UCC Seminar on Civil Partnership Legislation

The Free Legal Advice Centre, University College Cork

Invites you to attend

A Seminar on Civil Partnership Legislation

Organised in Conjunction with the UCC Law Society and UCC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Society

Speakers: Deirdre Duffy, Irish Council for Civil Liberties, Noel Doherty, FitzGerald Solicitors, Toddy Hogan, L.InC and Dr. Ursula Kilkelly (Chair).

At 6.15pm, 11th December 2008
Council Chambers, North Wing (Quad)

University College Cork

A social event will take place after the seminar

If you are around tomorrow do head along. I would go but am working till 8.

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UCC LGBT’s Civil Partnership Debate

UCC LGBT this Wednesday will be hosting a Debate on the Government’s proposed Civil Partnership Bill. It’s on at 8:00pm in Boole 1 on Thursday if anyone is interested in heading along. (Facebook Event) The motion that will be debated will be “This House believes that Civil Partnership will create a ‘marriage apartheid’ in Ireland”. An interesting subject. Senator Dan Boyle will be speaking against the motion and speaker from the MarriagEquality campaign group will be there to speak for it.

While I’m all for debates I’m not sure if it’s worth my while going considering the room will be fairly biased for the motion, but I am tempted to go along and speak against the motion. But I’ll see how I am after work on Thursday. If I do go I will be twitting the meeting!


Brady’s Hypocrisy

Cardinal Brady yesterday came out strongly against the Governments plans to introduce a Civil Union Bill next year.

“This will effectively dissolve the special status of marriage between a man and woman enshrined in the Constitution,” the Cardinal claimed. “This would indeed be a ‘revolution’, perhaps the greatest in the history of the Irish family”.

Full article in the Independent

Yet today in front of Oireachtas Committee on Ireland’s Future in the European Union “he said that the Church would not take a position on Lisbon as it ’would get people’s backs up’ and may be seen as showing contempt for voters”. (Breakingnews.ie).

Nearly every political party which stood for election last year had a part for Civil Unions (or Marriage in case of Greens) in their manifesto’s. So basically the church by opposing this is showing contempt for the voters? Is it not? I know there is sizable opposition to the recognition of same-sex relationships but the majority, as proven in poll after poll prove they support it.

Thankfully the Government are sticking to the programme for Government and pressing ahead!

Bock also highlights the Church’s arrogance

Me and Gay Marriage

Okay, so I get in a lot of trouble in gay circles and lefty equality circles (you know who you are Len) about my opposition or really lack of support for gay marriage.

I recently posted over on The Political Gay about my thoughts on the Heads of the Civil Partnership Bill 2008 (available here (PDF)).

Though I did take part in the LGBT Noise protest in Cork about the bill (Gaycork.com thread) I am not that fussed. I am broadly supportive of the bill and will be hoping it is passed more or less in its current state.

The one thing that made me turn up last week was the issue of adoption and children in general. It is completely ignored by the bill and I am not a happy bunny because of it. Of course, this might change in the future and maybe a second bill will allow gay adoption like what has happened in the UK. So I am adopting the Micheal Collins approach to this bill. For those of you unsure of that, I mean along the lines of what Collins said about the Anglo-Irish Treaty. It‘gives us the freedom, not the ultimate freedom that all nations desire and develop to, but the freedom to achieve it.’ I believe something similar about this bill, it will be a gradual thing, and as time goes by we will gain more rights and entitlements.

Now as for Marriage, I ain’t a fan of it. Thats just who I am, to me its too religious and can never se myself have a Gay Civil Marriage. While Civil Partnership’s I do support full heartedly and will be lobbying my Local TD’s to support it with the minimum of amendments.