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I got this via Email from the European Journalism Centre. I took part in Th!nk1 and Th!nk2 (though didn’t finish it). Do check it out.

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) invites you to apply for the third round of our acclaimed blogging competition, TH!NK3: Developing World.

TH!NK3 will bring together some 100 bloggers, journalists, issue experts and students from the 27 EU member states, as well as neighbourhood countries and beyond, to exchange ideas and debate sustainable development and global cooperation topics. The blogging competition will run from 24 March to 31 August and begins with a launch event in Brussels, 22-23 March. The awards include opportunities to travel and report from Asia and Africa. The big prize is a trip to the UN headquarters in New York in September 2010, at the time of the Millenium Development Goals summit. All trips are sponsored by the EJC or our partners.

The previous two editions of our competition, TH!NK2: Climate Change and  TH!NK1: European Elections 2009, received hundreds of thousands of visitors and got the attention of major mainstream media. TH!NK2: Climate Change won the European Public Affairs Award for the “Best Web 2.0 Campaign of the Year” in 2009.

To participate in the competition, please go to, where you can read more about TH!NK3 and fill out the application form.

The EJC is an independent, international, non-profit institute dedicated to the highest standards in journalism. For the TH!NK3 launch event, we have received additional support from the European Commission.

Best of luck if you enter! I can guarentee it is worth it! I won’t be entering due to the fact I am too busy with college and Anna Lindh Foundation stuff.

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Interculturalism in Irish Blogs and in Ireland

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On Sunday I head off to Luxembourgh to take part in the ALF Euromed Bloggers Training on Intercultural Dialogue. As part of that Programme I have to look up a bit on interculturalsim. Searching I found a few websites dealing with the issue, but most were websites and not blogs. Only two of the blogs I found were ordinary blogs but the rest were photoblogs.

Does this mean that Interculturalism isn’t an issue in Ireland? I think it is an issue, but blogs in Ireland cover it as part of the wider issue of politics. While searching I came across posts on the Limerick Blogger, Maman Poulet and Cedar Lounge Revolution. These posts were on events and politics and put intercultual issues in context in terms of how Ireland is dealing with the issue.

While interculturalism is new in the modern Ireland, I think we have well adapted while there is some people who might not like it. A friend recently posted a view of interculturalism which most Irish People would agree with (I would hope)

love living in this country, for the most part it is a good, safe and fun place to live, and increasing diversity is making it much more interesting. I like treating myself to a shave at the hands of a barber from Istanbul, I like chatting to some Polish lads while I’m out for a drink and I like learning something about the history of Slovakia from a student on campus. The point I’m getting at is that diversity makes societies better and has done so since the dawn of man. History has shown us that it is not possible to create a completely culturally (or ethnically) hegemonic society, regardless of the physical and cultural barriers that may separate people. Even if it was possible, it should never be done. Without new ideas, new concepts and new blood societies are doomed to fall.

He has a point, and I think it is fairly normal in Ireland. Take me for example and when you look at my friends here in Ireland, they are not all Irish! I have French, Polish, Chinese and English friends!

Irish blogs deal with interculturalism in the same way that Irish society deal with it. As a day to day issue part and parcel of the normal process in Ireland. Should it be treated differently? I dont think so.

The Blogs I found on Interculturalism in Ireland (Non-photoblogs):

Thats what I found if you know of any others let me know in the comments! Thanks!

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Blogger Training?

Until this week I didn’t know there was such a thing as blogger training (that wasn’t aimed at companies and such) but a friend send me information about the Hyperlink Project from The Euromed Anna Lindh Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures. Part of this project is “the ALF Euromed Bloggers Training on Intercultural Dialogue”. This will take place on the sidelines of the campaign Restore Trust – Rebuild Bridges which was launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Alliance of Civilizations to encourage a culture of peace and coexistence in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

Only 20 bloggers from the Euromed region (which is 43 countries) and today I received my invitation to Phase one of the project today! It takes place in July , in Luxembourg.

What is involved in the training?

The training will be delivered by two highly professional trainers, one from the north and one from the south of the region. The methodology of the training will try to combine  between plenary informative presentations, tools and games used in non-formal education on intercultural dialogue, and working groups to design the online campaign. The training will also include a Cultural Night where the participants will have the opportunity to discover each others cultures more closely. There will be also a Blog Souk where the participants can present there blogs and there blogging experiences and how intercultural dialogue is treated in their local blogs.

It looks like its going to be really fun and interesting.

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Who will be on the Next Commission?

Jon Worth one of the Th!nk editors and a few others, Julien, Andreas and Joe have an excellent idea. Their are looking for ideas and possibilities for the next commission. So will represent your country?

I think Pat Cox will be the Irish Commissioner. Am I right? or is it there a better candidate?

Morning from Rotterdam!

Well I am holidays, well kind of! I am at the finale. We have a day lined up and a boat trip, its going to fun.

So far I have gotten to meet two of my favourite European Bloggers. Julien Frisch and Joesef

Wrecked = Little or no blogging

So this week I seemed to be untterly exhausted when I get in the door and onto “liam” I am falling asleep.

My canvassing schedule is getting busier with me out four nights a week at the moment, I get Tuesdays off for Scouting!

So far I am canvassing for:

  • Emmet O’Halloran (South Central): Mondays and Thursdays
  • Cllr. John Buttimer (South West): Wednesdays
  • Cllr. Laura McGonigle (South East): This Friday
  • Cllr. Brian Birmingham (South West): Next Friday

That covers only the next two weeks. Have another four weeks to go after that! So staying in bed on Thursday!

Hopefully blogging will return to normalish soon. I will try!

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I Got Mentioned In the Seanad Official Report

Its not very often you see your name written in the Seanad Official Reprot and there is its as right as rain, my name in the middle of a speech by Jerry Buttimer.

It is time we got rid of the e-voting machines. We must draw a line in the sand, throw them into the sea off Roches Point and let them be gone. We have not examined the role of technology and it is not referred to in the Bill. There are some great websites such as in which people engage by bloging. I have begun bloging and a person in my party, namely, Mr. Stephen Spillane, is teaching me. It is a great way of communicating with people. Twitter, Facebook and Bebo are not mentioned in the Bill. They are a means of advertising, but will the cost of using them be measured?

Im in shock, though I got a text to say he mentioned me, I was not expecting it certainly not in a debate about Electoral Spending! Not sure how I am going to top this one!

Read the full speech here

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5th Think Post – "What Women Want"

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Well I seam to be getting used to blogging over on the blog becuase I just published my 5th post on it! Its on women and European politics.

Eurobarometer recently did a Flash survey on Women and Politics in the EU. It found that 79% of Irish Women and 78% of women in the United Kingdom think that politics is male dominated.

Read Full Post, dont forget to rate it!

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An opportunity not to be missed!

Do you blog? Are you free on March 27th and 28th? Fancy covering the European Greens Congress in Brussels and have it all paid for? Then check out their blog and find out how!

(H/T: Jan’s EUblog)

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Changes are coming

Wow, Did you know I started blogging nearly four years ago? Well I did. I started blogging on the 21st of March 2005. On that day I had two posts, one about China and one about the Environment.

Four years is a long time to dedicate something, granted at times this blog has fallen to the wayside, but I do always come back, and now I am nearly blogging daily!

To Celebrate four years of blogging look out for anniversary posts running up to Saturday and (hopefully!) on Saturday this blog will take a new turn!