28th Amendemnt of the Constitution (Childrens Rights Amendment)

Well i eventually found the wording of the amendment and here it is from the DOHC website


Article 42(A)

1. The State acknowledges and affirms the natural and imprescriptible rights of all children.


-In exceptional cases, where the parents of any child for physical or moral reasons fail in their duty towards such child, the State as guardian of the common good, by appropriate means shall endeavour to supply the place of the parents, but always with due regard for the natural and imprescriptible rights of the child.
-Provision may be made by law for the adoption of a child where the parents have failed for such a period of time as may be prescribed by law in their duty towards the child, and where the best interests of the child so require.

3. Provision may be made by law for the voluntary placement for adoption and the adoption of any child.

4. Provision may be made by law that in proceedings before any court concerning the adoption, guardianship or custody of, or access to, any child, the court shall endeavour to secure the best interests of the child.


-Provision may be made by law for the collection and exchange of information relating to the endangerment, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse, or risk thereof, of children, or other persons of such a class or classes as may be prescribed by law.
-No provision in this Constitution invalidates any law providing for offences of absolute or strict liability committed against or in connection with a child under 18 years of age.
-The provisions of this section of this Article do not, in any way, limit the powers of the Oireachtas to provide by law for other offences of absolute or strict liability.

I’m a bit worried about the wording of section 2 as it uses the words ‘moral reasons’. I dont like that.

Morning Briefing, 19th January

Dia Duit,

The Govt is to publish the Children’s Rights Amendment today (Breakingnews). Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has said he will only go ahead with the referendum if he gets all-party consensus on the wording.

The 5 axle ban comes into effect in Dublin (RTÉ) AA Roadwatch says the introduction of a ban on five-axle trucks travelling through Dublin city centre has had an impact on M50 traffic this morning.

The US Senate is try and find new avenues of limiting Bush’s power in Iraq (France 24) Leading Democrats touted a proposal that would revoke the October 2002 authorization that allowed Bush to invade Iraq.

Germany is the latest country to cancel footbal games over hooliganism (BBC)

Germany has also jailed a Holocaust denier (Al Jazeera)

A prominent far-right acvtivist has been sentenced to five years in prison for Holocaust denial by a German court.

Ernst Zuendel was extradited from Canada and on Thursday was handed the maximum possible sentence under German law for the crime in the southwestern town of Mannheim.

The court said it had counted 14 instances on Zuendel’s Internet homepage where he denied the historical facts of the Holocaust and incited anti-Semitism

The 67-year-old has previously published works entitled The Hitler We Loved and Why and Did six million really die?

Thats it for now, have a good day!!

Morning Briefing, 26th January

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An nuacht ar an lá seo.

A conference is taking place in Spain on the EU Constitution (BBC). Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain are sending ministers and Germany, Ireland and Portugal are sending observers. Im not sure what outcome it will have as only 17 member states are attending.

The UN will announce its plan for Kosovo today (BBC). Hopefully it will safe gaurd

In a historic step the Prime Minister of Vietnam has met with the Pope (CNN)

Kofi Annan has returned home to Ghana (CNN) after his ten year stint as head of the United Nations. He is thinking of entering agriculture

No more .um sites (CNN)awww, but there are talks of getting rid of .su sites also.

The US has unveiled an non-lethal ray gun!(CNN) i thinks its a cool idea. It makes u think ur going to catch fire, wo wont run from that!

And finally in UCC RAG week is over and nominations for the Student Union Elections open next wednesday. I am intending to seek a nomination to run for Welfare officer in the SU. check out my website its still under construction so check back. But i do have a Bebo, MySpace and Facebook profiles

EU justice ministers to discuss Constitution


Justice and interior ministers of the European Union are to discuss a framework for talks on reviving the EU Constitution during three days of talks in Germany which are due to begin later today.

The talks in Dresden are the first major ministerial gathering of the new EU of 27 states.

Germany, which holds the rotating presidency of the union, has asked member states to nominate interlocutors for consideration of each country’s position on the Constitution.

The treaty was rejected by voters in the Netherlands and France in 2005 but has been ratified by two-thirds of the countries in EU.

Police co-operation and the fight against illegal immigration are also expected to be high on the agenda at the talks.

The German Interior Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, has said he would like to see a treaty on police co-operation agreed.

Mr Schaeuble has also highlighted the idea of ‘circular migration’, a method for minimising the so-called brain drain from poor countries of origin by promoting the return of professionals after a period in the West.

‘We are all fully convinced of the need to closely co-operate with the countries of origin and transit,’ he said. ‘We must also fight this terrible situation that people are dragged on to boats which are not fit to travel into the Mediterranean sea.’

Other topics on the agenda for EU justice ministers include the possibility of harmonising divorce laws as well as the problem of violent video games.

Woo! about time discussions were restarted on it!

German Presidency Ready to roll!

With the Finns, finishing up with the Presidency of the European Council, Germany is gearing up to hold the presidency.

Their website www.eu2007.de is ready to roll in 3 languages, German, French and English.

