Election Round-ups

Over the course of the General Election myself and Conor of the European Citizen shall be writing a Blog Election Round up on MSN Ireland.

Conor has the first round up done and I will be doing tomorrow. So if you have links, videos, tweets anything at all let us know!

You can email stephen@stephenspillane.com or just leave a comment here on the post on MSN or Conor’s blog!

Euroblog Round up #1

So as an editor over on bloggingportal.eu I have great access to a huge number of blogs and can help choose what goes on the front page. Unfortunately not everything I would like can go on the front page (there are others there also) I will do a regularish posting like this one to publicise some of the other things going on in the euroblogosophere, whether on the front page or not! Dont expect this daily or weekly mind you! Its only when I have time!

New Commission

The Common Agriculture Blog thinks the new Agricultural Commissioner could get a hard ride through the Parliament

Public Affairs 2.0 have a great PDF of all the biographical details of the new Commission

Climate Change

Eberhard Rhein calls on the EU to cut emmissions by 30%

The CTA blog also tells us that the EU and ACP countries are working together at the Copenhagen Summit

3e Intelligence look at the pros and cons of a  EU Border Carbon Tax

European Council

Ralf Grahn highlights the not so transparent European Council, even though it is now an institution of the EU.


The CTA blog informs us that imports from the EAC countries will now be taxed due to a delay in signing an Economic Partnership Agreement

Human Rights

Jaanika Erne on Ideas on Europe tells us a bit about Human Rights day which was yesterday.

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New Blogs!

I haven’t done a post like this in a bit, but two friends recently started blogging so I think its the right time for a post like it!

So the first blog is Checking the Pulse on the Irish Care Sector. This is a blog by a friend Con who is a Nurse. It will be an interesting blog which is following a all the health related news in Ireland. A one to watch!

The next blog is John’s Notion of A Blog. This blog by, you guessed it, John an art student in CCAD. He has some interesting stuff up on a few artists. Could be an interesting old blog if you have a passing interest in art like myself!

I might do this again soon, so if you know of new blogs, or have recently started one let me know in the comments or email Stephen[at]stephenspillane[dot]com

Survey on Irish Bloggers and Irish Blog Readers

burger survey

Sinead Cochrane is doing some research on Irish Bloggers and Irish Blog Readers (If you are reading this you are at least in the second category!). For the full scoop check out her post about it. If you couldn’t be arsed, fill out the survey!

Picture by lastyearsgirl_ under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons Licence

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2008 – A year in Blog Posts Part 1 (Jan – Mar)

The Cologne Cathedral at the Rhine river is a ...Image via Wikipedia2008 has been a great year for me. I left this island for a short spell in Germany and various other things have happened since then. So to celebrate that I am looking through the archives off this blog and my recently closed German blog and posting what I think are interesting posts from the last 12 months. The first part is looking at January to March. I was hoping to do this in one post but it will be a bit long if I do. More during the week!

January was a great month for me as I arrived in Germany and settled in. I also made a few predictions.

German Blog
# Contact Made and Day 1
The end of my first day as an au pair.
# Day 5: Sick no longer, getting into the Routine and Karneval!
Title sums it up.
#Karneval and Karneval Songs
Some music
# Karneval nearly sorted and an update!
How to get ready for Karneval
# Touristy things and whats happening this weekend
Some interesting things around Koeln
# Kölle Alaaf (Long live Cologne!) and Photos!
Last post before Karneval

This Blog
# US Election 2008
I predicted a democratic win, but thought it would be Clinton.
# Election Results: Hessen (Hesse) unt Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
Some election results
# Treaty of Lisbon Reasons for a Yes Vote. Part 1
I tried to convince people early and from Germany
# Treaty of Lisbon Part 2: Making the EU more democratic
More on Lisbon
# My first post about Eurovision: Dustin the Turkey to represent Ireland
My first post about Eurovision and the turkey…

Hungover for half the month over Karneval. Eurovision, US Primaries, Kosovo, and of course Lisbon dominated. I also started EU Links for a bit.

German Blog
# Karneval: photos
Links to photos from an amazing weekend!
# German Txt Spk
A post on Texting in German.
# Mark Twain: The Awful German Language
This should be compulsory reading for all students of German.

This Blog
# Treaty of Lisbon Episode 3: Efficient and modern institutions
# Interesting Facebook Groups
What it says on the tin
# Eurovision: Dustin suffers backlash
Phil Coulter, Frank McNamara and Shay Healy don’t think we should send Dustin.
# Newropeans, A new pan European Political Party
A look at Newropeans
# Kosovo declares itself independent as an EU Colony
Well in my opinion anyway
# Please don’t use Lisbon to punish the Government!
A plea that went unheeded?
# Treaty of Lisbon Episode IV: The Charter of Fundamental Rights
More on Lisbon
# Dustin wins Eurosong
my first listen to the song, I didnt like it!
# Anti-Depressents: My Views and Experience
My reaction to a BBC story
# The Irish Conservative Homosexual Agenda
I forgot I wrote this post. Some thoughts on what Conservative Gays want.

