Eddie Izzard on the EU

The above is from one of Eddie Izzards DVD’s “Dressed to Kill” in it he describes the European Union as “the cutting edge of politics in the most extraordinary way” and he is so right. He accurately states that Britan needs to be in the driving seat, but also highlights a few issues with the complexity of the EU, especially when it comes to languages. This was recorded when we only had 15 member states, we now have 27! Even more languages to contend with!

PS: Eddie Izzard is one of my favourite comedians ever. And here is one of my favourite sketches from that DVD. Languages

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The World In One City

I read about this in the Observer (Guardian on a Sunday) and think it is an excellent idea. Basically Owen Powell and Alex Horne are trying to meet people from all 192 countries in the world in London!And they’ve nearly done it! Their blog is fantastic detailing all the meetings they have with people from different countries. Their deadline is the 24th of October, so it will be interesting to see if they make it!

Youtube Stuff – camp and funny!

Monty Python’s Military Fairy

very camp gay ref

A Camp Song

Films I want to see!

Okay I have just over 5 months left in Ireland! 🙁 Then I’m off to Germany! So I’ll be an ex-pat blogger then! But neways, I went to see Shrek 3 recently (loved it!!) but I saw trailers for films I have to see before I leave Ireland! Hre are the tarilers….

Ratatouille trailer

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Surf’s Up Movie Trailer

Hairspray Trailer

Bee Movie

The Golden Compass trailer

Thats em all, ill be broke 🙁 lol!

Is fishing bad for you or is this guy just unlucky?

Bill Dance – video powered by Metacafe


Practical Joke

Manchester City Council introduced a traffic calming scheme in the City centre several months back which allows only buses, emergency & services vehicles through at certain times of the day, despite the fact that large illuminated warning signs are visible for all to see it doesn’t stop people trying to beat the system, a good way to try out your airbags! It’s claiming on average three vehicles per week………..

Got the above from my mother

Islam Vs Christianity

This is a hilarious video of Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert arguing which religion is better Islam or Christianity.


Time Trumpet BBC Preview Armando Iannucci Funny Comedy

Can’t wait for this to start on BBC

Hetrosexuality Survey

1. What do you think caused your heterosexuality?

2.When and how did you first decide you were heterosexual?

3.Is it possible your heterosexuality is just a phase and you may grow out of?

4.Is it possible your heterosexuality stems from a neurotic fear of others of the same sex?

5.If you’ve never slept with someone of the same sex, is it possible all you need is a good gay lover?

6.To whom have you disclosed your heterosexual tendencies? How did they react?

7.Why do you heterosexuals feel compelled to seduce others into your lifestyle?

8.Why do you insist on flaunting your heterosexuality? Can’t you just be what you are and keep it quiet?

9.Would you want your children to be heterosexual, knowing the problems they’d face?

10.A majority of child molesters are heterosexual. Do you consider it safe to expose your children to heterosexual teachers?

11.With all the societal support marraige receives, the divorce rate is still spiralling. Why are there so few stable relationships among heterosexuals?

12.Why do heterosexuals place so much emphasis on sex?

13.Considering the menace of overpopulation, how could the human race survive if everyone was heterosexual like you?

14.Could you trust a heterosexual therapist to be objective? Don’t you fear s/he might be inclined to influence you in the direction of his/her leanings?

15.How can you become a whole person if you limit yourself to compulsive, exclusive heterosexuality, and fail to develop your natural, healthy homosexual potential?

16.There seems to be very few happy heterosexuals. Techniques have been developed which might enable you to change if you really want to. Have you considered aversion therapy?

Bush Gets Lambasted