting each of the Blogs or going to the “Manage” page below the Reading List on the Dashboard page.

This is very easy to change either as when you change the setting on each page it refreshes the entire page! I had a list of 95 blogs to go through so I just concentrated on blogs that I do follow and are on blogspot, otherwise I would be there all day! Come on Google make it easier for us to change it!

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I’ve Lost followers

Yesterday I had 17 followers on this blog, today I have 15 🙁

What did I do to offend two people? I dont know, but I dont think they unfollowed because Gamma recently asked in a comment why I unfollowed him (I didnt) and when I went to check I wasnt a follower but the only option there was to unfollow him! Hmm When I checked the blogger twitter account I found the reason, they are integrating it with friend connect and things have been hidden for privacy reasons. Hopefully it will all sort out soon.

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