Commission of Investigation into Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin (The Murphy Report)

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So the Murphy Report and the usual outrage is being shown. We have been there before earlier this year with the Ryan Report, but has anything changed?

Not much. The priests not named in the report will not be charged, the bishops who let them get away with it are refusing to resign. Information will be shredded. Its despicable. Whats the point of these Commissions if nothing comes of them?

This morning though, I was listening to Gerry Ryan on 2FM (a rare occurrence) when he was doing the paper review and when he go to the Irish Daily Mail I was very interested to hear what he had to say. According to the Mail (not online) the Bishop’s who did not report allegations to the Gardaí will be investigated. This is a change. And it is a good change. The Church hierarchy need to be told they are no longer above the law.

While I think very highly of the current Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, as he is more open then most of predecessors, the Church still has a long way to go as their is 25 dioceses in Ireland North and South who need to either come clean and hand over records to the Gardaí or be investigated.

I am not an anti-church person. I am not an anti-catholic person. But these church men who claim to uphold the ten commandments and Gospel of Jesus Christ need to realise their actions and repent and do good on it.

There is no easy way out of this for the Catholic Church in Ireland or the Vatican. They need to look deeply at themselves are realise how human they are, admit when they are wrong, and take the punishment. It is what the rest of us mere mortals must do.

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The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Report

I haven’t blogged about the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Reportreport as between the jigs and the reels and the coverage on other blogs, I didnt see the point. But after reading a story in the Irish Examiner that the religous orders are not going to re-negotiate the indemnity deal and seeing this video from Q&A last time I am annoyed.

I am soo annoyed. I am not sure who to be more annoyed with though. The Government or the Catholic Church. The fact that the religous orders are refusing to renegotiate the deal despit what the hierarchy has said is galling to think that they could get away with it as the Government is afraid to push them on it!

If there are legal difficulties in the state re-opening the negiations alone then pressure needs to be applied to the 18 congregations to get them to agree.

Things need to change in this country. The position of the Catholic Church is one of the things that need to change. They must now realise that they are not above the law, and they have sinned. Not only against those who suffered, but also against God. They have twisted their mission to one of protecting the guilty. To preventing Justice from happening. Is this the mission God handed to Church of Peter that the Catholic Church claims to continue? I hope not.

At the Church Service (Church of Ireland) I was at on Sunday, it was raised. The preacher did not condemn the Catholic Church in Ireland but certainly raised doubts in my mind of its reasons in protecting those who committed these abuses.

This scandal will run and run. And it needs to run and run, until the Church and the Congregations see where they are wrong and increase their contributions and stop hiding the criminals

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