Convention – 2 down 1 to go

So I didn’t go to Convention last Thursday for the Carrigaline/Harbour District but I am reliable informed that all 3 candidates were nominated. I did however attend Conventions for Cork South East LEA and Cork South West LEA on Saturday night. Again all candidates were nominated.

The meeting was chaired by Senator Maurice Cummins, and he was heartened by the fact that Fine Gael is aiming to win extra seats in both wards. It was an interesting meeting with valuable speeches from the candidates , especially the two new candidates; Des Cahill in Cork South East, a local businessman, and Barry Keane, a former businessman and currently a teacher in Bishopstown. Both of them gave good speeches and I wish them the best of luck in next years elections.

Of course the convention gave an excellent opportunity to the Sitting councillors, Corr and McGonigle in South East and Birmingham and Buttimer in South West to update us on there work and the future they see for Cork.

The new councillors, McGonigle and Buttimer who were both co-opted to Council last year were able to show the work they have done and there plans for the future.

The longer sitting councillors, Corr and Birmingham, showed why they keep getting elected due to their commitment to work for their communities and the city and showed where the current government are leaving down Cork in relation to the Airport, the Docklands, light-rail and so on.

I think what struck me most about the meeting was the desire among all candidates for the City Government to have more power, and I think I would have to agree with them.

I am looking forward to getting out on the canvass and I have volunteered (stupidly??) for three campaigns, that of John Buttimer (worked with him on his brothers campaign for the Dáil last year), Barry Keane (as he is a member of my branch) and Emmet O’Halloran (he’s hopefully running in my LEA!), a name knew to this blog. Emmet is seeking a nomination in Cork South Central LEA. I am not sure how many candidates we will be running in Cork South Central, but I hope its more then one! I will of course blog about Cork South Central Convention when it happens.

Convention Time hits Cork South Central!

Well three conventions take place in the Cork South Central Dáil Constituency this week. I have a vote in one of them, Cork South West Local Electoral Area . This is where it gets strange. I don’t live in Cork South West LEA, I live in Cork South Central LEA, in which I don’t have a vote! This is all due to my branches which are in Cork South West. They are Michael Collins Branch (Bandon Road) and UCCYFG.

Anyway the Conventions being held are the follwoing:
On Thursday 9th for the convention for the Carrigaline/Harbour Area will take place. Nominated are Cllr. John Collins, Cllr. Tim Lombard and Mr. Dave O’Byrne.

Saturday 11th sees both the Cork South East and Cork South West Conventions. Nominated in Cork South East are Cllr. Jim Corr, Clrr Laura McGonigle and Mr. Des Cahill. Nominated in Cork South West are Cllr. Brian Birmingham, Cllr. John Buttimer and Mr. Barry Keane.

I won’t make the meeting on Thursday night due to work but will be at the conventions on Saturday where I have a vote. I am glad to see Fine Gael putting forward three candidates in those three LEA’s and I hope they put at least two forward in Cork South Central LEA.

Also I hear Fianna Fail will not be holding local conventions and instead head office (Coughlan from what I hear) will be selecting the candidates. There is democracy at work!

Convention for Ireland South Euro Constituency, which will be contested, will hopefully be happening before Christmas.