Morning Briefing, 16th January

Earliest Morning Briefing yet, Thinking of shortening it down to MB but i might be infringing on trademarks 😛

An nuacht ar an maidin seo!

Feic ar mo dheireadh post le nuacht agus na bhuaiteora ag an Golden Globes areir!

(Wow look at my Irish!! Tell me if im wrong please

Looks like we’ll be a having a referendum in March (BreakingNews) I could have sworn someone had said no referendum before the election! eh typical government!

Castro could be on is way out (BreakingNews) 3 failed operations and an intenstinal infection ouch!

Bird Flu has hit Japan (BBC) That aint good! Will it be our version of the Spanish Flu?

Criticism has been growing over more executions in Iraq (BBC). Well im against Capital Punishment anyway so y’all know where i stand on this!

New plans for the Greencore site in Mallow (RTÉ) Should be an interesting development and a great boost for the town!

Morning Briefing, 15th January

Maidin Maith againn!!!

An nuacht ar an maidin seo!

Well the bastards (Bus Eireann) put up their fairs today and i didnt even know! really pissed off!!! Had the exact change ready and it had gone up. I last got a bus on firday and they had no signs up!

Any back on the news

Breakingnews reports on the confusion been made by Pat Rabbitte on wheather or not he would enter a coalition with FF.

RTÉ reports on more hangings in Iraq. When will they learn that will only make things worse.

EU Parliament now have 785 MEP’s with Bulgaria and Romania MEP’s attending for the first time! (BBC)

Some interesting debates are taking place on Right Wing World (hat tip: Sam) on various issues including the United Nations, the EU Constitution and others


Italy to push for death penalty moratorium at UN


Italy to push for death penalty moratorium at UN

The Italian government today said it would take “formal steps” in a renewed push for a UN call for a moratorium on the death penalty following Saddam Hussein’s execution.

The premier’s office said in a statement that Italy would seek the support of other countries that oppose capital punishment to put the issue of a moratorium to the UN General Assembly.

Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema has said that Premier Romano Prodi’s government would work for the end of the death penalty worldwide following denunciations across Europe of Saddam’s hanging.

In the past, Italy has lobbied unsuccessfully for United Nations’ action against the death penalty. Italy is now one of the rotating countries on the UN Security Council.

Saddam’s execution by hanging on Saturday was denounced virtually across Italy’s political spectrum, with former premier and conservative opposition leader Silvio Berlusconi calling the killing a political error and centre-left leader Prodi expressing worry that the execution would fuel more violence in Iraq.

Saddam RIP – Reaction

Sam over at Pull Out The Pin believes that the execution of Saddam was the right thing to do. Me I don’t think so. I blogged before on Capital Punishment and im still opposed to it.

CNN reported that Saddam faced the execution with fear in his face, what is the point in that? Seriously like?

Nothing gives us the right to end someone elses life so why does a fledgling ‘democratic’ state have that right. To me the death penalty is only used by tyrannical regimes to instil fear into a populace.

I don’t see the point.

Irish Political Reaction

Fine Gael Foreign Affairs Spokesman, Bernard Allen TD, said:

“While we don’t agree with execution and capital punishment, we must recognise that Saddam Hussein was a dreadful despot with the blood of tens of thousands of people on his hands and was guilty of serious war crimes both against his own people and against the Kurds.

“His execution, however, will deepen the already open wounds in Iraqi society and will inevitably lead to increased violence and bloodshed with further consequences for other parts of the Middle East.”

Michael D Higgins TD, Labour Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs said:

Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator who was responsible for appalling crimes against his own people, but it is unlikely that his execution will achieve anything other than to further fuel the cycle of violence that has taken so many lives since the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Many innocent Iraqis died at the hands of his regime; many more will die in the aftermath of his execution which came at the end of a trial process regarded by most independent observers as being deeply flawed.

The execution may bring some satisfaction to President Bush and the dwindling number of those who now support the invasion, but it will do nothing to contribute towards peace and reconciliation in Iraq.

The Labour Party is opposed to the death penalty. This is a fundamental matter of principle and applies regardless of who the accused person is or what crimes are alleged to have been committed. In this regard it is most disappointing to hear international politicians, such as the British Foreign Secretary, Margaret Becket, who oppose the death penalty in their own country, effectively welcoming the execution of Saddam.

The presentation by television companies of the events immediately before the hooded hangmen pulled the leaver as a sort of media spectacle will be repellent to most decent people. Taken together with repeated showings of film of Saddam undergoing medical examination from the time of his capture by U.S. forces, these images can only further inflame opinion in Iraq and the Middle East generally.


