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I got this via Email from the European Journalism Centre. I took part in Th!nk1 and Th!nk2 (though didn’t finish it). Do check it out.

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) invites you to apply for the third round of our acclaimed blogging competition, TH!NK3: Developing World.

TH!NK3 will bring together some 100 bloggers, journalists, issue experts and students from the 27 EU member states, as well as neighbourhood countries and beyond, to exchange ideas and debate sustainable development and global cooperation topics. The blogging competition will run from 24 March to 31 August and begins with a launch event in Brussels, 22-23 March. The awards include opportunities to travel and report from Asia and Africa. The big prize is a trip to the UN headquarters in New York in September 2010, at the time of the Millenium Development Goals summit. All trips are sponsored by the EJC or our partners.

The previous two editions of our competition, TH!NK2: Climate Change and  TH!NK1: European Elections 2009, received hundreds of thousands of visitors and got the attention of major mainstream media. TH!NK2: Climate Change won the European Public Affairs Award for the “Best Web 2.0 Campaign of the Year” in 2009.

To participate in the competition, please go to, where you can read more about TH!NK3 and fill out the application form.

The EJC is an independent, international, non-profit institute dedicated to the highest standards in journalism. For the TH!NK3 launch event, we have received additional support from the European Commission.

Best of luck if you enter! I can guarentee it is worth it! I won’t be entering due to the fact I am too busy with college and Anna Lindh Foundation stuff.

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Semi-Final Draw [Eurovision 2010]

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The draw took place today for the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Ireland has been drawn to be in the second half of the second semi. That semi will take place on the 27th of May.

Here are the results of the Draw.

Semi-Final One, May 25th

  • Serbia (first half)
  • Finland (first half)
  • Russia (first half)
  • Greece (second half)
  • Slovakia (first half)
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (first half)
  • Iceland (second half)
  • Moldova (first half)
  • Malta (second half)
  • Portugal (second half)
  • FYR Macedonia (second half)
  • Latvia (first half)
  • Belarus (second half)
  • Belgium (second half)
  • Poland (second half)
  • Albania (second half)
  • Estonia (first half)

Semi Final Two, May 27th

  • Switzerland (first half)
  • Lithuania (first half)
  • Georgia (second half)
  • Turkey (second half)
  • Ireland (second half)
  • Slovenia (second half)
  • Sweden (first half)
  • Ukraine (first half)
  • The Netherlands (second half)
  • Bulgaria (second half)
  • Croatia (second half)
  • Denmark (first half)
  • Azerbaijan (first half)
  • Cyprus (second half)
  • Romania (second half)
  • Israel (first half)
  • Armenia (first half)

It seems to be a good draw for Ireland as no major groups are in the same semi. As in the draw of the which final the big 4 and Norway will vote in the UK were drawn to vote in the second Semi. This is good news!

The result of that draw was:

  • Norway (Second Semi-Final)
  • Germany (First Semi-Final)
  • United Kingdom (Second Semi-Final)
  • Spain (First Semi-Final)
  • France (Second Semi-Final)

Its shaping up to be a good year!

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Think: Some Random Thoughts

Press/BloggerSo we are at the half way point of the EU Blogging Contest “Think About It” and I must say I am enjoying it. The first month was hard for me, but I got back into the swing of it last month.

This month sees a change of focus. From now on we have to blog purely about the European Parliament to stay in the competition. We can still blog about European issues but they wont count towards the competition or our one post a month requirment.

This month they are starting to invite Guest Bloggers to the contest to blog, they are looking for suggestions. If you want to guest blog on it let me know via comment of email and I will suggest you!

One thing I noticed last night and this morning was by how much my RSS Reader was flooded with post from Think09 as people rushed to get a post in before the deadline. Why do you people leave it so late?

If anyone is interested this is the winning post for March. Its one I missed, but I miss alot of them.

Also rumour hits me that there will be an after party for those that last the next two months! Am excited! Now more blogging!

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Aged 16-18? Win a trip to Africa!

Thanks to Eoin Ryan MEP for highlighting this on twitter. Vist to see how you could win a trip to Africa. One person from Ireland has to win! Check it out! Best of luck if you enter!

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First Th!nk Post

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Well my first post is up on the Th!nk about it blog. It is on “How do we make Europe Sexy?“. Please read, comment and vote!

Heres an excerpt from it:

One of the issues that kept coming up during the Launch event last week in Brussels was how do we make Europe Sexy? By Europe I mean the European Union. This is something that I have spent much time thinking about since getting back to Ireland.

I cannot think of any country in the world where politics is considered sexy except in the USA where Obama reinvigorated politics, but how can that work in a disconnected Europe?

Read the full post


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Well, I think I am finally recovered after my trip to Brussels and it was amazing. I met amazing people!

There was fantastic talks and I will share some of my thoughts on them in later blogposts.

