Cardinal Brady and the Pope

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From the Archdiocese of Dublin, the Primate of Ireland and now the Supreme Pontiff, allegations of involvement in the cover up of child abuse have been directed at them all.

When reading the stories regarding the role played by Cardinal Brady in the Father Smyth case and the role the Pope was in, when he was in Cardinal in Munich there seems to be a strange similarity.

In 1975 Cardinal Brady was not the the bishop, he was only carrying out orders. While the then Cardinal Ratzinger, was in charge of of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising in 1982 and the issue of Father Hullermann and the allegations were raised.

Both are claiming they did the right thing and should not resign, they both can’t be right

The silence coming from the Vatican is not exactly a comforting sign for those who have been abused by members of the Catholic Church. Just like the statement from the Catholic Church in Ireland, trying to defend the indefensible hasn’t helped here.

Should one or both of them go?

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Brady’s Hypocrisy

Cardinal Brady yesterday came out strongly against the Governments plans to introduce a Civil Union Bill next year.

“This will effectively dissolve the special status of marriage between a man and woman enshrined in the Constitution,” the Cardinal claimed. “This would indeed be a ‘revolution’, perhaps the greatest in the history of the Irish family”.

Full article in the Independent

Yet today in front of Oireachtas Committee on Ireland’s Future in the European Union “he said that the Church would not take a position on Lisbon as it ’would get people’s backs up’ and may be seen as showing contempt for voters”. (

Nearly every political party which stood for election last year had a part for Civil Unions (or Marriage in case of Greens) in their manifesto’s. So basically the church by opposing this is showing contempt for the voters? Is it not? I know there is sizable opposition to the recognition of same-sex relationships but the majority, as proven in poll after poll prove they support it.

Thankfully the Government are sticking to the programme for Government and pressing ahead!

Bock also highlights the Church’s arrogance