#LE19: Cork City Council – Cork South Central Results

Cork South Central Results:

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Diary of A Serial Canvasser – Part 2

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So last since Part 1, I’ve been a very bad canvasser and have only been out two nights. They were April 30th and May 1st. For all of last week I took a break from canvassing as I was sick. But Im all good now and ready to get back into this week!

Back to my last two nights on the cavass though. On the Thursday I was canvassing for Emmet O’Halloran in Ballyphehane, on the road where my Grandmother lives, so I knew a lot of people on the road and even got to canvass my own Grandmother! It was a revealing canvass though as we discovered a lot of former Fianna Fail voters would be voting Labour before Fine Gael. But overall we got a good response with people looking for change and seeing Fine Gael as the alternative.

On Friday I was canvassing for Cllr. Brian Birmingham the current Lord Mayor of Cork. We were canvassing near the Lough in the Cork South West Ward, which is very close to my own home (I live on the border of the constituency). I go caught on quite a few doors discussing Fine Gael and the candidates. Quite a lot of people in the area had a connection to Brian or to Fine Gael so it was an interesting canvass.

This week sees me back to normal:

  • Monday: Emmet O’Halloran – South Central John Buttimer (South West)
  • Tuesday: OFF (Scouts & Eurovision)
  • Wednesday: John Buttimer – South West
  • Thursday: Emmet O’Halloran – South Central (the Evening Echo will be with us too!)
  • Friday: Either Laura McGonigle (South East) or Brian Birmingham (South West). Havent decided yet.

A fun week ahead!

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Diary of a Serial Canvasser – Part One

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I mentioned before how busy I was with canvassing and with tomorrow marking 5 weeks to election day I decided to start a bit of a diary on how the canvass is going.

Lets start with last Wednesday. I went canvassing for Cllr. John Buttimer (South West Ward) in Deenrock in Togher. I would know a few people in the area here through being involved in the Scouts in Togher. It was a mix of a canvass. Some areas of the estate were very much against politicians in general and other parts were very positive towards Fine Gael.  We had a large team out and got a large area canvassed.

Thursday saw no canvassing due to weather.

Last Friday then saw me in Blackrock with Cllr. Laura McGonigle (South East Ward). What a different world compared to Wednesday night. Big houses and a good reaction nearly on every door. A big issue here was dog shit, I kid you not. A good canvass and lots done.

Monday saw me canvassing my own road with Emmet O’Halloran (South Central Ward). This is only the second time I have ever canvassed my own road. The last time was for Jerry Buttimer during the General Election. We got a great response and the majority of the nieghbours were nice to me when they recognised me (They don’t often see me wearing glasses). A great canvass really and very positive towards Fine Gael and Emmet.

Tuesday sees me scouting

Last night I was back in South West Ward with Cllr John Buttimer in the College Road area. We had a good canvass despite the weather, but we had to finish early due to the weather and the match. There are a lot of students in the area and complaints about them featured on many doors. On one road I managed to knock on the door of the Chair of the residents association. That was an interesting conversation I tell you, but she didnt complain about students!

Tonight sees me back in South Central Ward with Emmet and tomorrow night I am out with the Lord Mayor Cllr Brian Birmingham in South West Ward.

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FG Profiles of Candiates

Fine Gael have put profiles on it’s website of the 700+ local election candidates up for election next year. Below I have linked to the candidates for Cork City Council. During the week I will do Cork County Council followed by the various town councils. I will try and link also to any campaign sites or interesting stuff I find by googling the candidates names!

Cllr Brian Bermingham – Cork South West LEA
Brian is currently the Lord Mayor of Cork. His profile is quite sparse but has been an elected representative since the 1970’s. He has is own website here

Cllr John Buttimer – Cork South West LEA
John is a Senior Clinical Psychologist and was co-opted to replace his brother Jerry Buttimer after his election to Seanad Eireann. John is originally from Bishopstown. His profile is sparse but he tells me he will get it done and a website is in the works somewhere down the line!

Mr Des Cahill – Cork South East LEA
Des is a businessman from Blackrock. He hopes to be an “approachable and professional link between” the General Public and TD’s and Senators.