Ahern: We must respect Iraqi right to hang Saddam

Iraqis’ right to hang Saddam Hussein “must be respected” Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern said today.

However, he stressed Ireland was opposed to the death penalty and expressed his personal opinion that the former dictator should have died in prison.

“My view is Saddam should have spent his last years behind bars for his heinous crimes,” he said.

The minister made his remarks as television pictures broadcast around the world showed the ex-ruler lying wrapped in a shroud, his neck sharply twisted to one side, after his execution in Baghdad earlier today.

Irish Bloggers Reaction

As i said at the start Pull Out The Pin think it was the right thing to do saying

The failure was in allowing the monster to live for so long, standing aside while he gassed the people of Halabja and committed genocide when we could have easily stopped him.

Riemanns Cut is unsure on it but does believe it was too rushed

I have no real views on Saddam Hussein. I think the execution, right or wrong, was far too rushed.

A view from the Left – Cllr Seamus Ryan’s Blog also thinks the execution was wrong

Without a doubt Saddam Hussein committed terrible crimes and should have been brought to justice for his actions. The Iraqi government have now created a martyr for Hussein supporters and may live to regret this execution. It is also disturbing to see politicians who supposedly oppose the death penalty in their own country fail to condemn the execution of Saddam Hussein. The death penalty is either right or wrong. It is my belief that it is fundamentally wrong and I welcome the words of Micheal D Higgins on the matter.

Captain Purplehead believes the trial was a farce and gives a run down of doctators supported by the US!

1st of January what a busy day!

I recently posted about what will happen to Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania on the 1st of January 2007, but that’s not all that will happen.

The EU institutions will be able to work in Irish from now on, that includes Irish MEP’s addressing the EU Parliament as Gaeilge and the EU publishing more documents in Irish.

Also on the 1st of January ASBO’s will be introduced in Ireland, these arent been welcomed by all though. Youth groups are opposed to them as there is no oversight on them, which is an issue.

One thing for certain, it looks like Saddam wont be alive to see in the new year.

Morning Briefing, December 28th

Dia Duit!

Conas atá sibh? An nuacht ar an maidin seo! (Thats the end of the Gaeilge!) reports on the IDA and ESB warnings on power cuts. There is also a good post over on Irish Election on this

It also reports that the Vatican is against giving Saddam the death penalty

CNN reports on a ‘significant’ earthquake in Scotland!

CNN also is running a report on predictions for future Tsunami’s in Asia

France 24 reports on the fighting in Somalia

Al-Jazeera has a report showing the difficulties faced by immigrants attempting to enter Spain

Thats it for now!


Botched Execution! owww!


Medics botch killer’s execution

The execution of a convicted killer from Puerto Rico took 34 minutes – twice as long as normal – because officials botched the insertion of the needles that delivered the lethal chemicals, a medical examiner said today.

Dr William Hamilton, who performed the autopsy in Florida, said the needles pierced Angel Nieves Diaz’s veins and then went into soft tissue in his arms.

“More likely than not, the perforation of the veins occurred very early in this process,” Hamilton said. “The autopsy findings were different than any other lethal injections.”

Hamilton also said although there were records that Diaz had hepatitis, his liver appeared normal. State corrections officials said after Wednesday’s execution that Diaz had liver disease, which caused him to metabolise the lethal drugs more slowly.

Governor Jeb Bush’s office said he learned of the medical examiner’s preliminary findings and has since issued an executive order creating a commission “to review the method in which the lethal injection protocols are administered by the Department of Corrections.”

Crime and Punishment: Is capital punishment the answer to reducing crime ?

No, capital Punishment is not the answer to reducing crime. I personnaly am against capital punishment because it is murder at the hands of the state, which is still a crime in the eyes of God.

Just look at states that have capital punishment, 38 states of the USA and the federal government allow capital punishment. Only recently did they stop the executions of minors.

The 12 countries with the most executions in 2004 were:
China – 3,400+
Iran – 159+
Vietnam – 64+
USA – 59
Saudi Arabia – 33+
Pakistan – 15+
Kuwait – 9+
Bangladesh – 7+
Egypt – 6+
Singapore – 6+
Yemen – 6+
Belarus – 5+

These countries, apart from the USA, are not the most the most respected of countries internationally due to their from of government or lack of respect for Human Rights. This shows the kind of countries that use the death penalty and crime is not abating in them!