Dublin Bay South – Bye-Election 2021

Following the resignation of Fine Gael TD Eoghan Murphy, a bye-election has been called for Dublin Bay South. This will take place on the Thursday 8th of July.

The following candidates have been nominated to contest the election, nominations close on the 24th of June at 12 noon.

Alphabetical list of candidates

  • Bacik, Sen. Ivana – Labour
  • Barret, Justin – National Party
  • Boylan, Sen. Lynn – Sinn Fein
  • Byrne, Cllr. Claire – Green Party
  • Cahill, Dolores – Independent
  • Conroy, Cllr. Deirdre – Fianna Fail
  • Dooley, Peter – Independent
  • Durcan, Sarah – Social Democrats
  • Flynn, Cllr. Manix – Independent
  • Geoghegan, Cllr. James – Fine Gael
  • Gilbourne, Jacqui -Renua
  • Keigher, John – Independent
  • O’Keeffe, Colm – Independent
  • Purcell, Brigid – Solidarity/People Before Profit
  • Toibin, Mairead – Aontu


Cork North Central Bye-election Results

Below are the results of the Cork North Central Bye-election

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Donegal South West By-Election: FG in the starting blocks.

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Fine Gael is set to hold its Convention for the Donegal South West By-election on February 15th. Joe McHugh TD (Donegal North East) has been appointed Director of Elections for the bye-election for Fine Gael.

This will be a very interesting race considering the goings on over the budget at the County Council. Fianna Fail might not be too popular, but with it being a Fianna Fail seat up for grabs who knows what will happen.

I said before that it will be a local councillor selected (either Terrence Slowey or Barry O’Neill) and also last year I called the election for Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty. Nothing has really made me change my mind yet.

Of course we don’t know yet who the Fianna Fail nominee is, and that could change my mind.

Let see how it goes!

UPDATE: I may be wrong about who will be the nominee. I am hearing a new candidate will be put forward, and they are not currently elected. Not are they a cleberity! We will have to wait and see!

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Donegal South West – Bye-Election

So its looking like Pat “The Cope” Gallagher will be elected to the European Parliament at some point tonight or tomorrow morning which means he will not be voting on the motion of no confidence in the Dáil. It also means that there will be another bye-election this year. This time it takes place in Donegal South West.

Donegal South West is a 3 seat constituency. In the General Election in 2004 the results were like this (from Electionsireland.org)donegalsw

As you can see it was Sinn Fein that lost out to Fine Gael back in 2004. This time round Pearse Doherty is a Senator. He will be a high profile candidate for Sinn Fein and the obvious choice for the Bye-Election. Fianna Fail will find it impossible to hang on to the seat here in the bye-election unless they can parachute in a candidate. Same goes for Fine Gael and Labour. Though Labour have a candidate on the ground in Seamus Rodgers but he came no where near being elected having only 0.11 of a quota.

I think it is nearly a foregone conclusion baring some sort of celebrity candidate that Sinn Fein will win the Donegal South West bye-election.

Anyone disagree?

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