Cllr. Jim Corr – Cork South East LEA
It would be easier to list things in Cork that don’t involve Jim in someway then to list the things he is involved with! He is involved with things like the Opera House and the Midsummer Festival. He has been a Councillor since the 1970’s

Cllr Dino Cregan – Cork South Central LEA
Dino is one of the stalwarts of Cork City Council and a local businessman! If you haven’t been to Cork unless you have eaten in Dino’s!

Mr Anthony Dennehy – Cork North Central LEA
Anthony is a native of Ballyvolane and wants to represent his City. Anthony was on teacher placement in St. Aidans Community College and this is what one of his students had to say on the ratemyteacher.com website

Sound out-can relate to young people well cos hes young enough himself. Knows exactly the problems facing teens in ballyvolane. Can be strict with referals & rules at times-we’re only having a mess!!

One of his priorities is the following, and is one that maybe should be thought about.

The establishment of a seperate tourist body to promote Cork as a region in it’s own right and not as part of the South West. The loss of the Cork-Swansea ferry route has had significant economic consequences for the greater Cork region and re-establishing this link must be an immediate priority.

Cllr Patricia Gosch – Cork North Central LEA
Patricia is currently Deputy Mayor of Cork. She is seeking to re-election to Cork City Council.

Mr Barry Keane – Cork South West LEA
Barry is originally from Bishopstown and now lives in The Lough area (like me!). He is a teacher in Colaiste an Spioraid Naoimh and judging from the comments on the ratemyteacher.com site he is “sound”, a “legend”, “king among men”, “god among mere mortals”, “pope” and “santa”. (Don’t ask about the last two, I worry about the youth of today). He has a list of priorities among which are

Work to create jobs by building on Cork’s major competitive advantage in the food, and food technology industries. We need local jobs for local people, and Foreign Multi-Nationals alone will not provide enough jobs. UCC is a leading food science university, and the city should work with them to incubate commercially viable products.

An interesting idea that works on Cork’s strength both past and current strengths.

Cllr Laura McGonigle – Cork South East LEA
Laure is 25 years old and was co-opted onto City Council in 2007 to fill the seat left by Deirdre Clune’s election. She has her own website. One of her priorities is Douglas Swimming pool which has fallen into neglect over the last number of years and badly needs refurbishment!

Cllr Dara Murphy – Cork North East LEA
Dara is from Gardiners hill and was elected in 2004. Sparse profile and I don’t know an awful lot about him!

Mr Emmet O’Halloran – Cork South Central LEA
Emmet is highly involved in the community in Turners Cross as he is Chairperson of Turner’s Cross Community Association and he is Director of Turner’s Cross Community Development Club. He has four priorities

* Better facilities for young people
* Practical solutions to anti-social behaviour
* Completion of the Cork Docklands Project
* A fair and equitable social housing system

I realise there is no candidate listed for Cork North West LEA. No convention must have been held yet. I will update this or post again when it happens.

Independent to run in Cork South Central Ward

Ok I know I am an Fine Gaeler and would like to see them do well at next years election I am also willing to put up articles about others who are running for the Local’s in my Ward and neighbouring wards.

Yesterday we got two business cards in the door for Mick Finn who is running as an independent candidate in next years local elections in Cork South Central LEA*. Mick is a 36 year old project worker. He has a website which is up and running which details his policy priorities, most of which I have issue with as they are national issues. One of the issues Mick does raise and one I really like and will ensure that he gets a transfer from me is the following:

Develop a Visitor Centre and Weekly Farmers & Craft Market at Elizabeth Fort, Barrack Street to help revitalise this historic yet under-utilised area

A fantatsic idea that will help with the regeneration of the Barracks St. area.

With Mick now in the running the ballot for Cork South Central LEA is looking like this:
Cllr. Denis Cregan (FG)
Cllr. Tom O’Driscoll (FF)
Cllr. Sean Martin (FF)
Cllr. Lorraine Kingston (Lab)
Cllr. Fiona Kerins (SF)
Emmet O’Halloran (FG)
Mick Finn (Ind)

I may undertake a survey of the candiates in the near future on Local Issues. It will be
an interesting election.