Eurovision fever took hold on this blog and I weathered a hurrican in Germany!

German Blog
# I slept throug Hurricane Emma
My mother was right! I did sleep through a hurricane!
# The Languages of Linie 9
The languages I heard everday
# EL-DE Haus
A visit to EL-DE Haus
# I’m Dreaming of a White… Easter?!?!?!?!
Features a cute picture of me sledding according to himself!
# I am now an expert on…. Volcanoes!
Helping with projects

This Blog
# SNAG Póst: AE Conradh um Athchóiriú (Conradh um Liospóin)
Seachtain na Gaeilge Post on Lisbon
# Gay Pride: Triumphalist or rembering a historical battle for human rights?
A look at gay pride
# Grand Prix Vorentscheid 2008 – Live Blogging Attempt
A fun way to watch a show in another language!
# Me Not Meth – New Campaign in Ca
A campaign on methamphetamine in California
# Lisbonne: douze points
Remarks by Margot Wallström
# To The Holy Catholic And Apostolic Church, I’m Leaving You
I tried out atheism for a bit
# Poem: My Name: Is Meth
A poem about the dangers of meth
# Eurovision Semi-Final One: Preview and Prediction
A look a semi final one

Stay tuned for the rest. All will be done by new years! 🙂

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Vote @Mcawilliams no. 1

I’ve done it, Damien’s done it, even Grandad has done it! Have you?

It’s simple. Just tweet @shortyawards I nominate @mcawilliams for a Shorty Award in #personal because… and give a reason.

Go on You know you want too.

Voting can also be done on the Shorty Awards site

@Mcawilliams rocks and is a sound engineer from Dublin. He runs ttqtd on twitter

I am a Fan!

Ceiling FanImage by elston via FlickrAlexia Golez is a fan of a few things and her post has given me the idea for this post!

So what am I a fan of?

# Damien Mulley: He was the person that (unbeknowst to him) inspired me to start blogging. One of the first blogs I check every day.
# Short.ie: This is one of my favourite web apps and they recently revamped the website and its better then ever! I love the way you can share what you have shortened!
# Google Reader: If it wasnt for google reader I would be forever searching the internet for blogs, I love its recommendations even if I do worry that it checks my emails..
# Cork OpenCoffee Club: This has opened me up to a whole new set of contacts who have spured me on and have helped with through informal conversations or tweeting later on!
# Twitter: Twitter rocks as do the people I interact on it who help out with problems and point me in the direction of interesting news among other things.

So what are you a fan of?

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New Blogs – 8/12/08

So I went on a bit of a cleanup of my blogroll and added a few blogs that I am now subbed too. Here are a few of the new ones I added. Two of these bloggers make me feel old…

Alan Costello
Alan is a 17 year old student from Leixlip. He has a cool blog about music and tech (both of which I love) among ther stuff.

Contrar is a blog by @endac, who puts my knowledge of webstuff to shame and hes only a teenager! He was at Cork Open Coffee but only fleetingly so didnt get to chat to up which was a pity

Joe Scanlon
I met Joe at Cork Open Coffee and is organising the Cork Bloggers Christmas thing! Gotta link him!

UCC LGBT have a blog of whats coming up around the college to do with the soc. Check it out!

New Blogs

Okay most of these blogs aren’t strictly new, but they are new to my blogroll! Check these people out!

Trust Tommy: This young fella appeared all over the bloggersphere today! Fairplay and hes only 14! A very interesting blog and one to watch me thinks!

Turbulence Ahead: This blog is written by Gerard O’Neill of Amarach Research. Mainy about economics a subject I am finally starting to understand! It has taken an near world recession for that to happen! An interesting blog and one that I am learning from!

Strange Maps: This blog has me amazed. They regularly find a strange map and explain it! Love it! A blog I love to see appear in my feed!

Russells Random Thoughts: So this one is a complete plug and is about a new blog! It is by my boyfriend Russell! His first post is about how he thought me M:TG! I am a quick learner he says!

Enjoy the blogs! Feel free to point out any new ones to me in comment section!

I have a confession and a question

I am addicted to Magic: The Gathering (known to those of us in the know as M:TG) a collectable card game and some how Google Reader knows this! It recommended this site to me. The only way someone would know about me and M:TG is by my emails as get emails about it and my delicious account where there is a number of links to M:TG. None of the blogs I read mention M:TG so am totally perplexed! So my question is how does Google Reader know I like M:TG? Is it looking in my emails for ideas???? hmmm dodgy!