UCC LGBT’s Civil Partnership Debate

UCC LGBT this Wednesday will be hosting a Debate on the Government’s proposed Civil Partnership Bill. It’s on at 8:00pm in Boole 1 on Thursday if anyone is interested in heading along. (Facebook Event) The motion that will be debated will be “This House believes that Civil Partnership will create a ‘marriage apartheid’ in Ireland”. An interesting subject. Senator Dan Boyle will be speaking against the motion and speaker from the MarriagEquality campaign group will be there to speak for it.

While I’m all for debates I’m not sure if it’s worth my while going considering the room will be fairly biased for the motion, but I am tempted to go along and speak against the motion. But I’ll see how I am after work on Thursday. If I do go I will be twitting the meeting!


Me and Gay Marriage

Okay, so I get in a lot of trouble in gay circles and lefty equality circles (you know who you are Len) about my opposition or really lack of support for gay marriage.

I recently posted over on The Political Gay about my thoughts on the Heads of the Civil Partnership Bill 2008 (available here (PDF)).

Though I did take part in the LGBT Noise protest in Cork about the bill (Gaycork.com thread) I am not that fussed. I am broadly supportive of the bill and will be hoping it is passed more or less in its current state.

The one thing that made me turn up last week was the issue of adoption and children in general. It is completely ignored by the bill and I am not a happy bunny because of it. Of course, this might change in the future and maybe a second bill will allow gay adoption like what has happened in the UK. So I am adopting the Micheal Collins approach to this bill. For those of you unsure of that, I mean along the lines of what Collins said about the Anglo-Irish Treaty. It‘gives us the freedom, not the ultimate freedom that all nations desire and develop to, but the freedom to achieve it.’ I believe something similar about this bill, it will be a gradual thing, and as time goes by we will gain more rights and entitlements.

Now as for Marriage, I ain’t a fan of it. Thats just who I am, to me its too religious and can never se myself have a Gay Civil Marriage. While Civil Partnership’s I do support full heartedly and will be lobbying my Local TD’s to support it with the minimum of amendments.

Why we won’t see Gay Partnerships under the Cowen Adminsitration

I have read two blog posts recently that will send chills down the spine of everyperson in Ireland who has campiagned for Gay Partnerships (Unions, Marriages, Whaterver you want to call em!). Two high profile figures in Biffo’s cabinet are not fans of the Gays.

One is Tánasite and Minister for Trade, Enterprise and Employment and the other is Minsiter for Justice, Equality and Law Reform.

It was David Garrahy’s blog that alerted me to Mary Coughlan’s attitude and Maman Poulet who alerted me to Dermot Ahern.

This is quite worrying, Dermot Ahern’s Derpartment is the one that will be responsible for drafting the legislation and Mary Coughlan will have a lot of sway in Cabinet as Tánaiste.

I must say I am disapointed that in Ireland two high profile ministers can be against same-sex unions and hold up things dispite the fact that most people in Ireland would support some form of recognition.

UPDATE: I’ve expanded on this over on The Political Gay

The Next Taoiseach of Ireland: Brian Cowen

Based on a post I orginally posted on The Political Gay over on GayCork

Tomorrow Brian Cowen will be elected Taoiseach of Ireland. The Big question will be the result of the reshuffle? Will Harney be replaced by Cannon? Who will get Finance? Who will be dropped and who will be promoted.

I have a feeling Lenihan will get Finance and Tániste. If that happens I think Coughlan could move to Justice. The poison chalice is the big Question though, if Hareny leaves Health who will take over? Cannon won’t want it, if he has any sense. It will be interesting to have an Governemnt Minister in the Seanad though! It will increase its poistion within the political system.

Another question is will he drop any policies? will he try and renegiate the Programme for Government? I doubt on both of these. No Irish Government policy has major opposition in public opinion like 42 days and ID’s in the UK. Of course the first month will be taken up with Lisbon, but that could be the waste of the Honeymoon period also.

What I want to know is will we see Civil Partnerships (Unions or whatever) under Cowen? Ahern was great on rhetoric but will Cowen take the action?

Random Facts:
He was born 10 January 1960 and was first elected in 1984 to represent constituency of Laois-Offaly. He has served in the following Ministries: Minister for Labour (1992–1993), Minister for Energy (1993), Minister for Transport, Energy & Communications (1993–1994), Minister for Health & Children (1997–2000), Minister for Foreign Affairs (2000–2004) and until tomorrow Minister of Finance.

He has wide ranging expeirence in a number of portfolios so has the potential to be a good Taoiseach.

The question is will he face the same problems has Gordon Brown? He is taking over from a popular Taoiseach, granted he has been dogged lately by the Tribunal, but he is popular in Ireland none the less.

He was not leader of the Party when elected. This isnt as big an issue as in the UK considering when we go to the polls you can vote for every party, as is the way with PRSTV. While in the UK you vote for one and thats the leader you expect. I dont see accusations of being ‘unelected’ being bandied about as much as they are with Brown.

Time will tell if he ‘dithers’ like Gordon. I dount he will though.

Of course he will always be BIFFO* to me dispite the fact he is Taoiseach!

*Note: I take BIFFO to mean “Big Ignorant F***er From Offaly” not “Big Intelligent Fellow From Offaly”

Notes on a Train

Random thoughts on the 11:00 Dublin to Cork Train

Fine Gael won the election so stop asking me if I’m happy with the election!

A downturn is coming in the economy and people know it. Watch the number of Penny’s bags the next time your in Town.

The Following Drag queens rock (in no particular order!)
*Regina George
*Fabula Di Marchais
*Destiny Jones
*Kitty Cartier
*Lady Face – Veda and Devina
*Panti (all hail)
*Joanna Ryde
*Aine Climax

Cork needs a LUAS

The B’house is cool 😉

I like the new CIE trains

Kinlay house is a great place to stay – its near all the Gay Bars!!!!

Lemonjelly is gorgeous and the staff are hot!!!!

This weather is killing me….

I found Today FM’s HQ by accident….

Transgendered rights more improtant then Civil Partnerships.

Launch of Dublin Pride was fab. Must try and get to the Parade on the 23rd of this month!

Cork Pride was fab – I came second in the mince marathon!!!

The Parade was well better this year like!

I say ‘like’ a lot – especially when it’s pointed out to me

I dropped out of college :-O

Cant get this song out of my head!

I must go to Dublin more often…. but not by train €40 student return jaysus!!!

Must start blogging regularly again. Excuses:
*General Election

Dan Boyle travles by train…. hes two carriages back

Why is Paris Hilton on the front page of the Irish Examiner…. Who gives a shit – stupid bitch.

ISL should be thought to all children. I will teach mine.

I need to think of a drag name!

Your Drag Queen Name Is:

Felicia Fellatio

Anyone know where i can get men’s size 10 (UK) heels in Ireland?? Preferable Cork!

My hangover is subsiding!

I love free beer….

This is a cool song

Thats all he wrote!