*LEA: Local Electoral Area

Cork South Central LEA: FG running two candidates!!!

Yes, I am delighted! I attended the Cork South Central convention last Friday in Ballphehane Community Centre. I did keep people on twitter informed of the happenings at it. At the Convention both sitting Councillor Denis (Dino Cregan) and Emmet O’Halloran seeked nominations and I was delighted when we were told that we would be running two candidates, something which I had hoped for!

Best of luck to the two candidates who gave brilliant speeches on the night. Its down to hard graft and knocking no doors now!

A little info on the candidates:
Denis Cregan is a former Senator and former Lord Mayor Cork. He has been on Cork City Council since 1979 and is deeply committed to Cork and local democracy. He is best known for being the proprietor of “Dino’s” a fast food chain.

Emmet O’Halloran is 26 years old and is Chairman of Turners Cross Community Association. He was appointed a Local Area Rep back in June and has worked hard since and in fact I have just got a leaflet in the door from him!

Again best of luck!

Convention – 2 down 1 to go

So I didn’t go to Convention last Thursday for the Carrigaline/Harbour District but I am reliable informed that all 3 candidates were nominated. I did however attend Conventions for Cork South East LEA and Cork South West LEA on Saturday night. Again all candidates were nominated.

The meeting was chaired by Senator Maurice Cummins, and he was heartened by the fact that Fine Gael is aiming to win extra seats in both wards. It was an interesting meeting with valuable speeches from the candidates , especially the two new candidates; Des Cahill in Cork South East, a local businessman, and Barry Keane, a former businessman and currently a teacher in Bishopstown. Both of them gave good speeches and I wish them the best of luck in next years elections.

Of course the convention gave an excellent opportunity to the Sitting councillors, Corr and McGonigle in South East and Birmingham and Buttimer in South West to update us on there work and the future they see for Cork.

The new councillors, McGonigle and Buttimer who were both co-opted to Council last year were able to show the work they have done and there plans for the future.

The longer sitting councillors, Corr and Birmingham, showed why they keep getting elected due to their commitment to work for their communities and the city and showed where the current government are leaving down Cork in relation to the Airport, the Docklands, light-rail and so on.

I think what struck me most about the meeting was the desire among all candidates for the City Government to have more power, and I think I would have to agree with them.

I am looking forward to getting out on the canvass and I have volunteered (stupidly??) for three campaigns, that of John Buttimer (worked with him on his brothers campaign for the Dáil last year), Barry Keane (as he is a member of my branch) and Emmet O’Halloran (he’s hopefully running in my LEA!), a name knew to this blog. Emmet is seeking a nomination in Cork South Central LEA. I am not sure how many candidates we will be running in Cork South Central, but I hope its more then one! I will of course blog about Cork South Central Convention when it happens.

Convention Time hits Cork South Central!

Well three conventions take place in the Cork South Central Dáil Constituency this week. I have a vote in one of them, Cork South West Local Electoral Area . This is where it gets strange. I don’t live in Cork South West LEA, I live in Cork South Central LEA, in which I don’t have a vote! This is all due to my branches which are in Cork South West. They are Michael Collins Branch (Bandon Road) and UCCYFG.

Anyway the Conventions being held are the follwoing:
On Thursday 9th for the convention for the Carrigaline/Harbour Area will take place. Nominated are Cllr. John Collins, Cllr. Tim Lombard and Mr. Dave O’Byrne.

Saturday 11th sees both the Cork South East and Cork South West Conventions. Nominated in Cork South East are Cllr. Jim Corr, Clrr Laura McGonigle and Mr. Des Cahill. Nominated in Cork South West are Cllr. Brian Birmingham, Cllr. John Buttimer and Mr. Barry Keane.

I won’t make the meeting on Thursday night due to work but will be at the conventions on Saturday where I have a vote. I am glad to see Fine Gael putting forward three candidates in those three LEA’s and I hope they put at least two forward in Cork South Central LEA.

Also I hear Fianna Fail will not be holding local conventions and instead head office (Coughlan from what I hear) will be selecting the candidates. There is democracy at work!

Convention for Ireland South Euro Constituency, which will be contested, will hopefully be happening before Christmas.