My only problem with the event was the fact my baggage didnt arrive till Monday!! Luckily a friend of mine had recently moved to Brussels and actually had a shirt that fitted me!

The two days of the event were great (when I recovered from the dancing on Sunday night), i met some really interesting people, including the other two participants from Ireland.

I got to know really cool people from around Europe (who have all being adding me on Facebook! – thanks guys!) and have found about really cool events around Europe for the elections. Expect some interesting posts!

Oh and my baggage made it back home in one go thanks to the hepful ground crew in Brussels International Airport who put a priority sticker on my bag when I explained to them my situuation! – Huge thanks to them!

I still must upload my pictures and stuff and write posts on the talks but that will have to wait until atleast Sunday when I start my spring week – holidays yay!

The Picture is from the EJC, It was taken on the Monday

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What will I be up to in Brussels?

This is one of the most asked questions about my upcoming trip to Brussels for the Thinking about it competition so here goes an idea of what I will getting up to.

Monday sees me in a hotel all day at talks from fascinating people. After a welcome, Tony Barber of the FT, Mark Mardell of the BBC and Stefan Happer of Politikportal (German) and Brussels Media (English), will be talking to us about blooging about the EU and the relavance of these elections. After that Piotr Kaczynski of CEPS will be telling us the hot topics of 09. The last talk before lunch sees a talk on Vlogging from Raymond Frenken of EUX.TV.

After Lunch sees a discussion around is Blogging Journalim involving Joseph Hennon, a Commission Spokesman and Michael Opgenhaffen, a Researcher. Then there is a talk by Julian Popov of the Bulgarian School of Politics, on how to blog about politics creatively. After that is a talk on Standing out in the bloggersphere by Clo Willaerts of the Sanoma Group.

After a coffee break we are told the rules of the competition! Then there is a talk by Mario Giuseppe, UK National Manager of AEGEE, on covering elections. Then there is a panel discussion on creating an award winning blog.

Tuesday sees us in the European Parliament. There we will start off with an introduction to the European Parliament by Ioannis Darmis. Then we well get talks on the European Parliament online and elections online from the Webcomm Unit. After that the Parliament’s Press Office will give a talk on the electoral background. Then there is a talk on how the polilitical groups are following Obama with their online stuff. Then we have a tour followed by a talk by 3 MEP’s Christopher Fjellner (EPP), Marianne Mikko (PES) and Alexander Alvaro (ALDE). Then I fly home.

It will be an interesting two days an dlots of paper and ink will be used. Think I will get a few ideas for blog posts too!

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Think About It – Update

Yes this, is the Blogging Competition thing that I am in. Im off to Brussels on Sunday for the launch. Will be back in Cork on Tuesday.

The organisers have a blog up with advice and stuff for us, but there is also information on the EU and other campaigns on it.

Some of the others taking part have linked to their websites, so here that are if you want to check out what I am up against. Not all the blogs are in English!

Making Things Happen – Italy
Kleita – Latvia(Its Martha that is in the Competition I think)
Jose Miguel Calatayud’s websitt -Spain
Etan Smallman – UK
Paris Never Ends – Lithuania
Katrina Bishop Blogs – UK
AriRusila’s BalkanBlog – Finland
The International – Germany
(un)fencing the mind – The Netherlands
Блогът на Юруков – Bulguria
phat phred – Sweden
European Tribune Diary of Frank Schnittger – Ireland
pypiaus blog’as – Lithuania
Corina Murafa – Romania
AnTyx – Estonia
BORUT PETERLIN, a Slovenian photographer in a rabbit hole of photography – Slovenia
Thailand tur/retur – Denmark
Lehet, Más a Világ – Hungary
Eamonn Fitzgerald’s Rainy Day – Ireland
Intialektualu – Lithuania

I will update the list as I get more links.

Sunday night sees a meetup in one of the hotels followed by a 9:30am start on the Monday in Sofitel. We will be having panel discussions on blogging on the like. It should be fun! Tuesday will see us visit the European Parliament. It will be my third visit. I am getting the full program tomorrow!

I am very excited!

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I’m in Shock

Remember my post about the EU Blogging Compeition? Well guess who has been selected as one of the three participants from Ireland to attend the launch event?


I cannot believe it! I am soooo excited and over the moon! On sunday the 25th I head out to Brussels for the launch event! So there shall be plenty of blogging from me next year!

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Blogging Competition

Think about it is a european blogging competition. The full details of which is on the website.

What does it entail?

Each participant will post at least once a month (February 1 – June 9, 2009) on the THINK ABOUT IT Elections 2009 blogsite. In February and March, any European-related topic is welcome and from April-June the theme is the European Elections 2009 (issues, candidates, parties, EP, national views on the elections). Photos, audio and video are always encouraged! Postings have to be made in English (does not have to be perfect English; the five site editors can help with the language, if the blogger so wishes).

It sounds interesting and as I will be involved with the European Campiagn here in Ireland South it should be really interesting.