Films I want to see!

Okay I have just over 5 months left in Ireland! 🙁 Then I’m off to Germany! So I’ll be an ex-pat blogger then! But neways, I went to see Shrek 3 recently (loved it!!) but I saw trailers for films I have to see before I leave Ireland! Hre are the tarilers….

Ratatouille trailer

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Surf’s Up Movie Trailer

Hairspray Trailer

Bee Movie

The Golden Compass trailer

Thats em all, ill be broke 🙁 lol!

I love the Lib Dems!!!

I was looking at the Lib Dem’s buttons on my page as I’ve just signed up as an e-supporter and i dicovered they have a campaign against homophobic bullying! As regular readers would know I am staunchly against it, as i was subjected to it. But ne way the details here at the link below

Im currently debating weather to put a e-supporter sign-up box for the Lib Dems on the page.

Watch this space

Definatly have a look at their NewToryLabour cartoons they are hilarious

Thats all for now

Yours in Pride