Germany hopes to bring the Constitution back on to the agenda. This Presidency sees a new Troika system being introduced which will see Germany working very closely with Portugal and Slovenia, the next two members to hold the Presidency. This will ensure continuity in European Politics

Update on the Draft Constitutional Treaty for the European Union

Austria – Parliament (Approval by the Nationalrat 11 May 2005. Approval by Bundesrat 25 May 2005)
Belgium – Parliament (Approval by the Senate: 28 April 2005. Approval by the Chamber: 19 May 2005. Approval by other Assemblies expected within the next weeks.)
Cyprus – Parliament (Approval by the House postponed to 30 June 2005)
Czech Republic – Possible Referendum (June 2006?)
Denmark – Referendum 27 September 2005
Estonia – Parliament
Finland – Parliament (Auitumn 2005)
France – Referendum (Referendum 29 May 2005 negative (NO: 54,8%; turn out: 70%) (to be officialy confirmed))
Germany – Parliament (Approval by Bundestag: 12 May 2005. Adoption by Bundesrat: 27 May 2005.)
Greece – Parliament (Approval by Parliament: 19 April 2005)
Hungary- Parliament (Approval by Parliament: 20 December 2004)
Ireland – Referendum likely to be held in October-November 2005
Italy – Parliament (Approval by the Chamber on 25 January 2005 and by the Senate on April 6th.)
Latvia – Parliament (Approval by the chamber on 2 June 2005)
Lithuania – Parliament (Approval by Parliament 11-11-04)
Luxembourg – First vote of the Chamber on the approval of the treaty foreseen in mid-June. Referendum on 10 July 2005 (adoption of the specific law related to the organisation of the referendum adopted by the Chamber on April 12th) Second vote of the Chamber: after the referendum
Malta – Parliament (Vote of Parliament expected in July 2005)
Netherlands – Referendum 1 June 2005 negative (61,7%, turn out : 63%) (to be confirmed later)
Poland – A referendum could be carried out on 9 October 2005 along with presidential elections
Portugal – Referendum (Referendum likely to be held in October 2005 along with the local elections)
Slovakia – Parliament (Approval by Parliament: 11 May 2005)
Slovenia – Parliament (Approval by Parliament: 1 February 2005 )
Spain – Referendum (Referendum 20 February 2005: 76,7% in favour. Turnout: 42,3%. Approval of the Congress on 28 April. Approval of the Senate on 18 May 2005)
Sweden – Parliament (Ratification Bill should be presented to Parliament in Summer. It could pass in December 2005)
United Kingdom – Referendum (Ratification expected in first half-year 2006.Legislation for referendum shelved after French and Dutch results)

Given the failure of the French and Dutch to approve the European Constitution, how far does Europe need a Constitution?

I was very disappointed to hear the results of the referenda in France and the Netherlands. I believe that the European Union needs a constitution to codify all the treaties and set out the powers of each of the institutions.

Europe needs a constitution. When you look at organisations that have constitutions they are many and diverse. From local sports clubs to countries, constitutions lay out the basic rules and procedures for the running of the organisation.

Currently the rules and regulations of the EU are contained in many treaties beginning with the Treaty of Rome and the other treaties. Other regulations are the result of compromises and have never been written down. A constitution would clearly lay out the role for every institution of the EU.

In this constitution I would like to see the EU set out the basic human rights that every EU citizen should have. I also think that the constitution should contain a role for national parliaments. This constitution would clear up a lot of confusion that many citizens encounter when discussing the EU.

EU Constitution – Greece!


Greece has been the latst country to ratify the European Contitutional Treaty. See below for a rough idea on the progression in other Memeber States.

Austria – Parliament
Belgium – Parliament
Cyprus – Parliament
Czech Republic – Possible Referendum (June 2006?)
Denmark – Referendum 27 September 2005
Estonia – Parliament
Finland – Parliament (Auitumn 2005)
France – Referendum (29 May 2005)
Germany – Parliament
Greece – Parliament (19 April 2005)
Hungary- Parliament (Approved 20 December 2004)
Ireland – Referendum
Italy – Parliament (Approved 7 April 2005)
Latvia – Parliament
Lithuania – Parliament (Approved 11 November 2004)
Luxembourg – Consultative Referendum 10 July 2005
Malta – Parliament (July 2005)
Netherlands – Consultive Referendum 1 June 2005
Poland – Probable Referendum
Portugal – Referendum (October 2005)
Slovakia – Parliament
Slovenia – Parliament (1 February 2005)
Spain – Referendum (Passed 20 february 2005, 76.7% Congress on 28 April. Senate June 2005)
Sweden – Parliament (December 2005)
United Kingdom – Referendum (2006?)

The EU constitution tough passage through Europe expected.

With referendums coming up in Ireland and the UK, will they be passed? The UK is looking unlikely, but could Ireland have a repeat of the Nice debacle?

With 4 countries (Hungary, Slovenia and Lithuania passing the treaty in parliament and Spain by referendum) there are still 21 countries to go with referendums in 8 more countries will it be passed and more importantly do we need an EU constitution???

A new opinion poll today shows that France is looking less likely to pass the constitution then thought in previous polls. But when have polls been completely accurate?

Italy has been the latest country to ratify the treaty. It passed the treaty in parliament on the 7th of April

Austria – Parliament
Belgium – Parliament
Cyprus – Parliament
Czech Republic – Possible Referendum
Denmark – Referendum 27 September 2005
Estonia – Parliament
Finland – Parliament
France – Referendum 29 May 2005
Germany – Parliament
Greece – Parliament
Hungary- Parliament (Approved 20 December 2004)
Ireland – Referendum
Italy – Parliament (Approved 7 April 2005)
Latvia – Parliament
Lithuania – Parliament (Approved 11 November 2004)
Luxembourg – Consultative Referendum 10 July 2005
Malta – Parliament
Netherlands – Consultive Referendum 1 June 2005
Poland – Probable Referendum
Portugal – Referendum October 2005
Slovakia – Parliament
Slovenia – Parliament
Spain – Referendum (Passed 20 february 2005, 76.7% YES)
Sweden – Parliament
United Kingdom – Referendum 2006?

Click the link below for more information on the draft constitutional treaty