Does this need to be in the Irish Constitution?

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As I mentioned earlier today, the Twenty Eight Amendent to the Constitution Bill 2009 was published today. IrishElection has the full text of the amendment but I have a query to the proposed new Article 29.4.4 of Bunreacht na hEireann.

It reads as follows:

Ireland affirms its commitment to the European Union within  which the member states of that Union work together to promote peace, shared values and the well-being of their peoples.

Really does it have a point? It refers to no treaty or protocol. It’s something that should be in a preamble in my mind.

I seriously doubt those words will have any effect what so ever considering the preceding subsection states that we are members of the European Union.

Will it swing any voters? I doubt. So why include it? In a document such as our Constitution?

Anyone care to enlighten me?

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