Polish Election Results

Well the results are in Civic Platform have won 209 seats in the lower house and 60 seats in the upper house with nearly 42% of the vote.

I am so happy. The minor parties that propped up the PiS, Self-Defense of the Republic of Poland and League of Polish Families, have lost all their seats in Parliament. PiS did gain 11 seats but as their partners didnt win any seats they cannot form a Government.

It looks like PO will form a coalition Government with the Polish People’s Party (PSL).

Poland now looks see to be less troublesome for the EU, and their will be a period of cohabitation until 2010, when the next presidential elections are due.

See here for more detailed results

Todays Elections: Poland and Switzerland

Well Poland and Switzerland have gone to the polls today in well reported elections. Both are highly contested and will change their countries if polling figures are correct.

Firstly to Poland. People are casting their votes today in Dublin, Cork and Limerick as well as flying home to vote in the pivotal election which could see one of the Kaczynski twins loose his job (Prime Minister). The Kaczynski Twins have become an embarrassment to young Poles, especially those living in Ireland and the UK. Polish people actually apologised to me (In person) over what their President said in Dublin about homosexuals.

The Kaczynski’s part PiS seam to be playing on old fears, Communism, German and Russian domination and Anti-Semitism. Is this really the Poland today. The answer according to Polling Date is no. Civic Platform are doing well and in the leadership debate trounced PiS. I will post the election results when they are released. I hope we can get analysis of votes cast in Ireland and the UK as I think they are pivotal and reflect how Poland is seen by the outside world.

Now on to Switzerland. These have been the most divisive elections is Swiss history. The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) is set to become the largest party and demand a change to the composition of the Federal Council which the currently the three largest parties (Swiss People’s Party, Social Democratic Party of Switzerland and Free Democratic Party of Switzerland) all have two seats and the Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland has one.

This election has actually seen violence in Bern when left wing protesters clashed with police after a Right wing SVP rally. Is this the end of consensual politics in Switzerland? We will find out tomorrow.

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